The Swedish National Encyclopedia (NE) Presents For Free The Largest Swedish Educative Quiz With Over 6,000 Questions

Millions of Swedes find a question like this amusing. This is why the Swedish National Encyclopedia (NE) presents for free the largest Swedish educative quiz with over 6,000 questions. You can find all the answers on the website

The Swedish National Encyclopedia (NE) Presents For Free The Largest Swedish Educative Quiz With Over 6,000 Questions

In our digital world, people ask for knowledge through new channels. Therefore, the Swedish National Encyclopedia has gone from being a traditional printed encyclopedia to acting in several ways on the Internet and in mobile phones. Our aim is, wherever you may be, to provide answers and inspiration for you to learn new things. This new quiz is the largest Internet quiz in Sweden , and our aim is to attract people who are eager to acquire factual information. Players can test their knowledge in areas such as history, geography, science and sports. Excellent results will appear in a top-ranking list.

Anders Hansson, quiz editor and developer at NE, says:

“Our aim has been to develop a quiz that is both entertaining and challenging for people to learn more. The aim of a quiz should be to arouse interest, not to discourage. ”

On the Internet there are three versions of

•  The free section which gives everybody access to 64,000 entries which are more concise than the entries to be found in the subscription section of These entries are also available on mobile phones.

•  The main section of includes some 530,000 verified articles. With its new design, additional functions and regularly updated content, the main section has become a website offering rapid answers and easy access to in-depth information. Also, there are smart add-on features, such as maps, illustrations and crosswords.

•  NE school is a section of the website which primarily addresses teachers and students. You will, for example, find theme packages, study questions and learner packages. A learner package is a function which enables you as a teacher to create your own theme packages or materials to form part of a lesson.

In addition, NE has its own social networking sites on Facebook and Twitter. Also, NE publishes the blog, which is a way for us to communicate with our subscribers as well as other people searching for knowledge.

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Promethean’s Global Distribution Doubled In Three Years

Promethean, a world leader in the rapidly growing global market for interactive educational technology, has announced that, following the installation of its ActivClassroom products in Panama, the total number of countries deploying Promethean technology has reached 100. This is double the number compared to only three years ago and reflects both the pace with which educational systems are introducing interactive learning technology and the rapid global growth of Promethean.

Promethean’s ActivClassroom helps bring learning to life and improve engagement and interaction between teachers and students, thereby helping raise learning standards. The ActivClassroom comprises the interactive whiteboard -ActivBoard, interactive whiteboard tools, Learner Response Systems (ActiVote and ActivExpression) and a suite of specialised teaching software (ActivInspire).

To date, over 500,000 Promethean ActivBoard interactive whiteboards have been purchased by schools, bringing the number of students worldwide now being taught with the aid of Promethean technology to over 12 million. In addition, in 2009 alone, over a million students were introduced to Promethean’s Learner Response Systems, making the Company the largest provider of these systems in the K-12 market during the year*.

Iwan Streichenberger, Chief Marketing Officer of Promethean, commented: “Today’s announcement is a reflection of the speed with which Educational technology is being introduced into classrooms and transforming teaching across the world. Our broad geographical reach means that we are well placed to capitalise on further opportunities in this rapidly growing global market.”

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Anger Management Expert Helps Kardashians Keep Their Cool

Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian have had their share of publicized mishaps and subsequent interventions but when physical aggression threatened to put a riff between Kardashian family members they turned to expert anger management specialist Shannon Munford.

Shannon welcomed Kim and Khloe into one of his anger management courses and quickly challenged them to look at how they express their emotions, deal with stress and connect with others.

Shannon Munford is the owner of Daybreak Counseling Service, an anger management education center in Los Angeles, California. His expertise has been invaluable to nationally televised shows such as MTV Real World Hollywood, Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club 3 and My Network TV’s Decision House. Shannon currently has a new series in the works with the production company Screen Door Entertainment.

In addition to his work on television Shannon works with corporations, families and individuals who are need of anger and stress management.

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Amy Remmele Retains eXubrio Group to Promote Her Newest Book

Every business revolves around people. The same is true for life. In her new book, “CLO: Chief Life Officer,” author and consultant Amy Remmele shows that decisions become more rational when individuals think of their lives as an enterprise that they are managing. Ms. Remmele has retained Buffalo-area marketing firm, eXubrio Group LLC, to promote her new book.

CLO: Chief Life Officer” shows readers their “departments,” and how they function best through an authentic, shared mission. “Seeing parts of ourselves as departments makes more common sense than the psychological view of parts,” explains the author. The book stresses that all the How-Tos readers encounter will not help unless they look at the Whys of their actions.

“CLO: Chief Life Officer” helps readers create their own life business plan. The plan includes setting goals, communication and relationship creation, and maintaining and accessing a support system. Readers learn to define important divisions of their lives in terms of business departments. The book helps readers test their capacity of readers’ production, customer service, human relations, and sales departments. The book demonstrates how to create and apply a “decisional balance table” to life choices, enabling readers to set the right priorities. About eXubrio Group LLC eXubrio Group is an advertising, marketing, public relations, and web development agency. The firm provides services that range from fundamental marketing strategy development through all areas of advertising, public relations, and marketing material production.

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Graphik Connexions Furthers its Success with the Launch of GC Learning Services LLC

Graphik Connexions, the well-established virtual e-Learning company located in Central New Jersey , has recently announced the formation of its new company name and corporation, GC Learning Services LLC. GC Learning Services LLC will be launching its new website, gclearningservices (dot) com, on Thursday, December 17, 2009, and is expecting to see an outstanding and overwhelming response. The new website boasts a more corporate image and feel, easy navigation, and a wide range of e-Learning resources. GC Learning Services LLC has also developed a new logo that is indicative of learning blended with technology. The business formerly known as Graphik Connexions has already seen a large degree of success offering custom e-Learning services but is looking to expand its success even further through the formation of its corporation, servicing even more Fortune 500 to Fortune 5000 companies.

Since 1996, Graphik Connexions has been the go-to company for quality instructional design and e-Learning services for various businesses and industries throughout the nation. They have become much more than an e-Learning company, however, through their community-based programs, beneficial student internships, and commitment to helping other businesses through this struggling economy. The company is quickly setting an example for the new marketplace by providing high quality services at affordable, flat rate pricing, and setting high standards for learner retention rates.

Their tried and true experience is currently allowing them to provide service to all industries, and the formation of their corporation will permit the company to take everything to the next level. Due to the rapid growth of the organization, GC Learning Services LLC is expanding its staff in order serve more clients. Although they currently maintain a long list of experienced and degreed instructional design professionals, the company has grown so much in the last year that there is a need for additional talent. Because of this need, they are aggressively advertising on The eLearning Guild for highly experienced, creative, out-of-the-box-thinking, instructional designers.

GC Learning Services is excited about the new LLC and the promise that it brings. Owner and CEO Cheryl McNeil comments, “We are very excited about becoming an LLC. As far as the name, Graphik Connexions has always been referred to as GC, so the new name GC Learning Services is a very simple incorporation of that. So, we are now known as GCLS.”

The new contact information for GC Learning Services LLC can be found on the Contact page of the new web site.

About GC Learning Services LLC
Cheryl McNeil, the sole owner and CEO, established Graphik Connexions in 1996. Because of their strict devotion to helping businesses strategically via their revolutionary e-Learning and quality instructional design products, Graphik Connexions quickly climbed to the top of the industry. Now they are known for their unparalleled customer relations, competitive pricing structure, veracity, and creative imagination. They pride themselves on making a beneficial impact on ROI, learner retention rates, and employee productivity numbers.

Graphik Connexions, now known as GCLS, has now taken its business to the next level by forming a corporation. For additional details on GC Learning Services LLC, and the custom e-Learning services they offer, visit

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Henley MBA Receives Formal Re-Accreditation From AMBA

The Henley MBA has now received formal re-accreditation from the Association of MBAs (AMBA) for the maximum possible term of five years. The accreditation covers all 3 modes of study for the Henley MBA – Full-time, Executive and Flexible Learning, a distance learning programme.

Commendations from AMBA leading to the re-accreditation cover a variety of aspects including leadership of the business school, programme content, ambitions, staff, and student interaction. Highlight commendations include:

– “The skilful management of the merger with Reading, which has created the possibility of a large and diversified major business school.”

– “The thematic coverage and integration of personal development (in the MBA programme)”

– “A good balance of assessment provided through the use of ‘assessment bundles’ and the quality of feedback provided to students.”

Henley was also praised for the evident enthusiasm and accessibility of staff and their responsiveness to student needs, as well as the overall quality of leadership of the School, including the role of the Subject Area Leaders in managing teaching resources and ensuring quality and consistency of standards in the delivery of the MBA.

Further recommendations from AMBA, are all encouraging and support the School in its agreed plans to develop the MBA further.

“I am absolutely delighted with the commendations made by AMBA” said Professor Chris Bones, Dean of Henley Business School. “It is a really excellent outcome for the School and supports all of the work that many in the school have been involved with over the last few years to develop our MBA. The recommendations will be taken on board and we will continue to focus on exceeding the expectations of all.”

The Henley MBA is a leading business management course that can be achieved through a number of modes – the Full Time MBA, the Executive MBA and the Flexible Learning MBA, a distance learning MBA.

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Promethean Announces Launch of eLearning Award

Promethean and European Schoolnet have announced the launch of the ‘Best MST Learning Resource Golden Prize’ as part of eLearning Awards, Europe’s leading competition to reward excellence and best use of technology in education. More than 700 schools and teacher training institutions have registered to present their best projects making use of ICT for teaching and learning. The winners will be announced at a Prize-giving ceremony during the EMINENT 2009 Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The prize aims to recognise teachers’ best learning resource or object in the field of mathematics, science and technology (MST). Promethean will offer the winner, selected by an international jury of experts, a full ActivClassroom including Promethean’s new interactive whiteboard, Activboard 300 Pro with Dual Pen functionality and Integrated Speakers, a full set of ActivExpression Learner Response Systems, and latest specialised teaching software, ActivInspire 1.3. Promethean is a global leader in interactive whiteboards and education technology solutions with 100 countries benefiting f r o m its ActivClassroom products.

Marc Durando, Executive director of European Schoolnet said: “The eLearning Awards is a unique opportunity for schools and teacher training institutions in Europe and beyond to demonstrate how innovative they are and share with others their projects and ideas. This year we introduced the publication of the eLearning Awards entries on the Learning Resource Exchange, a library of learning resources f r o m 16 Ministries of Education and other content partners. This will help raise further the visibility of teachers participating in the eLearning Awards.”

“Promethean is pleased to be a sponsor of the eLearning Awards at the Eminent conference and in particular the award for best Maths, Science and technology learning resource award. As the only large classroom technology solutions vendor based in Europe, we are enthusiastic supporters of co-operation within the EUN Schoolnet and have been actively involved with both the Interactive Whiteboard working group and the Learning Resource Exchange (LRE)”, said Stephen Jury, Head of Education Strategy at Promethean.

“Our work in support of the European Ministries of Education who make up EUN Schoolnet is part of our overall commitment to spread best practices in teaching and learning to benefit opportunities for young people and quality in our education systems,” he added.

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