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Howard University Online Executive MBA Launches New Website

Howard University’s School of Business is excited to announce the launch of its new website for the Online Executive MBA: The site features robust content about this distinguished degree, including information about admission requirements, online learning, frequently asked questions about earning an Executive MBA, Howard University’s legacy and tradition, and tuition and financial aid.

The Howard University Online Executive MBA combines Howard’s heritage with the prestige of the School of Business. The convenient online Howard Executive MBA is designed to provide accessible management education to those who work full-time but also have the desire and drive to obtain an executive graduate degree. The program provides a comprehensive understanding of the industry and prepares individuals to strategically think and act from the perspective of senior leadership.

Bookmark the website and check back for periodic updates on networking opportunities, current student profiles, informational videos and program

Interested in speaking with an enrollment advisor now about this program? Contact us today at 1-877- 398-3053.

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Inaugural Online Executive MBA Class Begins at Howard University

Howard University announces the start of the inaugural class for its new online degree – the online Executive MBA program. The inaugural class which includes executives and administrators started formal academic training this week after students completed an online orientation session in December. Students in the program will gain a comprehensive understanding of business, and learn to strategically think and act from the perspective of senior leadership.

Drawing upon the legacy of one of America’s top business schools and the nation’s preeminent historically black college, this distinguished program equips mid-career professionals and emerging leaders with the skills and perspective to lead in global business.

“Emerging business leaders from across the nation will attend their first class online as students of Howard University this week,” said Barron H. Harvey, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Business. “We are excited to be the catalyst for this historic milestone at the University.

Consisting of 42 credit hours, the online Executive MBA program is designed to be completed in about 18 months . The online format is designed to deliver a robust management education that is accessible to professionals who desire to work full-time while completing their degree.

The prestigious Howard School of Business is accredited by AACSB International and has been ranked among the top U.S. Business Schools by Bloomberg BusinessWeek. ThePrinceton Review has consistently ranked Howard’s MBA program as the top business program (#1) for the “Greatest Opportunity for Minority Students.” As a result, business professionals will receive instruction from the world-class Howard School of Business faculty, and join a distinguished, global network of the top emerging executives from around the world.

For more information about future academic terms and how to apply for this online MBA program, visit us at

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The ICMA Centre Ranked 2nd For Employability By The Times Good University Guide

The ICMA Centre has been ranked 2nd for employability by The Times Good University Guide 2011*. This ranking demonstrates the emphasis the Centre places on producing graduates with skills and knowledge of real value to institutions in the financial markets.

Dr Adrian Bell, School Director of Teacher and Learning, said: “We are delighted with our position in the rankings. This reflects the Centre’s excellent links with leading financial institutions in the City, our practical application of finance theory through the use of our extensive dealing room facilities and our dedicated careers service.”

The ICMA Centre’s dedicated Career Development Unit is available to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The Unit, staffed by industry professionals, not only provide advise on writing CVs, producing effective applications and helping students to find internships but also arrange networking events with alumni and financial institutions.

Martyn Drage, Career Development Manager at the Centre, said: “We have long recognised the importance of career development and have integrated specialist career management assistance into the undergraduate degree with the Career Management Skills module as well as supplementary presentations and workshops led by industry professionals and recruiters. The service we offer adds real value to students and it’s great to see that this is reflected in the rankings for the Centre.”

ICMA Centre BSc alumnus, Gurjit Kaur, said: “I don’t believe I would have learnt nearly as much about the recruitment process, the investment banking industry or even about myself and my suitability to various career paths if it hadn’t been for the Career Management Skills seminars, careers committee meetings and individual careers advisory sessions.”

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Henley Business School Partners With The FT To Offer Free Place On Advanced Management Programme

Henley Business School is working with the FT to offer the chance to win a free place on its Advanced Management Programme (AMP), the value of which is £15,995.

This 3-week course can be taken in one go or over three separate weeks during a year at the business school. As well as the course itself, the bursary that is available to FT readers and visitors to includes all residential costs and meals on the Henley campus.

Henley’s Advanced Management Programme prepares and develops senior managers to lead in an increasingly uncertain, ambiguous and changing world. It is a challenging learning experience that allies the essential practical and conceptual skills of an MBA with the necessary capabilities to drive and engage people in ways that unlock their potential and leads to better business results. It is an essential building block for those recently appointed to, or about to step up to, an executive leadership role. Full details on the programme can be found at

Previous AMP participant Tony Short, Vice President Europe, Middle East Africa, Dresser Wayne commented on the programme,

“As I was moving into a new role within the organisation I wanted to develop some extra skills around mergers and acquisitions, fine tuning my strategic thinking. Although I have close links through friends with other business schools it was the name and reputation of Henley which swung it for me. More than anything else it was the construction of the course, the combination of practical experience with learning experience.”

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The ICMA Centre Announces Promotion For Dr Adrian Bell

Dr Bell will be promoted to Professor on 1 October this year. Dr Bell, who has been with the ICMA Centre since 1994, has been instrumental in the development of both the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in his role as School Director of Teaching and Learning. He also developed the distance-learning option for the ICMA Centre’s suite of Masters in Finance degrees with the Centre’s New Media Solutions Manager – the first distance learning Masters in Finance degrees in the UK delivered using e-lectures.

Professor John Board, Director of the Centre commented: “This is excellent news both for Dr Bell and for the Centre. It is very well deserved and recognizes the significant contribution Dr Bell has made to the development of the Centre.”

Dr Bell’s primary research interest is in the history of finance and he is currently working on a major project funded by the ESRC with Professor Chris Brooks (Chair in Finance) which will investigate the early and innovative use of credit finance by a succession of English medieval monarchs. This three-year project, which ends this year, is detailed on the ICMA website and builds upon the work the same team carried out during 2004/5 for another ESRC project entitled “Modern Finance in the Middle Ages? Advance Contracts for the Supply of Wool”. For outputs, interested parties can visit the UK Data Archive, study number 5325, at

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Henley Business School Appoints Professor Board, ICMA Centre Director, As Its New Dean

Henley Business School has announced that Professor John Board will become its new dean from 1 October 2010.

Professor Board is currently director of the ICMA Centre – the business school for financial markets at Henley Business School.

Professor Board is an outstanding academic in his own right with a strong track record in research, his expertise is sought in a number of areas including market regulation, transparency, derivatives and emerging markets.

Over the past five years, Professor Board has helped to build the ICMA Centre into one of the largest specialist education finance schools in Europe, with an international reputation for undergraduate, postgraduate (including eight Finance Masters) and executive education.

He has also been instrumental in the development of a range of specialist finance degrees including the MSc Capital Markets, Regulation and Compliance and the MSc Investment Banking and Islamic finance, which were both firsts in the UK.

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Henley Business School and Lane4 Develop Business Coaching Programme

New research from Henley Business School and the performance development consultancy Lane4 has highlighted how team coaching is being used successfully to improve business performance – but also how much further it has to go.

The survey, ‘Coaching Teams At Work: Embryonic Yet Powerful’, reveals that almost half of the organisations surveyed (45%) use both individual and team coaching and there are some glowing endorsements of the impact it has. The top benefit is increased employee engagement at 28%. Other benefits include improved trust within the team (22%), increased productivity (19%) and more effective and innovative solutions (18%).

However, more than half the organisations surveyed don’t use team coaching, for four main reasons: managers haven’t had any training in team coaching (32%), managers don’t understand the benefits of team coaching (31%), managers don’t feel confident coaching their teams (25%) and some feel their teams object to being coached (13%).

Dr Patricia Bossons, director of the Henley Centre for Coaching & Facilitation, said that this can be overcome: “Managers sometimes perceive coaching to be something done by people outside the business to people inside the business – just as in sports’ coaching where the coach is not normally a player as well. In business however, managers are now required to be player-coaches – a role many have not received training for – this is something we need to address if the obvious benefits of team coaching are to be more widely felt.”

To address these issues and make the powerful benefits of team coaching in a business context more accessible Henley Business School and Lane4 have developed, and will deliver, a new programme, Coaching High Performance Teams, from October 2010. The partnership will leverage the two organisations’ combined academic rigour and experience of coaching teams in a business environment as well as Lane4’s heritage in Olympic sport and expertise in performance psychology.

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The University of Florida Launches Online Master of Arts in Art Education

The University of Florida (UF) College of Fine Arts announces the new online Master of Arts in Art Education degree program online with classes to begin this month.

UF’s online Master’s in Art Education program develops art educators, artists, and art advocates who are uniquely positioned to thrive in varied modern learning environments as transformative art educators. The program’s unique curriculum emphasizes the development of teaching techniques alongside studio courses that challenge students to develop their art, learn new art making techniques, and methods of instruction. Through the program, students discover and explore ways that digital technologies can be used to deliver impactful art learning experiences.

The program’s online format delivers a robust educational experience that is flexible and accessible for working professionals who need to work while completing their degree.

“Our students will be engaged in a high-tech, high-touch educational environment, with rich studio experiences in traditional and digital media. Without compromising the traditional humanity of art making, our graduates will empower students to express themselves in ways not possible before,” said Professor Craig Roland of the University of Florida.

In addition to the traditional curriculum, the online Masters in Art Education program offers the Educator Preparation Institute (EPI) Track, which prepares individuals to receive teaching certification in Florida’s public schools. For more information, please visit the program’s new website at

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Henley Business School Reveals Ideal Leadership Qualities

Henley Business School has released a collaborative paper from five leading academics who offer their individual perspectives on the emerging task for business leaders in particular.

Henley Business School Reveals Ideal Leadership Qualities

This second series of essays, following on from the 2009 ‘Henley Manifesto’ on leadership, focuses specifically on the emerging leadership task, post-recession. The series was written independently by five academics; Professor Chris Bones, Dean of Henley Business School, Professor Dominic Swords, Professor John Board, Director of the ICMA Centre, Professor Brian Scott-Quinn and Professor Peter Hawkins, Professor of Leadership.

There are several common themes that emerge from each writer’s contribution to the paper. One of these themes is the belief that there will be a renewed emphasis on sincere, genuine, transparent, values-based leadership should This means the leader needs to empathise with values that reflect the priorities of all the stakeholders; employees, shareholders, community and society at large.

There should be a collaborative nature to leadership with the recognition that one person does not and should not hold all the answers or power. There is a need for robust governance and this should be backed by corporate structures that enforce that governance.

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Henley Business School Reveals HR Paying Lip Service To Coaching

Henley Business School has revealed the results of its Corporate Learning Priorities survey which shows coaching remains high up the list of development priorities for 2010. However, while 61% of respondents said developing a coaching culture was one of their top 5 priorities, only 9% made it their 1st or 2nd priority.

Henley has suggested that this reflects an uncertainty about how to go about creating a coaching culture and concern as to whether the senior team will support the initiative. In addition, a quarter of respondents made ‘developing leadership coaching skills’ their first or second priority.

Dr Patricia Bossons, Director of Coaching Services at Henley Business School, commented: “I am hearing from clients and students alike that coaching has never been more important since it helps maintain clarity and resourcefulness in people driving business recovery. The fact that so many in the survey recognize the importance of coaching yet few appear to make it a high priority may be because coaching is seen as a process, rather than a specific ‘management development‘ area, such as strategic thinking or managing change. It is also still perceived by many to be something that lies in the hands of HR, or external coaches, so coaching skills development can easily be seen as someone else’s responsibility.”

She added: “Coaching can be the ‘oil’ that enables the rest of a management development agenda deliver tangible outcomes and results. A senior strategic leadership programme for example, is going to have much longer lasting impact, and a much greater return on investment, if each individual is supported by an independent coach as they go through their programme. Individuals recognize this, which is why the statistics in the research show leadership coaching skills development as a high priority.”

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Henley Launches New Themed Corporate Finance MBA

Henley Executive MBA applicants can from this year onwards choose to take advantage of the exceptional scope of expertise offered by Henley through a range of themed MBAs. These themed MBAs are designed for experienced, practising managers who are looking for a world renowned general management MBA but with a particular application to three different industries – corporate finance, construction management and real estate.

Henley Launches New Themed Corporate Finance MBA

The three different themed MBAs are delivered via collaboration between the industry respected schools of Henley – the International Capital Markets Association (ICMA) Centre, the School of Real Estate and Planning and the School of Construction Management from the University of Reading.

Participants will study as part of the executive MBA programme and follow the core curriculum whilst periodically studying tailored modules bespoke to their subject theme at appropriate points in time.

Associate Professor Susan Rose, the Associate Head of the School of Management responsible for The Henley MBA, said: “I am delighted to work in collaboration with colleagues of the Henley Business School and The University of Reading who have such strong industry connections and reputations in their respective fields. This enables us to offer MBA participants something really different. The themed programmes provide the best of both worlds for those who want general managerial development whilst applying it to the very specific challenges of their sector and thereby demonstrating commitment to their organisation.”

The Henley Executive MBA is a two year part-time programme aimed at aspiring senior managers who wish to develop their management competency as well as focus on their own personal development, alongside their full-time employment.

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Henley MBA Bursary Supports Great Women Managers

Henley Business School has launched its annual range of scholarships and bursaries for the Henley full-time and executive MBA 2010 intakes.

This year, the scholarships are designed to reward real academic merit and will be offered to the four candidates across both modes of study who can bring most academic value to the programmes. Each scholarship is worth 50% of the full fee.

The bursaries however are designed to support the very special mix of experience and backgrounds characteristic of those studying for the Henley MBA. Ten candidates will be offered the 50% bursary from those applying from a variety backgrounds including emerging markets, the public sector, the voluntary sector, SMEs or if they are women in business.

The Henley scholarships and bursaries are only open to those who are 100% self sponsored and the closing date for both is Monday 12th April 2010. The Henley Executive and Full-time MBA both start autumn 2010.

Director of MBA Recruitment Ashley Arnold says: “The Henley MBA is designed for experienced managers from around the world and from every industry. Every year we meet a fantastic mix of great people, all with something to share.

“I am delighted that this year the scholarships and bursaries support that combination which ensures a very special learning experience for all.”

The Henley MBA is for experienced, practicing managers seeking a world-class MBA programme that will develop potential and prepare those studying the course for a senior management position.

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Henley Business School Responds To The Way Businesses Want To Learn

Henley Business School has launched its new Executive Education Portfolio which features 13 brand new programmes designed to meet the challenges of today’s economic uncertainty, in response to both the results of its recent Corporate Learning Priorities survey and to expert feedback from its own Faculty.

Henley Business School Responds To The Way Businesses Want To Learn

“The learning & development professionals who responded to the survey gave us a clear indication of their ‘worry list’ for 2010.” explained Linda Irwin, Executive Director, Corporate Development. “They want to focus on leadership development – both of senior and middle managers, managing change and developing high potentials. For renewal, regeneration and recovery, continued investment in all talent is the only sustainable option and the big emphasis seems to be on continuing to develop leaders holistically to make the right choices; for themselves, their organisations and for the wider society. Skills that respond to the new business zeitgeist feature in this research – areas of such huge importance for global, 21st century responsible leadership; innovation, sustainability and rebuilding trust with all stakeholders. This reinforced the views of our Faculty and conversations with our existing corporate clients and our Alumni. We have designed this new Portfolio specifically to meet those needs.”

The survey also indicated what is important to businesses when choosing an executive education programme. 76% said reputation was extremely important, as was inclusion of recent, original research to 86% or respondents.

“This is not surprising,” reflected Linda Irwin, “Providing innovative and impactful programme design based upon relevant and rigorous research is the main differentiator between business school provision of L & D solutions and that of many other providers.”

Many respondents said that partnering where appropriate with external experts and guest speakers was significant for 88% or respondents. “Businesses expect that we stay close to our markets; both through our research, through practitioner Faculty and by collaborating with the best industry speakers and expert contributors where relevant”, suggested Irwin. The use of up to date case studies was key to 65% of respondents and use of experiential learning and a focus on soft skills to 57%. 71% also cited the environment where the training will take place as quite important to them.

With little time to spare away from the office 53% of respondents indicated that for open programmes 2-3 days are optimal while 18% stated ‘the shorter the better’. However, 27% thought programmes ‘should be as long as the learning objectives require’ – revealing scope for longer interventions where a case for them can be made.

Irwin commented, “Our new executive education portfolio reflects the respondents views; shorter, incisive, knowledge-led 2 day interventions on issues such as commercial insight for HR, systemic innovation and managing reputation and longer, more experiential management programmes on leadership and coaching for example, which offer opportunities to change behaviour at a deeper lever.”

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Henley Business School Reveals Results Of Corporate Learning Priorities Survey 2010

Henley Business School has revealed that developing the leadership skills of middle managers and equipping them to manage change are among the top learning and development priorities for organisations in 2010, according to the Corporate Learning Priorities Survey 2010 carried out by Henley’s Corporate Development team.

Respondents indicated a significant focus on leadership development in 2010, particularly at middle management level. They also anticipate focusing on high-potentials as they grow and develop to lead their businesses into an uncertain future. One respondent commented they were placing, “Change even higher on the agenda in 2010” and 67% of respondents chose ‘Managing Change’ as a specific development priority for managers.

The survey, amongst 2,500 HR and learning development professionals, was designed to
provide an up-to-date perspective of the executive education and development landscape. Over 60% of those completing the survey were HR Directors, Vice-Presidents or Heads of HR or Learning & Development in some of the UK’s largest employers.

Linda Irwin, Executive Director, Corporate Development for Henley Business School, said that the research showed many were planning for the long-term, and not making budget cuts they may live to regret:

“Managing Directors, CEOs, HR Directors and Learning & Development professionals have adopted a pragmatic, level-headed, measured approach when faced with the tumultuous economic climate we have endured. As one respondent commented in the survey, his organisation’s priority is to ‘Ride out the storm that has been created by the recession without losing our A teams.’ Rather than axing development budgets and cutting leadership development they have focused effort on those individuals who they expect will lead their organisations into a future yet to be created. Softer skills, in leadership styles and in leadership coaching for instance, that bring out the very best in people and facilitate team working are also a priority.”

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Henley Business School Dean Questions Cadbury Takeover Bid

Following speculation over Kraft’s proposed takeover bid of Cadbury and subsequent fears of major job losses, Professor Christopher Bones, Dean of Henley Business School, has also raised serious concerns regarding whether Kraft could be trusted to keep to its commitments in light of past failings. This warning comes after the pledge by Kraft that it will ensure the Cadbury’s Bath factory will stay open bearing in mind Kraft gave the same commitment to Terry’s of York in 1993 but then closed the factory 12 years later.

Henley Business School Dean Questions Cadbury Takeover Bid

Professor Bones gave evidence to the select committee for Business, Innovation and Skills enquiring into company takeovers, mergers and acquisitions on Tuesday 12 January. His evidence, which drew heavily on the example of the current takeover bid of Cadbury by Kraft, received widespread coverage in the UK media. The Today Programme, Wake Up To Money, BBC West Midlands, BBC World News and News Channel and The Guardian all carried interviews with Professor Bones.

Professor Bones drew attention to the threat to the UK’s science base and leading-edge research in GM other food related areas. The government has identified food security as one of the core STEM subjects of critical importance to national security.

The Global Science Centre for Cadbury plc which researches food security is located at the University of Reading. The centre employs 130 skilled researchers and is an established centre of excellence in the UK attracting research investment and international students f r o m around the world. Kraft plans to transfer such activity to its US laboratories.

Additionally, Cadbury plays a prominent role in building the UK’s reputation for ethical and responsible business in areas of the world where the UK has a significant interest in maintaining and sustaining its economic and political influence. In particular their commitment to ethical and sustainable practices in cocoa production and their endorsement of the Fair trade movement are major symbols locally in Africa and worldwide. Professor Bones expressed his concern that Kraft’s approach to its consumer brands – the company has rejected fair trade as a model for their coffee and chocolate – may impact on the reputation of the UK in areas of strategic importance such as India and Africa.

Finally Professor Bones questioned whether it was right that a UK bank (RBS) which is 84% owned by the UK taxpayer should be funding the acquisition of an iconic UK company by a US conglomerate, especially when the CBI Director General in his New Year message called for more funds to be made available for investment in UK businesses.

He said: “The ultimate irony for any government would be the sight of the corporate banking team at RBS or any other government-owned institution being paid multi-million pound bonuses for funding the acquisition of a UK company by a US conglomerate at a price that failed to reflect real market value with an outcome that damaged the long term interests of the UK economy.”

About Henley Business School
Henley Business School was formed f r o m the merger of Henley Management College and the Business School at the University of Reading. It is one of the longest established Business Schools and the world’s third largest supplier of MBA courses. It delivers business management training to managers in more than 140 countries worldwide with around 7,000 people studying at any one time.

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Henley MBA Receives Formal Re-Accreditation From AMBA

The Henley MBA has now received formal re-accreditation from the Association of MBAs (AMBA) for the maximum possible term of five years. The accreditation covers all 3 modes of study for the Henley MBA – Full-time, Executive and Flexible Learning, a distance learning programme.

Commendations from AMBA leading to the re-accreditation cover a variety of aspects including leadership of the business school, programme content, ambitions, staff, and student interaction. Highlight commendations include:

– “The skilful management of the merger with Reading, which has created the possibility of a large and diversified major business school.”

– “The thematic coverage and integration of personal development (in the MBA programme)”

– “A good balance of assessment provided through the use of ‘assessment bundles’ and the quality of feedback provided to students.”

Henley was also praised for the evident enthusiasm and accessibility of staff and their responsiveness to student needs, as well as the overall quality of leadership of the School, including the role of the Subject Area Leaders in managing teaching resources and ensuring quality and consistency of standards in the delivery of the MBA.

Further recommendations from AMBA, are all encouraging and support the School in its agreed plans to develop the MBA further.

“I am absolutely delighted with the commendations made by AMBA” said Professor Chris Bones, Dean of Henley Business School. “It is a really excellent outcome for the School and supports all of the work that many in the school have been involved with over the last few years to develop our MBA. The recommendations will be taken on board and we will continue to focus on exceeding the expectations of all.”

The Henley MBA is a leading business management course that can be achieved through a number of modes – the Full Time MBA, the Executive MBA and the Flexible Learning MBA, a distance learning MBA.

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Henley Maintains Rankings For Its Executive MBA And Full Time MBA Courses

Henley Business School MBA courses have retained key business school ranking positions in both the Financial Times EMBA Rankings 2009 and Economist Intelligence Unit Full-time MBA Rankings 2009.

Overall positions have remained similar to 2008 MBA rankings, with the executive MBA ranked 6 in the UK, 15 in Europe and 44 in the world. The Henley Executive MBA has retained the top spot for MBA job progression in the UK, and has improved its rankings for both salary increase and the percentage of women students. It is a part-time executive MBA programme for experienced, practising managers looking to complete their MBA alongside full-time employment. The Henley full time MBA remains ranked 4 in the UK, 9 in Europe and 21 in the world. The Henley Full-time MBA has retained the top world spots for its potential to network, breadth of alumni network and student quality, as well as remaining number 2 in the world for Post MBA salary and number 3 in the world for salary increase. It is a full-time MBA programme to develop students’ potential and their management and leadership skills in preparation for a senior management position.

Professor Chris Bones, Dean of Henley Business School said, “The consistency represents quite an achievement in a year of considerable change… our world ranking positions are a real achievement when we consider the size, complexity and shifts in the global MBA market.

“Our intake numbers across all modes this autumn are strong and in some cases at an all-time high and we are committed to ensure that members of our MBA programmes have an experience with us that exceeds their expectations.”

The Henley MBA is a leading business management course that can be achieved through a number of modes – the Full Time MBA, the Executive MBA and the Flexible Learning MBA, a distance learning MBA.

About Henley Business School
Henley Business School was formed from the merger of Henley Management College and the Business School at the University of Reading. It is one of the longest established Business Schools and the world’s third largest supplier of MBA courses. It delivers business management training to managers in more than 140 countries worldwide with around 7,000 people studying at any one time.

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Henley Business School Has Launched A New Customer Management Safari As Part Of Its Executive Education Programme

Aimed at business leaders who wish to re-address the way their organisation responds to – and engages with – their customers, this programme concentrates on deepening an organisation’s understanding of its current and future customers. It also considers the impact of organisational climate on customer satisfaction and retention and the important role of people in the value creation process.

The Customer Management Safari will help successful participants understand and use a range of techniques to discover deep, rare, meaningful insights about customers that can form the basis of competitive advantage. Participants will also learn how to turn these insights into a customer management strategy that will deliver results.

The Customer Management Safari draws on ongoing business research by the Henley Centre for Customer Management giving every programme a unique view of customer relationships within the overall business process and that is linked to business management relevant to current business conditions.

Professor Moira Clark, Programme Director at Henley Business School, said: “Customer management is at a crucial point in its development and its strategic importance has never been greater for effective leadership. Achieving excellence in customer management means an organisation must become truly customer-centric; striving to understand the full range of factors that affect a customer’s experience of the organisation and its products and services, seeking genuine, original insight into the needs and behaviours of those customers.”

The Customer Management Safari is a new addition to the Henley Business School open executive development programmes, and a part of the highly successful range of programmes and services offered by Henley Business School Executive Education, which include both customised and tailored qualification programmes. These management courses and leadership courses are highly practical, designed to create immediate impact and make a real difference back in the work environment.

About Henley Business School
Henley Business School was formed on 1st August 2008 from the merger of Henley Management College, itself founded in 1945, and the Business School at the University of Reading. It is one of the longest established Business Schools and the world’s third largest supplier of MBA education. It delivers business management training to managers in more than 140 countries worldwide with around 7,000 people studying at any one time.

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The Henley Human Resources Centre Of Excellence At Henley Business School Has Just Completed New Research To Discover What Organisations Want Right Now From Their HR Function

The Henley HR Centre of Excellence focuses on applied research to help HR clients answer questions like: ‘What does a business want from HR?’, ‘What does a good HR person look like?’ and ‘How do you develop great HR capability?’.

The new research showed that the HR function faces both great challenges and opportunities in understanding the business, its challenges and adding value, to provide:

– Operational efficiency in HR activities: quickly slimming down existing processes and policies in line with cutbacks and finding creative ways of delivering lower cost alternatives that are not too different in quality.

– Balance between the short and long term: with CEOs in survival mode, it is imperative that HR manages the tension between saving money now and the need to identify good people, place them in the right jobs, develop them and keep them.

– Focus on what is important: HR must ensure decisions are fact based so that business performance is balanced with maintaining business reputation for both corporate social responsibility and employer branding.

– Real emotional support to the organisation: HR has to step up and implement sound, consistent strategies to help everyone through the lows of the recession, managing not just the process, but also the sentiment, the environment, and some of the messaging that goes round.

The research analysis also shows that only a minority of HR professionals are stepping up to the challenge of the recession by focusing on adding value to the business and dealing with people with integrity and respect.

The Henley Business School Advanced Human Resources Business Partner programme is based on current new studies like this along with other real-world business research into what is required from HR today. The Advanced HR Business Partner programme is intended to provide HR professionals looking to move to more senior roles with the necessary leadership skills to understand and contribute to overall business management; to help them focus on aligning the HR agenda with the strategic business imperatives of their organisations, on deriving competitive advantage for the business through delivery of that agenda and on developing their own strategic leadership skills.

The Advanced HR Business Partner programme is part of Henley Business School’s portfolio of executive development programmes aimed at helping organisations to develop effective leadership and the right calibre of managers to survive and thrive in today’s turbulent economic times. The extensive executive education syllabus includes both customised and tailored qualification programmes which are highly practical, designed to create immediate impact and make a real difference back in the work environment.

About Henley Business School
Henley Business School was formed from the merger of Henley Management College and the Business School at the University of Reading.

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Henley Business School Has Announced The Winners Of Its Henley Full-Time MBA And Part Time Henley Executive MBA Annual 100% MBA Scholarships

Henley Business School has announced the winners of its Henley Full-Time MBA and part time Henley Executive MBA annual 100% MBA scholarships, after carefully assessing a large number of applications from talented managers.

Henley Business School Has Announced The Winners Of Its Henley Full-Time MBA And Part Time Henley Executive MBA Annual 100% MBA Scholarships

The MBA scholarships are for two candidates who have been judged to offer the most value to the intake by demonstrating their exceptional academic attainment, management experience and other skills that will add value to these world-ranked business management courses for experienced professionals.

The 2009 Henley Business School/Times Executive MBA Scholarship has been awarded to Patricia Rocha-Salume who works for The Learning Trust in Hackney.

The Henley Executive MBA is a two-year, part-time programme for experienced, practising managers looking to complete their MBA alongside full-time employment and significantly enhance their management training and leadership skills.

Dr Susan Rose, Associate Head of School – Professional Studies, explained: “Patricia joins us with a wealth of life and cultural experience and is passionate about her own learning and development being taken back into the workplace and being applied to improve the business practices in the public sector.

“I have no doubt that she will bring a very distinctive perspective to the Henley Executive MBA programme in which our focus is on developing leaders with real character and integrity and the ability to make the right decisions for themselves as well as the communities with whom they go on and work with in life. Patricia’s story and aspirations are consistent with how a great MBA can create benefits not just for the individual but for those around them too.”

The Henley Full-time MBA Scholarship has been awarded to Bijayananda Panda of Pune, India who will be joining Henley with a very strong management record in data engineering and consultancy, together with international experience of project leadership across many European countries. The Henley MBA, a world-ranked business management course for experienced professionals, is designed especially for managers with considerable experience and plenty of achievements to share.

Dr Giampiero Favato, Programme Director for the Henley Full-Time MBA and Henley Executive MBAs said: “Bijay will provide an outstanding contribution to teamwork on the Henley Full-Time MBA and I am delighted to welcome him to the programme.”

There is only one Henley MBA but it can be achieved through a number of modes – the Distance Learning MBA, the Executive MBA and the Full-Time MBA. The Henley MBA is a leading business management course that is ranked number one in the world based on student quality, faculty quality and potential to network.

Lucy Carter, MBA Brand Manager, said: “In the current economic situation it is fantastic to see so many skilled candidates wanting to develop their management skills and trusting Henley Business School to deliver the learning and environment that best delivers that.”

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