Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center Moves to New Office in Richmond California

Richmond, California, April 9, 2016 — /EPR EDUCATION NEWS/ — Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center is moving to a new facility in Richmond California just in time for the Spring II term that begins April 25. The Richmond location is in an updated, modern building located at 3150 Hilltop Mall Road, and it features easy access with increased parking, comfortable classrooms and spacious meeting rooms. Affordable classes in a variety of languages will continue to be offered in the successful format designed by Maria Oliveira that has been so effective for over 25 years.

Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center Moves to New Office in Richmond California

“It’s always exciting to move to an entirely new venue,” says Linda Barrett, assistant to the President and Director of Programs at the Language Learning Center. “We chose this one for its location just off the Hilltop Road exit on Interstate 80, as well as for the modern facilities. Students and teachers find learning increases in comfortable surroundings.”

The new Center will continue to provide classes in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Mandarin, and Italian. A focus on English for Non-Native Speakers, and the specialized programs designed for Health Care and Social Services, which both include Continuing Education Credits, make this language school unique and popular with individuals trying to work and study at the same time. Evening, weekend, and regular daytime classes are available.

Maria Oliveira has provided adult education for language learners for almost 30 years. Opening her own business, the Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center, was in response to needs and expectations clearly stated from local students who enjoyed her original approach to language learning. Her classes and products related to Spanish and Portuguese language skills use proprietary materials designed by Maria especially for adult students who have learning challenges that need to be addressed.

“I know first-hand the difficulty of working and going to school,” says Maria Oliveira, who kept a busy work schedule the entire time she was getting her university degrees. “Material for busy adults has to be uniquely structured for retention and growth. Our classes feature small groups of ten or fewer students so that there is more time for individual attention which, of course, leads to faster learning,” she explains, “We work closely with our students to guide them towards becoming bilingual, whether it is through a conversational language class, online options, or even our language classes for healthcare and social services professionals. Students are not left behind,” Maria adds. “And questions do not go unanswered.”

The Language Learning Center also offers online courses, workbooks, and CDs for students. These materials can supplement their classroom learning through study aids such as practice lessons, self-tests with interactive exercises, quizzes, and audio clips to review accurate pronunciations.

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Maria Oliveira’s goal is to guide students towards becoming bilingual by teaching basic phrases and sentences that become usable in a very short period of time. This quick success builds confidence, which in turn makes the learning process enjoyable, productive and effective. Her special combinations of affordability, convenience, and an encouraging environment makes Maria Oliveira’s classes and programs the top choice for effective language learning.

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