Train Aid Ltd.’s Paediatric First Aid Training Set To Include Bonus Module

Train Aid Ltd has decided to launch an anaphylactic shock training course as a bonus on its 12 hour paediatric first aid courses. The move is set to take effect the Saturday July 13th, whereby the scheme will be piloted at the company’s open course in Selhurst (South London). The company is set to include the training on the 12 hour syllabus, which is good news for candidates as some of the bigger companies charge an extra fee.

Anaphylaxis otherwise known as anaphylactic shock is a condition whereby a person will suffer an extreme allergic reaction to a particular trigger. The reaction can be life threating as the condition has the potential to disable the respiratory system if left untreated. Anaphylactic shock training aims to teach learners how to spot the symptoms of the condition, and then moves on to showing them how to administer the lifesaving medication that is required to save someone.

The anaphylaxis module is often expected to last in duration from anywhere between 30 mins and two hours; however this can vary depending on the size of the class. The Early Years Foundation Stage actually reference the module on all 12 hour paediatric first aid courses, but their recommendation is that candidates take on extra training, in order to fully learn how to administer the lifesaving medication. This comes in the form of a universal safe syringe, and candidates get the opportunity to practice with a training device.

Train Aid’s Ellie Hayward was on hand to tell us why this is considered so important:

“It goes without saying that lives could be saved if there were more people trained in how to spot the signs and then treat anaphylaxis. Little ones are extra sensitive to the effects of the condition as they often haven’t discovered what they are allergic to yet, which means they would not have any adrenaline (medication) to save themselves.

Train Aid has reworked the 12 hour syllabus by including anaphylactic shock through an extra 30 minutes of training. This means that candidates do not have to take an extra day out of their busy schedules. Nannies and Child Minders may also benefit from the news that the company has frozen prices, which will effectively give child care workers two certificates for the price of one.

Via EPR Network
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