Summer Course At Culford Starts In July

Culford School, a well known institution with an excellent reputation within the UK, will start its Summer Courses once again in July 2010. The courses include a 4 week summer school programme that is provided by Alexander’s International on the grounds of one of the most impressive summer schools England has to offer. The courses bring students from all over the world to experience the state of the art in language learning and enjoy a beautiful setting.

Summer Course At Culford Starts In July

The courses

Students enrolled at the Culford School summer courses enjoy a minimum of 15 hours of weekly English tuition. Besides the standard language courses, all students also have an extra 6 to 9 hours per week devoted to tailormade content of their choosing. Culford students can choose from a wide variety of options to fill these extra hours and each option serves as a perfect complement for the language courses. Students should make their choice for a personalized program at the time of enrolment. Those who haven’t stated their preferred option will be directed to the Multi-Sport program, a student favourite for the past few years. This list contains all the options students can choose from at the time of enrolment:

Intensive English
Extra English classes with reduced groups. Classes focus on improving grammar, use of English, vocabulary and speaking skills.

English plus Multi-Sport
Daily rotation of several different indoor sports including: volleyball, squash, table tennis, badminton, aerobics, basketball, rock climbing and swimming.

English plus golf
Golf professionals serve as teachers in our grand golf range.

English plus swimming
Swimming lessons geared towards improving swimming technique for beginners.

English plus tennis
Professional coaches teach students in the courts. Enjoy weekly games and tournaments!

English plus Football
Football practise, focusing on both individual skills and group strategy.

English plus Art
Unleash your creative genius with several courses on drawing, painting, 3-D work and photography.

English plus Music & Drama
Music appreciation and execution of several instruments.

This might be your chance to travel abroad and enjoy the adventure of discovering new places while you take your language skills to a new level. If you are keen on studying at one of the most prestigious summer school UK the summer courses at Culford could be just what you need. You get far more than the typical classroom experience: from practising sports and dabbling in the arts to weekly trips and weekend shopping sprees, there is much to do here. If you need more information, make sure you check out Skola’s website at

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IC School Promotes Healthy Habits With Their Walk On Wednesdays Initiative

The International Community School is one of the best known international school London has to offer. The institution has recently stepped out of the classroom with their new Walk on Wednesday program that involves all of their Primary Year students. The initiative seeks to promote healthy habits and to teach the important habits of keeping a regular exercise routine to avoid the health problems related to obesity.

IC School Promotes Healthy Habits With Their Walk On Wednesdays Initiative

Childhood obesity has grown to be a major problem in several western countries. Kids these days walk far less than the ones from the past generation and the statistics regarding obesity are shocking. Walking is one of the most accessible forms of exercise since almost anyone can do it. Thus taking daily walks can become the foundation from which children can learn a host of other healthy habits and learn to incorporate a proper diet and exercise in their lives.

Walk on Wednesday

The ICS has become a rather well-known independent school London because of its many projects that involve more than just regular classes. The institution has a host of activities that involves kids from all ages and that take the learning experience to new levels, both inside and outside of the classroom. The Walk on Wednesday project is a perfect example of these type of teaching methodology. The goal: to have kids exercise at least once a week and teach them the value of keeping a regular exercise regime. The implementation is simple – the school buses that usually take the children directly to the institution drop them off at the top of Regents Park instead. There the students are joined by a group of ICS teachers who then walk with them towards the school. Each student shares the activity with his or her friends and the journey is seen as an achievement that they make as a group.

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New Parenting Interview Series ‘Enlightened Parents, Empowered Kids’ Helps Parents Raise Emotionally Healthy Kids

I Shine, which offers character building and self-esteem programs for children and conscious parenting programs for adults, announces the release of its free expert parenting interview series “Enlightened Parents, Empowered Kids”. The new interview series offers tips and strategies from top parenting experts to help parents nurture the healthy development of their children and better manage common parenting concerns.

“This interview series is for parents looking for simple strategies they can use immediately to address everyday parenting concerns,” said Jill Hope, founder of I Shine. “It provides valuable information on how to develop healthy habits in children and avoid common parenting mistakes. The tips and techniques shared by our experts will help to ensure that our children develop the skills they need to grow into emotionally healthy adults.”

Highlights from “Enlightened Parents, Empowered Kids” include:

• Cultivating a “Giving” Mindset and Prosperity Consciousness in our children

• Building Inner Strength and Resilience in Your Kids

• Helping Your Kids Manage Stress, Anxiety, and Anger

To gain access to this free interview series, visit

About I Shine
Founded in 2008, I Shine ( helps parents around the globe cultivate the mindset necessary to be conscious and positive in their parenting approach and raise emotionally healthy, empowered kids. Owner Jill Hope has designed and developed several unique and innovative programs that focus on teaching parents how to foster self-esteem and build character in their kids. Her free weekly e-newsletter provides tips and resources for conscious parenting, and has become one of the top parenting newsletters on the internet.

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Young International English Learners Gather Annually At Bawdsey Manor

English learners from all over the world are continuing to attend summer school courses in the UK, with a reach that extends worldwide, according to enrolment data released by Alexanders International School. Despite the enrolment figures in 2009 dropping slightly for the range of nationalities, numbers were still well up and an impressive thirty nations were represented at the school’s summer programme.

Young International English Learners Gather Annually At Bawdsey Manor

Alexanders International School has consistently filled more than 2,000 student placements in its weekly summertime courses that combine English language lessons with enjoyable outdoor and creative activities. The scope and diversity of the students covers a vast range of countries across Europe, Asia, North Africa, South America, the CIS and the Middle East, however figures vary between the academic year and summer course enrolments. While students from Germany, Spain and Italy prefer to take shorter summertime study options, students from Japan and Korea tend towards academic year courses. France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia have always been well represented in the summertime courses, and in 2009 Russia emerged on top with 19% of Alexanders students, then France (18%), Germany (15%), Spain (13%) and Italy (11%). Kazak, Japanese, Ukrainian, Greek and Chinese students held the remaining Top 10 positions.

Mr. Alister Laidlaw, the school’s principle, considers the role of Alexanders International School as that of “preparing young people to move on to schools, colleges or universities in the UK [and] to give them confidence to cope with this potentially daunting experience.”

The English plus Holiday summer school has been running for many years, and has proved popular among a diverse blend of young English learners – with some returning year after year to meet old friends, or even helping out as Sports Assistants when they’re old enough. The courses are intended for students aged 11 to 17, and involve a weekly schedule of 15 hours of General English and optional Art, Sailing, Tennis, Golf, Horse Riding, Football or Music and Drama activities for 9 hours, or Intensive English for 6 hours. The boarding school students reside on campus in fully supervised boarding houses that are separated for boys and girls.

About Alexanders International School: Established as a boarding school UK in 1975 to provide general school subjects and high-quality English language tuition for students aged 11 to 17, Alexanders International School is part of the SKOLA Group of Schools.

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Reed Learning Team Up With The British Institute Of Learning And Development

Reed Learning has announced that all delegates who attend their Learning and Development training courses and qualifications will receive one year’s free membership of the British Institute of Learning and Development.

Reed Learning Team Up With The British Institute Of Learning And Development

Reed Learning’s L&D qualifications have been designed specifically for L&D professionals and benchmark best practice and provide proven skills across a wide range of competencies. All these qualifications are underpinned by Reed Learning’s Trainer Competency Framework, which has been approved by an independent Academic Board.

The BILD is the UK’s leading membership organisation committed to addressing the needs of individuals and organisations working within the learning and development sector.

BILD member benefits include:

• A professional membership grade
• Networking opportunities through the BILD forum
• 6 free member events per year
• A fortnightly membership newsletter
• Access to the Online BILD membership magazine
• A free copy of Learning Magazine
• A membership certificate and card

Membership Levels
• Affiliate – any Reed Learning L&D courses including, Train the Trainer, Advanced Train Trainer, Learning and Development in Practice and Managing the Learning and Development Function
• Associate (ABILD) – Certificate in Learning and Development
• Member (MBILD) – Advanced Certificate in Learning and Development and Advanced Certificate in Professional Training Competence

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Henley Business School Reveals Results Of Corporate Learning Priorities Survey 2010

Henley Business School has revealed that developing the leadership skills of middle managers and equipping them to manage change are among the top learning and development priorities for organisations in 2010, according to the Corporate Learning Priorities Survey 2010 carried out by Henley’s Corporate Development team.

Respondents indicated a significant focus on leadership development in 2010, particularly at middle management level. They also anticipate focusing on high-potentials as they grow and develop to lead their businesses into an uncertain future. One respondent commented they were placing, “Change even higher on the agenda in 2010” and 67% of respondents chose ‘Managing Change’ as a specific development priority for managers.

The survey, amongst 2,500 HR and learning development professionals, was designed to
provide an up-to-date perspective of the executive education and development landscape. Over 60% of those completing the survey were HR Directors, Vice-Presidents or Heads of HR or Learning & Development in some of the UK’s largest employers.

Linda Irwin, Executive Director, Corporate Development for Henley Business School, said that the research showed many were planning for the long-term, and not making budget cuts they may live to regret:

“Managing Directors, CEOs, HR Directors and Learning & Development professionals have adopted a pragmatic, level-headed, measured approach when faced with the tumultuous economic climate we have endured. As one respondent commented in the survey, his organisation’s priority is to ‘Ride out the storm that has been created by the recession without losing our A teams.’ Rather than axing development budgets and cutting leadership development they have focused effort on those individuals who they expect will lead their organisations into a future yet to be created. Softer skills, in leadership styles and in leadership coaching for instance, that bring out the very best in people and facilitate team working are also a priority.”

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Promethean Unveils Self Paced Learner Response System

Promethean, a world leader in the rapidly growing global market for interactive learning technology, demonstrated the self-paced learning functionality of its popular ActivExpression Learner Response System at the British Education & Training (BETT) Show 2010. With its unique ability to allow each student to work through question sets at their own pace on individual handsets, while also allowing teachers to instantly view progress via a ‘teacher dashboard’, the self-paced learning proved an immediate hit with learners and educators of every age group.

Promethean Unveils Self Paced Learner Response System

Using self paced learning, teachers can pose a series of questions to the class, grouping them into categories, for example, by levels of ease. The system then automatically allows a learner to progress to the next level of difficulty if they correctly answer questions. Teachers can programme rules, determining the number of questions a learner needs to answer correctly before they are moved up to the next level or alternatively set the software to randomise questions and prevent learners from conferring on an answer.

Alison Lydon, Head of Junior School Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) at The Mary Erskine and Stewart’s Melville Junior School, was involved in a pilot of the new self paced learning application. The response from the seven and eight year olds involved in the trial was extremely positive: “We had great fun,” said Alison. “The children loved it, the ease of use was staggering, and the teaching and learning potential was massive.

“The children really were able to work at their own pace. Questions appeared quickly on their screens and children who were able to answer questions easily were not held back by others who took longer. Children could progress to harder questions when they were ready to, rather than when a teacher thought they should.”

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Promethean Announces Southampton To Adopt ActivExpression City-Wide

Promethean, a world leader in the rapidly growing global market for interactive learning technology, has announced that, as part of its pioneering Assessment for Learning project, Southampton City Council has adopted Promethean’s ActivExpression Learner Response Systems across all of its 77 primary and secondary schools. This is the first time that a UK Local Authority has implemented such a large-scale, comprehensive adoption of ActivExpression, recognising the significant benefits they bring to teaching by improving the way students engage and interact.

The ActivExpression device, which is similar to a mobile phone in appearance and features an alphanumeric keypad, allows students to text responses to a range of question types from multiple choice to ‘open’ questions, and offers teachers an innovative way of assessing student progress and stimulating debate in lessons. Results can be instantly displayed on an interactive whiteboard for discussion in class, anonymously if required, and stored to help teachers assess students’ performance.

The funding for this project was a Harnessing Technology grant from Becta, the Government agency dedicated to promoting effective use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in education. Promethean’s ActivExpression Learner Response Systems will be rolled out to primary and secondary schools throughout Southampton in the spring term 2010. Teachers will be provided with comprehensive training to ensure they make best use of this new innovative technology.

Daryl Misselbrook, e-Learning Consultant for Southampton City Council, said: “We wanted to implement a technology that could offer students a more differentiated and personalised learning experience, which would improve engagement levels of all learners regardless of their abilities. In consultation with schools, we evaluated several systems and found Promethean’s ActivExpression offered the most benefits. It is simple to use, can be incorporated at any point during a lesson and is compatible with a range of interactive whiteboards. Teachers also liked the range of response and assessment options and found it the most durable and visually appealing.”

Duncan Wells, Deputy Headteacher at Hollybrook Junior School, participated in the initial pilot and described his experience using the new educational software: “One of the most valuable contributions of ActivExpression has been its ability to engage pupils, and this was something that teachers witnessed straight away – every child has a say and can take part, without fear of embarrassing themselves if they get it wrong. It makes it a highly inclusive tool, ideal for working with pupils with special educational needs or with mixed ability classes.”

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EKU Launches a New Video Blog for its Fire & Safety Engineering Technology Online Bachelor’s Degree Program

Eastern Kentucky University’s College of Justice & Safety is proud to announce the official launch of its new video blog, specifically for the Fire & Safety Engineering Technology Online Bachelor’s Degree Program. In addition to providing prospective students and working professionals with video content pertaining to the fire industry, the Vlog also features course lectures from the EKU fire science program.

EKU Launches a New Video Blog for its Fire & Safety Engineering Technology Online Bachelor's Degree Program

“Our degree program at EKU has always offered the sophisticated technical knowledge and skills needed to excel in the emergency services field, and now we are able to use this same sophistication to share our program information through the Vlog,” said James Pharr, program director.

This video blog, which will be updated regularly with additional video content, is a dynamic resource for the entire fire industry. Visitors will be able to access video based on categories that align with the EKU Fire & Safety Engineering Technology degree program courses, and they will also be able to add their comments about the videos to spurn discussion among industry professionals.

EKU will also use the launch of the video blog ( as its forte into social media, sending Vlog updates to followers through:
• Twitter:
• Facebook:
• YouTube:

EKU’s Fire & Safety Engineering Technology Online Bachelor’s Degree Program prepares fire industry professionals for future advancement in their careers. This degree program includes two critical concentrations: Fire Administration and Fire Protection Engineering Technology. Eastern Kentucky University is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and enjoys many national rankings, including the top 10 percent of universities by Forbes Magazine and as a Tier I institution by US News and World Report.

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Promethean Planet Membership Passes The Half Million Mark

Promethean, a world leader in the rapidly growing global market for interactive learning technology, has announced that membership of Promethean Planet has passed the half million mark, doubling in only one year. Promethean Planet was launched in 2006 and in less than four years has become the world’s largest online community for users of interactive learning technology.

Promethean Planet Membership Passes The Half Million Mark

Available in ten languages with members in more than 150 countries, Promethean planet is free to join and enables teachers from around the globe to exchange ideas, share new and innovative lesson plans and have access to a wide variety of professional development materials. The site contains more than 16,000 fully customable lesson resources for all ages, representing more than 225,000 pages of teaching resources, and includes interactive whiteboard resources and premium interactive educational content from leading publishers such as Dorling Kindersley, National Geographic, Scholastic, Waterford Institute, Harper Collins and Oxford University Press.

Promethean Planet received the Worlddidac Foundation Award for Excellence in Education in 2008. Recent monthly statistics show that there were more than 250,000 unique visits, five million page views and more than 550,000 downloads on the site (November 2009). Planet is currently supported in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Kazakh and Arabic.

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Henley Business School Dean Questions Cadbury Takeover Bid

Following speculation over Kraft’s proposed takeover bid of Cadbury and subsequent fears of major job losses, Professor Christopher Bones, Dean of Henley Business School, has also raised serious concerns regarding whether Kraft could be trusted to keep to its commitments in light of past failings. This warning comes after the pledge by Kraft that it will ensure the Cadbury’s Bath factory will stay open bearing in mind Kraft gave the same commitment to Terry’s of York in 1993 but then closed the factory 12 years later.

Henley Business School Dean Questions Cadbury Takeover Bid

Professor Bones gave evidence to the select committee for Business, Innovation and Skills enquiring into company takeovers, mergers and acquisitions on Tuesday 12 January. His evidence, which drew heavily on the example of the current takeover bid of Cadbury by Kraft, received widespread coverage in the UK media. The Today Programme, Wake Up To Money, BBC West Midlands, BBC World News and News Channel and The Guardian all carried interviews with Professor Bones.

Professor Bones drew attention to the threat to the UK’s science base and leading-edge research in GM other food related areas. The government has identified food security as one of the core STEM subjects of critical importance to national security.

The Global Science Centre for Cadbury plc which researches food security is located at the University of Reading. The centre employs 130 skilled researchers and is an established centre of excellence in the UK attracting research investment and international students f r o m around the world. Kraft plans to transfer such activity to its US laboratories.

Additionally, Cadbury plays a prominent role in building the UK’s reputation for ethical and responsible business in areas of the world where the UK has a significant interest in maintaining and sustaining its economic and political influence. In particular their commitment to ethical and sustainable practices in cocoa production and their endorsement of the Fair trade movement are major symbols locally in Africa and worldwide. Professor Bones expressed his concern that Kraft’s approach to its consumer brands – the company has rejected fair trade as a model for their coffee and chocolate – may impact on the reputation of the UK in areas of strategic importance such as India and Africa.

Finally Professor Bones questioned whether it was right that a UK bank (RBS) which is 84% owned by the UK taxpayer should be funding the acquisition of an iconic UK company by a US conglomerate, especially when the CBI Director General in his New Year message called for more funds to be made available for investment in UK businesses.

He said: “The ultimate irony for any government would be the sight of the corporate banking team at RBS or any other government-owned institution being paid multi-million pound bonuses for funding the acquisition of a UK company by a US conglomerate at a price that failed to reflect real market value with an outcome that damaged the long term interests of the UK economy.”

About Henley Business School
Henley Business School was formed f r o m the merger of Henley Management College and the Business School at the University of Reading. It is one of the longest established Business Schools and the world’s third largest supplier of MBA courses. It delivers business management training to managers in more than 140 countries worldwide with around 7,000 people studying at any one time.

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Free Math Section For SSAT, ISEE And SAT Preparation Has Been Added

Tutor4exam site has earned acknowledgement of many students and teachers. Its success is greatly based on its innovative methods and means. It offers an intensive and highly effective preparation for SSAT, ISEE and SAT to students with very diverse levels of knowledge in math. The news has come! We are happy to inform you that the site has been significantly updated and much more free resources have been added.

The most currently added section is a new section of FREE resources. A wide selection of FREE math questions is offered in various math areas for the students preparing for any math test. The levels of difficulty are very diverse. This section is and will always be constantly updated. In this section you will also find a unique help. In case you came across some difficult problem to solve and don’t know how to approach it, just send it to us and we will be happy to offer you our assistance. We will publish similar problems with detailed and clear explanations. This section can become a valuable part of your preparation for not only SSAT, ISEE, SAT but also other school math exams.

Another valuable update offered is the introduction of Free Math Section which immediately has become very popular. This section is designed to train students of every level in math. The site visitors highly appreciate the chance to immediately test their knowledge and skills. Clear style and detailed explanations have attracted thousands of those looking forward to experiencing immediate satisfaction f r o m the knowledge gained and skills enhanced.

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New Classroom Technology Solution For Schools

RoomPro Technologies has released RoomPro ONE, a fully integrated, all-in-one classroom control and microphone system that enables K-12 educators to provide an enhanced audio and video experience to improve student learning.

New Classroom Technology Solution For Schools

RoomPro ONE is equipped with a built-in infrared (IR) microphone system that offers optimized voice enhancement and 360° sound reinforcement for full-classroom auditory learning. It also includes a wall panel for simple, one-touch control and notably features a Virtual Control Panel, RoomPro’s proprietary control panel emulation software that allows teachers to operate the system using multiple instructional technologies.

Dean Olds, president of RoomPro Technologies, says the system’s patented design offers educators several advantages.

“RoomPro ONE solves the problem of uneven classroom sound distribution and as a result the related problem of uneven learning experiences from student to student. And, with the addition of our Virtual Control Panel, we have found a way to provide educators with more convenient system control and access. Teachers can now quickly and easily operate the system at the touch of a button, whether they are working from a laptop, a wireless tablet or an interactive whiteboard,” Olds says.

Olds adds that the system’s powerful multimedia management and control seamlessly integrates devices educators need while eliminating devices they don’t—such as remotes, which can be cumbersome to use and are easily misplaced.

According to Olds, another critical advantage for educators is that the system is priced with tight school budgets in mind. “Our system is well-positioned to help schools create the classroom of tomorrow within the budget limitations of today. It essentially can be purchased for what you would expect to pay for a classroom microphone system alone,” he says.

About RoomPro Technologies
RoomPro Techologies is a leading manufacturer of audio and visual products specializing in the K-12 market and is based in Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. Its all-in-one control and microphone systems are found in classrooms, conference rooms and training rooms across the country. More information is available at

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NalandaU – New Website Allows Students To Access MIT Quality Education For Free

NalandaU ( is an education website with a mission to democratize education and enable people around the world to access quality education f r o m top universities. They aggregate videos provided by universities worldwide and stitch them with open text materials to build comprehensive courses. The courses will help any motivated learner to get in-depth knowledge of a subject for free at the comfort of their home.

They currently have about 300 courses with about 6000 hours of instruction material. Of these courses include 126 f r o m MIT, Stanford, Yale and Berkeley and 36 f r o m Indian Institutes of Technology. The subjects interest not just college students but also curious minds of any age. The site is clean and loads without any ads and doesn’t require any login unless you want to access the advanced features. Most modern browsers that came in the last 5 years should work fine with it though there might be problems with older browsers like Internet Explorer 6 that came with Windows XP.

Apart f r o m watching the videos, the students can take notes in the page and access them later – organized by courses. They can also connect with their friends in Facebook who are also in the same virtual class, and share information. The course pages also have related courses that the student can take next and improve the knowledge further. Selected courses also have online quiz that the students can take to get their grades, and can manage their transcripts f r o m a central location. It has a simple search tool with search suggestions and course results organized by broad topics.

The site has been designed to reduce distraction and information-intimidation as much as possible. The information available at each page is organized well, unintimidating and more homogeneous, and when playing the videos you can go full screen or hide everything other than the lecture by using “Dim the lights” option. Company founder Balaji says, “In some of the courses the teaching is so good, you might get the feel of actually attending classes in Boston while you might really be sipping a cup of coffee, strapped with your laptop in the middle of nowhere”.

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Algae Educational Kit Will Grow On Schools

World of announced today that they are weeks away from launching the Algae Educational Kit. This brand new hands-on Kit is packed with information and gadgets to grow algae.

“We have been getting increased interest from teachers, educators, and students about producing a guide for those who want to maintain algae cultures and carry out simple growth experiments. There seems to be detailed books for the more advanced student or worker, but very few books for inexperienced people. We hope the kit we have put together will bridge that gap”, said David Sieg, author of the Algae Educational Kit workbook.

The World of Algae website was launched in 2009 by Mr Sieg and Steve Ewings. “The Algae Educational Kit was developed for both the school and home market and it is part of our commitment to providing up to date information on the world of algae”, said Mr Ewings.

It is true that companies like Exxon and BP are investing $100s of millions in algae biofuel research and development. This new Kit may provide students with the opportunity to contextualise what is happening in this developing field.

The Algae Educational Kit includes everything to begin growing algae including: a CD containing the workbook and lesson plans; specially formulated algae nutrient; a digital temperature gauge; pH sticks; air stone; silicone air lines; gang valve; light clamp and 75 watt algae grow bulb; check valve and an air pump.

According to Steve Ewings, one of the founders of World of Algae, “Alga has the potential to radically change our lives… undoubtedly children of the future will see green pond slime through very different eyes, and our Kit aims to become part of that process.”

The Kit will be available towards the end of January 2010, and to avoid disappointment educators are invited to register their interest:

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