k12educationmatters.org is Almost Live!

An exciting new website for k12 teachers and administrators is about to go “live”. www.k12educationmatters.org is primarily a blog site with tons of extra content of interest to educators. The new site will feature video interviews with leading authorities and authors in the field of education.

The site will also feature original content and links to just about anywhere an educator could care to go on the internet. There will be links to other blogs, newsletters, cool websites, professional association websites, publisher and author websites and much more.

Contact publisher Greg Michaels for more information including advertising rates.

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NCC Home Learning Presents ‘A Day in the Life of a Tutor’

Ray Rew, has not always been an NCC Home Learning tutor, up until 2001 he worked in a variety of design, development and management roles in the electronic engineering industry, but after taking early retirement he had finally found his ideal career in tutoring.

Ray started working for NCC in 2001 as a part time, self-employed Distance Learning tutor, delivering a range of training courses for NCC and a number of local colleges.

Major parts of his previous job role included, managing and developing staff including training and development and occasionally being a shoulder to cry on when things didn’t go as planned. These were all experiences and skills that he was able to put to good use in his new career.

He completed the NCC Distance Learning Tutor Certificate to broaden and formalise his knowledge in this extremely interesting and rewarding area .

The NCC Home Learning tutor states: “I had always been interested in the training and development of my staff and outside of work, on a voluntary basis, enjoyed working in a number of teaching type roles with children.”

“My work as a distance learning and home learning tutor has afforded me the privilege of supporting over 1500 students to achieve their qualifications.”

Ray Rew has now written and edited a number of distance learning courses on a variety of subjects including Human Resources, Teaching Assistant Courses and Customer Service diplomas, for which he is also a home learning tutor.

The NCC Home Learning tutor is a happily married man with two married children and two grandsons. He is a dedicated tutor who wishes only the best for his learners and takes pride in watching them develop their own knowledge and skills.

NCC Home Learning aim to provide the option of distance learning and home learning for everyone with courses such as psychology courses online, they enable you to train around your busy life style making it easier to educate yourself or staff members.

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NCC Home Learning Announce their Brand New Criminalistics Course!

NCC Home Learning is happy to announce their brand new Criminisitics Diploma course, ideal for anyone wanting to work within the forensics and criminology field. Learners are now able to study an accredited course with deposits as low as £59.99!

The new Level 3 Criminalistics course allows students to study at home, in their own time and at their own pace through the popular study method, Distance Learning.

The brand new course by NCC Home Learning, allows learners to understand how criminalists use the science of criminalistics to solve crimes, as well as helping them to further their knowledge in how a criminalist uses physical evidence to provide a link between a suspect and the victim.

NCC Home Learning always aim to offer the best learning opportunity to their students, which is why they supply a full 12 months tutor support to assist learners in the completion of this course. The Criminalistics Diploma is openly available to anyone wishing to learn more about this subject, and would like to take part in a highly rewarding home study course.

The Level 3 course will explore many aspects of Criminisitics including the Biological Trace Evidence, Fingerprints and Psychology and the Crime Scene, enabling the student to fully understand the concept of Criminalistics which in turn has relation to criminal psychology.

Tony Smith, Managing Director at NCC, said: “At NCC we are always looking to add value to our ever growing portfolio of Forensics and Criminology courses and aim to help learners progress with their education, whether this is to support a job application, or to update qualifications.”

With over 240 courses available and with deposits starting from as little as £59.99, there has never been a better time to study with NCC Home Learning!

If you are interested in participating in the Criminalistics course or would like more information on our Forensics and Criminology courses as well as any other home learning courses then please visit: www.ncchomelearning.co.uk/forensicsandcriminology-category-163.html.

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UK-based Sharp End Training Joins Forces With WOW Network Alliance For Worldwide Business Benefits

The WOW Network Alliance, a member-based networking and development community for women, announced that Sharp End Training has joined WOW Network team as its exclusive Professional Training & Advanced Education Partner.

This agrreement means WOW Network members to draw on the valuable expertise of Sharp End Training’s dedicated network of websites as well as leaders in countries such as the United Kingdom, USA and Australia said President/Founder of WOW Network, De Harris.

“We’re excited that our members will have access to even more practical tools to aid in their personal and professional development,” De Harris said.

Jonathan Senior, the brains behind the Sharp End Training developed Sharp End Training IN 2004. The worldwide virtual training company covers all aspects of small business ownership and management. He has a degree in Organization Studies Jonathan is a Chartered Manager and a member of the Chartered Management Institute UK.

Pat Weber heads Sharp End Training, USA, and is an award-winning, top-selling salesperson and sales manager. She coaches individuals who find it difficult to or are reluctant to sell. Weber helps her clients to speak with more confidence, deliver effective presentations and increase sales. Her guidance gives them a working knowledge of how to play up their strengths and minimize feelings of inadequacy. Weber is an avid networker in her local community WHERE? and has been recognized by Peninsula Women’s Network and awarded the “Networker of the Year.” She is one of only two members who have received this recognition twice in its 30-year history.

For more information about Sharp End Training, visit http://www.sharp-end-training.info

Apart from Jonathan Senior and Pat Weber the WOW Network Alliance’s partners include such recognized names as Biba Pedron, Monique MacKinnon, Kathy Cobb, Mary Chatman, Terrice Blackwell, Gena Livings and Becky Harmon with Beverly Lewis of Slingshot Success.

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Learn English Faster With An Online Blog

Online learning is fast becoming the definitive way to learn. Virtual classrooms and online chats can be used as a way for students to communicate with each other outside of the real classroom and polish up their skills. Whether you love writing your own blog or reading others, blogging is a fun and informative way to continue learning after lessons are done. After all, what better way to pick up a language than through an interactive blog packed full of helpful tips and exercises?

Language schools, such as London based school St George International, use blogs to supplement their lessons and give students and prospective learners a daily dose of extra-curricular knowledge. St George has just revamped its hugely successful blog to help students out with their classes online.

Short daily articles are published on the school’s blog that cover up to the minute topics about London and current affairs. Through the articles students are encouraged to practice their English skills with free practice exercises, a focus on grammar or vocabulary in every post and a multimedia platform that includes video and podcasts. Using different media is a good way to improve listening skills as well as reading. There is also a focus on speaking with certain tasks requiring students to talk aloud in response to questions.

Using a blog for social interaction is another benefit of an online school community. Both students and teachers can leave comments in the forum to share views and information about what they are learning. Keeping informed about the school’s busy social calendar is also possible through posts made on the Student Life in London section of the blog.

The IELTS score is important to most students learning English and practicing your classroom skills online is bound to help. The St George blog is actually one of the best-known resources for information about how to improve your score. A series of posts from both teachers and other students about how to get better results in the IELTS speaking test has sparked off a vibrant dialogue. Indeed, since the discussion on IELTS began on the school’s blog there have been over 8,000 hits a month to the site.

St George International is a small language school based in the Central London district of Marylebone. It has been open since 1962 and offers a diverse range of English language and Foreign Languages courses. The school also offers residential courses on which students get the chance to stay in the small historic city of Winchester.

With the help of the St George online blog you can now learn faster. Taking an English course in London, the UK capital, is always a popular choice but for an Intensive French course London or Paris are great options. And if you want to take German lessons London is home to plenty of German speakers with whom to practise.

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School Launches Online Resource For Languages

UIC Languages was launched last month by UIC London, the central London language school. The service provides professional language training to both companies and individuals. Languages covered are English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Arabic.

Courses from UIC Languages are flexible. Users can tailor-make their course to suit them. They can be taught at home, in the workplace, or at the UIC central London school. Individual or group classes are offered, and open group classes are available at the UIC school. Courses can be booked for a minimum of 1.5 hours, up to 10 hours. After that, they can be booked in 10 hour blocks.

At the beginning of each course, students’ skills are assessed. This involves an online test, and an interview which can be done in person, or using Skype. The aim of this assessment is to determine students’ current skill levels, and to establish what they need to learn for. General courses are available, as are more specialised courses which aim (for example) to prepare students for work in a particular industry.

To book courses with UIC languages, whether as an individual or as a business, all users need to do is log on to their website, and use the online booking system to register. They are asked to input information about their preferred location, number of hours teaching they want to book, and any requirements for specialist teaching.

UIC languages provides those who use it with something different from standard, off-the-peg language school classes. It is a way for professional people to get the language teaching that meets their needs.

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Launch of UIC Languages

Last month, UIC London launched a new service: UIC Languages. The service brings something different to the table for UIC: a professional language training operation aimed at helping businesses and those who want to learn a language to progress their career. All the most important world business languages are covered: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic.

Courses offered by UIC Languages are highly flexible. They can be taught in UIC’s own premises, or the premises or home of the students. Both one-to-one and group options are offered. The minimum course length is 1.5 hours, up to a maximum of ten hours. Beyond that, they can be booked in straight ten-hour blocks.

Before beginning a course, students need to undergo a skills assessment. They take an online test, and are then interviewed (by video-call or in person). Current knowledge is tested by the online test, while the interview aims to establish learning goals. Both generalised and specialised courses are offered, with UIC able to alter the curriculum to fit different industries.

Booking courses with UIC Languages is easy. There is a booking form on their website, which asks potential clients to input details of their preferred type of course, specialisation, location, and length. UIC’s system will provide a quote before booking.

Those who use the UIC Languages service do so because they want a modern, professional language training service which meets their needs. It is a great way for businesses and others who need a bespoke solution to make sure their language course provides exactly what they want it to.

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Brand New BLC English School

In a time when businesses are struggling and many industries are having to make cut backs and sacrifices, one sector which continues to progress is English language tuition. To meet this demand, Bristol Language Centre has recently expanded.

Renamed BLC, to coincide with the re-launch, the school has adapted and grown to become innovative and modern in its look and facilities. Each classroom now has an interactive whiteboard so students can learn the language with the most advanced facilities. The school has two multimedia centres with computers for out of hours learning. There is also a new canteen and reception area on site. The building is decorated in a modern style, to fit in with Bristol’s urban art scene.

250 students can now learn English at the school, an increase from 140. This boost will give the local community extra income through students using the local cafes, shops and bars. It will also generate extra work as the school will require around 40 teachers in the busy peak seasons and extra host families will be needed. The English language sector can prove to be vital to the economy and BLC look to assist this.

Since 2004, BLC has grown rapidly and teaches students from all over the world year upon year. As you would expect from a modern language school, courses are taught at varying levels, different timescales and intensities. The Bristol Language Centre offers students the chance to learn beginner to advanced English, prepare for exams and more.

For native-speakers, there is also the Teacher Knowledge Test (TKT). This programmes takes four weeks and develops teaching methodologies and practices. If you are interested in teacher training UK schools, like BLC, hold a very high standard – perfect for people looking for a career change or for those coming out of university.

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