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Brand New Level 4 Forensic Science Diploma

Due to the popularity of our Level 3 Forensic Science Diploma, NCC Home Learning have now developed a Brand New Level 4 Forensic Science Diploma!

This Level 4 Diploma has been produced due to popular demand for our learners, and can be used as a progression route from our other Level 3 Criminology and Forensics courses, or as a starter course for more experienced learners.

Forensic Science is a fascinating subject and can most simply be defined as applying science to the law. The work of a Forensic Scientist is multidisciplinary drawing on many subject areas including chemistry, biology, physics, psychology and social science.

Forensic Scientists are primarily involved in collecting and examining trace material associated with crimes and crime scenes, with the aim of linking a suspect to the crime and ultimately providing impartial scientific evidence for use in a court of law.

NCC Home Learning’s new Forensic Science Level 4 Diploma contains 20 modules split across 3 units covering all the key areas of the science of criminal investigation.

The first unit, of the Forensic Science Diploma is comprised of the first 1-8 modules of the course and explores the science of crime scene investigation, also known as field forensics. The modules within Unit 1 examine the processing of the crime scene and the range of possible evidence available including, biological evidence, trace evidence, fingerprint evidence, ballistics evidence, evidence of arson and evidence of explosion.

The second unit contains 3 modules examining forensic pathology at the crime scene and forensic pathology at the mortuary before moving on to Forensic Anthropology which also spans work that takes place in both the mortuary and the laboratory.

The third and final unit of the Forensic Science Diploma focuses on forensic science that takes place in a controlled environment such as a laboratory. The remaining modules that make up Unit 3 examine forensic odontology, forensic entomology, forensic botany, forensic serology, DNA typing, forensic toxicology, forensic firearms identification, disputed documents examination and forensic vehicle examination.

The Forensic Science Level 4 Diploma is the latest course to be added into our ever popular Criminology and Forensics faculty. If you are you a fan of CSI and would like to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes or would like to progress in a related career, why not find out more about this enthralling new course.

Whether studying for interest or professional development, the forensic Science course is bound to keep you hooked!

Plus with a distance learning course from NCC Home Learning you can fit studying towards a qualification around a busy lifestyle, completing your home study course at your own pace in your own time.

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Considering a Career change – Take a look at NCC Home Learning’s Brand New Personal Assistant Diploma!

The Brand New distance learning Personal Assistant Diploma is now available from NCC Home Learning!

A Personal Assistant, generally speaking, is someone who works closely with managerial or directorial staff. The role of a Personal Assistant is crucial to the success of many businesses as they carry out secretarial and administrative tasks as well as helping managers to make the best use of their time. It goes without saying that a Personal Assistant must possess excellent organisational skills!

Although the overall job purpose of the Personal Assistant is generally categorised as ‘to provide comprehensive support to senior management’, the practical role requires much more than impressive administrative skills. The scope of the role also requires strong personal skills and a firm grasp of business structure, requirements and procedures.

Personal Assistants are often the first point of contact, dealing with people both internal and external to the organisation, so it is essential that they make a good first impression. They also must possess an extensive knowledge of the organisation including the businesses aims and objectives and who its key personnel are.

There is no doubt that Personal Assistants are relied on heavily but when carried out successfully this can be a very satisfying and fulfilling job role.

The aim of the home study Personal Assistant Diploma is to provide an overview of the key areas of business understanding and personal skills that are required to work successfully in in the role of a Personal Assistant.

The course covers key subject areas in relation to the role of a Personal Assistant including understanding organisations, managing business information, legal and regulatory requirements and handling difficult situations to name just a few!

As the Personal Assistant Diploma can be completed fully by distance learning as one of the many NCC Home learning courses you can work towards a qualification from the comfort of your own home at a pace to suit you.

With this course you will receive 12 months personalised tutor support and on completion of the course you will receive your Diploma from National Awarding Body NCFE.

NCC Home Learning are an established provider of distance learning courses and currently offer over 300 courses in a range of subject areas from A Levels to forensic psychology courses.

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Brand New Higher Level Teaching Assistant Course Now Available from NCC Home Learning!

NCC Home Learning are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new distance learning course, the Higher Level Teaching Assistant Diploma (HLTA).

This home study programme has been developed to enable those working, or hoping to work, in a Child Care or Teaching setting the role of ‘Higher Level teaching assistant’ (HLTA), to acquire and develop a level of understanding and skills that will help them to work effectively in the role of a ‘Higher Level Teaching Assistant’ (HLTA).

The job role of a Higher Level Teaching Assistant is both fascinating and rewarding. Higher Level Teaching Assistants work closely alongside fully qualified teachers and provide valuable support for learning activities. HLTAs can work right across the curriculum, from acting as specialist assistants for specific subjects or departments, to helping to develop lesson plans and support materials.

The course modules within the Higher Level Teaching Assistant Diploma are based around the professional standards for HLTA status outlined by the TDA.

Learners can now study the fully accredited Higher Level Teaching Assistant course with a deposit from as little as £59.99 plus with this course, NCC Home Learning’s students will receive 12 months full, personalised tutor support.

The Higher Level Teaching Assistant is the newest addition to NCC Home Learning’s highly popular Child Care and Teaching Assistant faculty. Related home study courses in this area include Teaching Assistant Diploma, Child Care Diploma and the Autism Awareness Certificate.

Mrs T Goodwin who recently completed the Teaching Assistant Diploma said… “I would certainly recommend NCC Home learning to anyone wanting to further their education. Being a mum and holding down a job I found that working at your own pace was very beneficial to me…the NCC team helped me gain the qualification I wanted to obtain.

NCC Home Learning, established for over 14years, has a catalogue of over 350 distance learning courses to choose from in a range of subjects from Criminology and life coaching courses to Wedding and Event Planning.

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Have you got the Golden Ticket?

Christmas has been and gone and the winter blues may now be setting in for January, so to make your New Year a little happier, NCC Home Learning will be running a fantastic Golden Ticket Promotion for every new customer throughout January!

Every customer who purchases an NCC Home Learning course throughout January will automatically receive a ‘Golden Ticket’, either with their course materials, or separately by post.

Each Golden Ticket will contain a prize ranging from discounts off any further purchases through to £50 in Highstreet Vouchers, so every ticket is a winner!

Now is the perfect time to kick-start those New Year’s resolutions! Maybe you’re considering a career change for 2012 or simply fancy learning a new skill? Well, NCC Home Learning has the perfect solution – study in the comfort of your own home or preferred location, in your own time, at your own pace!

NCC Home Learning offer over 350 distance learning courses in a wide range of fascinating subject areas including Wedding and Event Planning, Teaching Assistant, Counselling, Forensic Science and Life coaching courses to name just a few.

The majority of NCC Home Learning’s distance learning courses come with a full 12 months tutor support to assist you in the completion of your course, so you never feel isolated during your studies which you can carry out from any location.

With huge discounts of up to 20% across the site and a free Golden Ticket prize for each customer throughout January, there is no better time to purchase an NCC Home Learning home study course to further your career!

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The Teaching Assistant Diploma receives a Grade A from its Students!

NCC Home Learning’s fantastic range of Teaching Assistant Courses are currently the most popular distance learning courses, so no wonder they have received such outstanding reviews.

Students who have recently completed a Teaching Assistant course with NCC Home Learning have nothing but positive feedback, proving that NCC Home Learning offer the best home study courses around. Some of those reviews follow below:

B. Hodgkins, a Teaching Assistant student stated: “NCC Home Learning’s Teaching Assistant course was ideal for me as I could learn the ins and outs of what being a teaching assistant involved, whilst gaining a qualification.”

“I now help out regularly at the school and the information the Teaching Assistant course has given me has been invaluable!”

T. Goodwin, a Teaching Assistant student also said: “The course material was of good quality and easy to understand and together with feedback from my tutor and the NCC team it helped me gain the qualification I wanted to obtain.”

The distance learning Teaching Assistant courses helps students obtain specialised skills and knowledge to gain employment in the field. Other related courses such as child care courses can involve study in more specific child study courses which can lead to a range of other child care jobs in the care industry.

NCC Home Learning also offers a selection of fully accredited Child Care courses and Teaching Assistant Courses which are available for students to study at home.

If you require further information on NCC Home Learning’s Teaching Assistant courses or other useful courses such as life coaching courses and child care courses then please visit our Child Care and Teaching Assistant Faculty:http://www.ncchomelearning.co.uk/childcareandteachingcourses-category-9.html

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Thumbs Up for the Child Psychology Diploma!

NCC Home Learning’s Child Psychology Diploma has received a fantastic response from current students.

The students studying with NCC Home Learning have been leaving extremely positive reviews regarding the Child Psychology Diploma. They have even stated how the course has helped them continue on to university and has furthered their careers.

L. Blay has recently completed the Child Psychology Diploma and said: “Thank you for your support during these 12 months – I have loved every minute of my course and am pleased to say that it has benefited both me and my children!”

K. Prinsloo, a Child Psychology Student also stated: “I would just like to say thanks for everything and I am actually studying child psychology at University level now, I enjoyed the module a lot and it definitely helped me make the choice to take it further.”

The NCFE Level 3 Child Psychology Diploma provides the skills needed to help children reach their full potential and become happy and balanced adults.

The course is ideal for anyone working with or around children and can even help parents with their own children.

NCC Home Learning aim to provide the option of distance learning for everyone, they enable you to train around your busy life style, making it easier to educate yourself or staff members.

NCC Home Learning also offer a number of Teaching Assistant and Child Care coursesamong other home learning courses suitable for anyone wanting to progress in their career or further their current knowledge.

If you require further information on our Child Psychology Diploma then please visit our Child Care and Teaching Assistant Faculty:

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NCC Home Learning Announce their Brand New Criminalistics Course!

NCC Home Learning is happy to announce their brand new Criminisitics Diploma course, ideal for anyone wanting to work within the forensics and criminology field. Learners are now able to study an accredited course with deposits as low as £59.99!

The new Level 3 Criminalistics course allows students to study at home, in their own time and at their own pace through the popular study method, Distance Learning.

The brand new course by NCC Home Learning, allows learners to understand how criminalists use the science of criminalistics to solve crimes, as well as helping them to further their knowledge in how a criminalist uses physical evidence to provide a link between a suspect and the victim.

NCC Home Learning always aim to offer the best learning opportunity to their students, which is why they supply a full 12 months tutor support to assist learners in the completion of this course. The Criminalistics Diploma is openly available to anyone wishing to learn more about this subject, and would like to take part in a highly rewarding home study course.

The Level 3 course will explore many aspects of Criminisitics including the Biological Trace Evidence, Fingerprints and Psychology and the Crime Scene, enabling the student to fully understand the concept of Criminalistics which in turn has relation to criminal psychology.

Tony Smith, Managing Director at NCC, said: “At NCC we are always looking to add value to our ever growing portfolio of Forensics and Criminology courses and aim to help learners progress with their education, whether this is to support a job application, or to update qualifications.”

With over 240 courses available and with deposits starting from as little as £59.99, there has never been a better time to study with NCC Home Learning!

If you are interested in participating in the Criminalistics course or would like more information on our Forensics and Criminology courses as well as any other home learning courses then please visit: www.ncchomelearning.co.uk/forensicsandcriminology-category-163.html.

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Fit for Promotion Thanks to NCC Home Learning!

An NCC Home Learning student who has recently completed the Criminal Psychology Diploma Level 4, has now been awarded a promotion within the Scottish police force!

The student was promoted from a Police Constable to a Detective in the Scottish Police Force thanks to NCC’s qualification in Criminal Psychology.

After studying the Level 3 Diploma Certificate in Criminology, the student began searching for other courses in order to progress to a BSC (Hons) in Psychology, when they came across the Criminal Psychology course provided by NCC Home Learning as part of their criminology diploma courses.

The soon to be Detective expressed an interest in this course as the Criminal Psychology Diploma examines the history of crime and punishment and explores different theories of offending before examining the psychology of violent crime.

The Detective Constable of the Scottish Police Force, stated: “The modules overlapped nicely, giving a gentle introduction to the oncoming module. The study itself was challenging but not overwhelming. The feedback from my tutor was always dynamic, concise, relevant and above all, constructive and encouraging.”

On completion of the Criminal Psychology Diploma the now Detective Constable contacted NCC Home Learning to say “Thank you for all the help and assistance that you have provided throughout the course. I’m sure that you will be pleased to learn that as a consequence of the course, I’ve managed to secure a Detective Constable post within the Scottish Police Force. Your feedback was instrumental in helping me achieve this, so thank you again!”

They continued by saying: “I would heartily recommend this course to anyone considering an introduction into the career of Psychology. It is very handy to have on the CV!”

The Detective of the Scottish Police Force is a prime example of how NCC Home learning’s courses help to develop students’ skills and further their knowledge, in order to progress in their career.

If you require further information on our Criminal Psychology course then please visit our Forensics and Criminology Faculty:

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Rave Reviews for NCC Home Learning’s Wedding Planning Course!

The reviews are in for NCC Home Learning’s Wedding Planning courses and there is nothing but praise from the distance learning students!

NCC Home Learning’s Wedding Planner diploma is a practical programme where you learn to become a qualified Wedding Planner.

The Wedding Planning home learning courses are also suitable if someone is planning their own wedding and have been exclusively authored by the gentleman who organised Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s spectacular wedding and also Robbie Williams’ 30th birthday party!

Not only are Students able to learn how to plan a wedding efficiently, they are also able to gain an accredited qualification with NCC Home Learning and even set up their own business by bundling the Wedding Planning Diploma course with our amazing Business Start-up for Today’s Entrepreneur course.

R. Price a current student with NCC Home Learning said: “I am really enjoying the Wedding Planner Diploma course and the feedback I am getting from my tutor is really good!”

K. Dyer studied the Wedding Planning course, stated: “I was delighted with my Wedding Planner course. It covered every aspect of planning a wedding and on top of this covered how to set up and promote my own wedding planning business.”

The Wedding Planner Diploma gives students the knowledge and skills they need to plan every aspect of the perfect Wedding, which is why it has received such highly acclaimed reviews from students.

NCC Home Learning aim to provide the option of distance learning for everyone, they enable you to train around your busy life style, making it easier to educate yourself or staff members.

If you require further information on our Wedding Planning courses and Events management diploma then please visit:http://www.ncchomelearning.co.uk/eventandweddingplanningcourses-category-22.html.

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5 Stars for NCC Home Learning!

NCC Home Learning is extremely happy to announce that they have been awarded 5 stars due to their unprecedented distance learning service.

This incredible honour comes as no surprise to NCC as they pride themselves on quality customer service, ensuring that each and every one of their customers are continuously happy with their distance learning material.

With an outstanding 91% of customer recommendations, it is no wonder that NCC Home Learning can now pride themselves as a 5 star distance learning resource.

Samiasheikh, a student of NCC Home Learning said: “I would definitely recommend a home learning course as I could study at home in my own time around the children as well as working at the same time.”

A Psychology of Criminal Profiling student also said: “I would like to thank NCC on making learning from home a fun way to learn, not only did I pass the course, but I was under no pressure for time and I got it completed quite quickly.”

NCC Home Learning aim to provide the option of distance learning and home study for everyone, they enable you to train and study around your busy life style making it easier to educate yourself or staff members with quality home learning courses. By studying one of the 5 star distance learning courses you can continue on with your job or study from home without having to sacrifice anything from your regular day to day life which offers greater flexibility for many people.

If you happen to be interested in studying a distance learning course such as teaching assistant courses online or any psychology courses and you would like more information then please visit: www.ncchomelearning.co.uk/cart.php.

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NCC Launches Food Hygiene At An Exceptional Price Of £9.99

Learners are now able to access training for less than £10.00 in the crucial business area of Food Hygiene. NCC has just released a self contained portfolio which can be studied at home, or in a work situation.

NCC’s workbook contains appropriate and up to date underpinning knowledge and activities/questions which will help to determine that sufficient knowledge has been understood by the learner. In addition, learners are required to complete a short multiple-choice end test to confirm that a satisfactory grade has been achieved. For all learners who are successful, a Certificate of Achievement from NCC will be provided. For those learners who wish to receive a certificate from an external Awarding Body, for an additional fee of £15 a certificate from the Awarding Body NCFE can also be applied for.

Tony Smith, Managing Director NCC, confirms that a significant amount of interest has been received following news that food hygiene training for can now be achieved for an unprecedented price of £9.99. At NCC we are always looking to add value to our ever growing portfolio of home learning courses and at this time many popular programmes are on offer to help learners progress with their education, whether this is to support a job application, such as for a Teaching Assistant or Events management diploma or to update qualifications such as distance learning A Levels.

The Food Standards Agency state that: “Food handlers must receive appropriate supervision, and be instructed and/or trained in food hygiene, to enable them to handle food safely. Those responsible for developing and maintaining the business’s food safety procedures, based on HACCP principles, must have received adequate training”.

“The requirements for training should be seen in the context of the nature and size of the business. There is no legal requirement to attend a formal training course or get a qualification, although many businesses may want their staff to do so. The necessary skills may also be obtained in other ways, such as through on-the-job training, self-study or relevant prior experience. The operator of the food business is responsible for ensuring this happens”.

With over 250 courses available and with programmes starting at £9.99 there has never been a better time to study home courses with NCC. There is also a standard fee of £9.99 for shipping and posting so we advise to buy in bundles to save on pennies!

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Choosing a Home Learning Company

NCC Home learning commenced delivery to its first learners in May 2006 and has been built on a pedigree of delivery with Colleges of Further Education for over thirteen years and to hundreds of thousands of successful learners.

Over recent years many new home learning organisations have emerged and tempt interested learners with a variety of offers and describe and present their business extremely well. On the flip side, some may have an exciting, interesting and a visually appealing website but it would appear little substance.

Prospective learners could save themselves heartache and money by making a few checks before signing up, including: Does the home learning website have an appropriate business address and can you establish how long they have been providing education? Can they be found on independent review sites with testimonials (good and bad) from learners who they have supported? Do they offer full Awarding Body accreditation with their courses if this is important to the learner? Is their fee policy transparent, or does the learner have to pay for additional items such as reference materials, accreditation etc? Is their a cooling off period?

Many organisations also offer a ‘free learner goody bay’ including additional items such as a pen, note pad, highlighter pens, bag to keep course work in etc. These items are inevitably a cost to the provider and must be factored into the overall cost of the course – ask if a discount can be offered if the ‘free goody bag’ is not required.

The most important aspect of all though is to conduct thorough research as impulsive purchases may not always suit the learner’s needs fully. Many home learning companies offer similar courses and at wildly differing prices. Once a learner has decided upon a course subject area, an appropriate search in Google, or other search engines, will throw up many organisations offering a solution. It is recommended that learner’s contact a number of organisations and satisfy themselves that they have sufficient information, before committing to make a purchase.

NCC Home learning offers learners a professional solution with Awarding Body accreditation included within the course price for over 90% of the course offered. We have approximately 250 courses available, many of which are targeted at improving employability skills such as our Teaching Assistant Diploma, Distance Learning A Levels, and Computerised Book Keeping etc.

Tony Smith, Managing Director at NCC Home Learning, said: “Learners should consider as many education development options as possible before making a decision which could ultimately change their career options.”

He also stated that: “Learners should undertake appropriate research and if not totally satisfied, take a step back before making a purchasing decision and only commit when they know that they have found the right course, and that they know that they can commit the time necessary to achieve their goal.”

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Beat the Rush and Get Your A-Levels Today!

NCC Home Learning is currently providing an impressive range of A-Level courses, ideal for those who choose to learn from home. This is perfect for those who can’t afford the new tuition fee increase but want to further their education.

September 2012 sees the rise in tuition fees for university student’s which is why now more than ever it is important to start thinking about further education. University may not be on the cards for most people but having A-Level qualifications will help to achieve potential career goals.

A-Levels could become more desired due to the increase in tuition fees. Less people will go to university and will start looking for other qualifications, so now is the best time to achieve A-Level qualifications without having to fight for the course you want.

NCC Home Learning provide courses such as Psychology courses online and Business Studies, as well as Law and Mathematics which can be completed in the comfort of your own home, so there is no need to worry about the disruption of attending any classes.

99% of NCC Home Learning learners surveyed agreed that they: “learnt a lot while studying their chosen programme” proving that studying A-Levels at home is worthwhile and now is the best time to do it in order to beat the high demands of A-Levels in the future.

Tony Smith Managing Director of NCC Home Learning, said: “The courses offered through NCC Home Learning are a fantastic way of achieving qualifications without the need to attend college.”

The course you choose to study at home will have all the correct learning materials needed to complete the course and all NCC Home Learning A Levels are awarded by national accrediting bodies including Edexcel, AQA and OCR.

NCC Home Learning aim to provide the option of further education for everyone, they enable you to learn around your busy life style making it easier to gain an education.

If you are interested in furthering your education or would like more information then please visit: www.ncchomelearning.co.uk/cart.php.

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NCFE Level 2 Award in Nutrition and Health launched by NCC Home Learning

Home learning company, NCC Home Learning, is pleased to launch a brand new qualification to add to its existing extensive portfolio of courses available as correspondence or online learning materials.

NCC Home Learning are an established training provider who specialise in the delivery of education to remote learners who find it difficult to attend

conventional training due to constricting factors such as location, attendance time, number of training days required etc. By delivering education at a distance, NCC Home Learning are able to support learners irrespective of their location and at a time and pace which means that a balance can be maintained to run alongside additional necessary activities including work, home, leisure, recreational etc. Price may also be a considered factor and in many instances, a home learning methodology can be far more effective as their will be limited requirement for overheads such as delivery accommodation.

This qualification is ideal for a wide range of learners who are interested in improving their understanding of nutrition and healthy eating. It is further pointed out by the Foresight Study that if current trends continue, by 2050 about 60% of men, 50% of women and 25% of children in the UK will be obese. The rising levels could cost the country £45 billion a year by 2050 through increased care requirements and missed working hours.

It is of particular note, that Food Technology will become a compulsory subject at Key Stage 3 within schools from September 2011and the NCFE Level 2 Award in Nutrition and Health could be of particular benefit to all concerned.

The programme covers three key Units of learning as detailed:
• Explore Principles of Healthy Eating
• Consider Nutritional Needs of a Variety of Individuals
• Use Food and Nutrition Information to Plan a Healthy Diet

Tony Smith Managing Director of NCC Home Learning, said: “The courses offered through NCC Home Learning are a fantastic way of achieving qualifications without the need to attend College on a prescribed day and at a time designated by the College which may not be appropriate to the needs of the learner”.

“NCC has approaching 250 courses available covering a great many subject areas fromCriminal Psychology to Events Management Diploma’s and is suitable to all budgets. NCC also offer payment plans to help learners who may find it difficult to pay for their course in one payment”.

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