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Edtech Startup Zookal Launches Online Competition Zookal Challenge

SYDNEY, NSW, Australia, 2022-Mar-04 — /EPR EDUCATION NEWS/ — Zookal has announced that it is celebrating the expansion of Zookal Study by hosting an online competition in which students can win numerous cash prizes. The comprehensive 24/7 study platform revealed that students who wish to participate in the Zookal Challenge (, simply need to send in a 30 words or less example of a TV or Movie quote that best describes their student life experiences, for a chance to enter the $5000 prize pool.

The competition which started on the 15th of February will run all through the month, ending on the 30th of March, after which the winner and runners-up will be announced. Students who wish to enter the competition simply need to visit the Zookal Challenge website and type in their submissions in the provided fields.

Zookal has announced that the first prize winner will take home a cash prize of $1000 while the next 40 runners-up will receive $100 each. Participants can also create a meme of their answers directly from the Zookal Challenge website to share on social media, which will improve their chances of winning.

Made for students by students, Zookal understands the unique difficulties associated with pursuing secondary and tertiary education, and its business model is structured to offer the best 24/7 online services and study tools to make learning easier.

Currently being used by over 40,000 students worldwide, Zookal’s expansion will see the company make its impressive study tools available to the country’s growing number of college students.

Anyone interested in joining the challenge for a shot at the $5000 cash prize pool can do so by clicking on the following link:

About Zookal
Zookal was born in 2011 from the creative minds of a small group of Sydney students. After personally experiencing the stress of buying expensive course textbooks, Zookal’s founders decided to come up with a better option to make education more affordable and accessible in Australia with Zookal Textbooks.

Today, Zookal is one of the fastest growing Ed-Tech startups in Asia Pacific. We’re on a mission to improve the student’s journey from high school and all the way through university. We do this by offering innovative and accessible digital solutions through our own online study platform, Zookal Study.

With 24/7 online access to student resources, over 1 million verified problem solutions, homework help, flashcards, and exam test prep features available on-demand, we’re dedicated to helping students around the world structure their study however they like, whenever they like.

Media contact:

Ahmed Haider
Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Zookal

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Book Trust Welcomes Nationally Recognized Literacy Experts to Academic Advisory Board

Nell Duke, Linda Gambrell, and others join Academic Advisory Board

Denver, CO, Mar-21-2017 — /EPR EDUCATION NEWS/ — National literacy nonprofit Book Trust announces the establishment of an Academic Advisory Board, formed to ensure that ongoing enhancements and expansion of its national literacy program are informed by the latest research and best practices in literacy education. Members of the Book Trust Advisory Board include several nationally recognized leaders in the field.

“We are honored and delighted to welcome these esteemed literacy experts to our Academic Advisory Board,” said Book Trust CEO Amy Friedman. “Benefitting from the collective experience and wisdom of this panel is going to have an enormously positive effect on our ability to continually refine and improve our program. Our collaboration will ensure that Book Trust is an evidence-based model, designed to produce positive reading outcomes for kids.”

Book Trust Advisory Board members include Nell Duke, Professor in Literacy, Language and Culture and and in the Combined Program in Education and Psychology, the University of Michigan, KaiLonnie Dunsmore, Principal Research Scientist, NROC at the University of Chicago, Linda Gambrell, Distinguished Professor of Education, Clemson University, Ernest Morrell, Macy Professor of English Education and Director of the Institute for Urban and Minority Education, Teachers College, Columbia University, D. Ray Ruetzel, Dean College of Education, University of Wyoming, and facilitator Darren Cambridge, President of Cambridge Learning Group.

“Collectively, these experts bring innovative and research-based thinking to the core components of the Book Trust program: Choice, Celebration and Consistency,” adds Book Trust Board Chair Ron Lowy. “Our mutual goal is to create engaged independent readers, and this advisory team will bring considerable knowledge to bear on that mission.”

Members of the advisory group will convene twice a year and will also be available informally as needed to make recommendations to the Book Trust team. Each member will serve a one-year, renewable term.

“Book Trust’s program is innovative and robust, and as they continue to expand nationally, folding the latest research into their program strategy will help them continue to deliver impact and value to students. I am pleased to be invited to help in this role,” says Nell Duke, whose work focuses on early literacy development, particularly among children living in poverty.

About Book Trust
Book Trust is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower children from low-income families to choose and own books, inspiring a passion for reading that leads to cultivating increased literacy skills and life-long learning. Book Trust currently serves 50,000 students in 19 U.S. states. Since 2001, Book Trust has facilitated over 6 million book choices, and placed them in the hands of students in need.


Amy Friedman, CEO

New Education Book Could Increase Student Learning and Student Achievement

Dallas, Texas, March 21, 2016 — /EPR EDUCATION NEWS/ — Building Instructional Capacity is a new education book by educator and author, Dr. Stanley T. Crawford that could increase student learning and student achievement.

At a time when solutions to increasing student achievement are being discussed, Building Instructional Capacity is a book that shows education leaders at the district and campus levels a model to achieve, just that.

BIC lulu

After discussing the importance of leadership, Dr. Crawford presents the three key strategies for Building Instructional Capacity. There are many actionable components for education leaders to follow.

Building Instructional Capacity is an education book for education leaders at the district and campus levels.

Building Instructional Capacity is published by
Stanley T. Crawford, Ed.D.
ISBN: 9781329913080
Published: 3/18/2016

Available online at,

Also, Building Instructional Capacity will be coming soon to

Dr. Crawford is the author of Cinquains: Volume 1, a children’s book. He can be found on social media venues below:


If you’d like more information about Building Instructional Capacity, or to schedule an interview with, Dr. Crawford, please contact him on 972-979-0193 or email him at

Stanley T. Crawford, Ed.D.
Box 726
Stonebrook Pkwy
Frisco, Texas 75034

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Can You Pass the Civics Test That Those Seeking Citizenship Must Pass?

Asheville, NC, June 29, 2015 — /EPR EDUCATION NEWS/ — Newly released Civics Handbook presents you with the information and the test to examine your own civics proficiency, and provides a study tool assisting children, adults and all students to learn the material. And while learning, you might be inspired to visit and see where some of U.S. history unfolded as Historic Sites, Places, Parks, Battlefields, Sites of Remembrance and National Treasures are listed in the book. Americana A Civics Handbook Second Edition was released June 20, 2015 (ISBN# 978-1514221563) by Mary B. Mackley of Asheville, NC.

There has been an increased frequency and an almost urgent drumbeat of stories reporting a lack of knowledge of Civics and American History in our schools. Even comedians have highlighted this issue while embarking in random questioning of adults in various settings. When quizzed about American History and Civics….the answer given may be incorrect (and pretty funny), but the point is made…there’s a knowledge deficit and room for improvement! While this may seem amusing at first, when you really think about it, it’s not so funny.

Our Sixteenth President, Abraham Lincoln, said…”I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any National crisis.The great point is to bring them the real facts…” This book brings you the facts. The Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights; facts about Early America, the Original Thirteen Colonies, U.S. Presidents, the fifty states, National Symbols, U.S. Wars and more are included. Facts presented will help you have more understanding of the questions and answers on the topics covered by the civics test. Over 50 pages of historic sketches add an additional visual dimension in appreciation of our history.

Mary B. Mackley, a nurse for 30 years, embraced the role as teacher in working with her patients throughout the years. Her passion for History and Civics was formulated in her youth, in AP History classes through St. John’s University, and the time she spent providing interpretive guided tours and programs at a National Historic Site during and after college.

The book is available at Amazon, or through the website below. For more information about Americana A Civics Handbook Second Edition and the author, please visit You can contact Mary B. Mackley at (828)606-7263 or


Contact-Details: Mary B. Mackley

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“Changing a Culture through the Lens of Storytelling and Reading”

Eli Media Productions Book Project Release, “TomKat, A Family Dinner, Table Manners”

Weston, FL, May 28, 2015 — /EPR EDUCATION NEWS/ — Eli Media Productions announces the New Release of the first TomKat Book Series, “TomKat, A Family Dinner, Table Manners.”

The TomKat Series feature four main characters, Professor TomKat, Sari, Tommie, and Kayle TomKat.

Eli, the author of the TomKat children books, captures teaching moments of practical everyday living and forms the subject matter into stories and instructional reading books.

TomKat, A Family Dinner portrays Professor TomKat taking his family out to dinner to celebrate at an upscale restaurant. Sari, Professor TomKat’s wife, teaches Tommie and Kayle the rules of etiquette while enjoying dinner with the family.

“We are in the business of ‘Changing a Culture’ through the lens of storytelling and reading. If we successfully engage, excite, and educate early readers, then we will begin to build stronger foundations for enriched neighborhoods and communities,” said Leigh Hardaway, CEO of Eli Media Productions.

Eli Media Productions is pleased to announce TomKat Book Series, “TomKat, A Family Dinner makes a debut at the Book Expo America, BEA. Checkout TomKat, as he is featured as a member of the New Titles Showcase starting May 27, 2015 – May 29, 2015.

Eli Media Productions, founded in 2014, offers educational resources to reflect the characteristics of the Ecological Theory. The first year’s project will be a series of stories to target the primary educational levels Pre-Kindergarten to Fifth Grade.

Eli is committed to designing instructional learning activities to make reading fun!

For more information visit!

Contact-Details: Eli Media Productions
Leigh Hardaway
P.O. Box 266223
Weston, Florida 33326
Contact Telephone: 678-597-8122

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Children’s Book Series Combines Substance With Fun

Growing up, author and illustrator Setria James did not make the best grades, but she discovered a strong artistic ability through coloring and began excelling in art classes. She subsequently followed this passion through her college education, studying fine arts and graphic design. Setria recently tapped into her love of coloring and interest in child development by single-handedly authoring and illustrating the Doodles Coloring Fun book line under her Doodles Avenue brand.

Setria published the coloring book collection to encourage children’s artistic expression, provide a fun platform for learning, and aid in their overall development. The series delves into a variety of interesting and educational subjects, such as animals, insects, flowers, food, safety, travel destinations, and United States history. Each book is filled with Setria’s original drawings, themed facts, and activities, which address some of the biggest concerns parents face, including education, health, safety, and cultural awareness.

Ten coloring books have now been released under the Doodles Avenue brand, including the award-winning first edition of “Doodles Alphabet Coloring Fun.” According to Setria, “Coloring helped cultivate my creativity as a child and inspire my career in graphic design, which is why I wanted to produce Doodles Coloring Fun. If my books can inspire other kids to be creative and help them learn about their world in the process, then I’ve accomplished my goal. Doodles Coloring Fun has a level of substance I wish my childhood coloring books contained, with imaginative sketches and educational facts.”

Setria attended Texas Woman’s University, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a Masters of Art degree with an emphasis in Graphic Design. Says Setria, “Coloring stimulated my career path and my passion for the arts. My lifelong love of coloring continues through the Doodles Coloring Fun collection, but now I’m paying it forward.”

The Doodles Coloring Fun series is available exclusively on

If you would like more information on this topic, or to schedule an interview with Setria James, please email High-res photos are available to the media upon request.

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Back to School Made Easy by the Book People

Specialist online book shop the Book People has created a blog post which gives its readers their top five recommended resources when it comes to getting the children back to school.

As well as providing a huge selection of the best children’s books and reference books for kids, the Book People aims to be a useful resource for parents, teachers, children and avid readers alike. The latest blog post, which went live this morning, includes a snippet about each website included in the list so that the reader is given a taster of why it has been chosen and why they might find it useful to read before the new term begins, and afterwards.

The blog post includes websites that offer useful reading tips, fun ways to get reluctant readers interested, shopping guides to ensure the kids are prepared and how to prepare for the first days of school or nursery.

Previous blog posts from the Book People have included Top 10 travel advice blogs and Top 10 book review sites, and those sites that are included often receive an eye-catching winner’s badge to put on their homepage. The Book People offers affordable books to buy online and organises its range into age groups, genres and much more to make it easy for customers to find and order the books they want.

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Creative child awards ‘Wizarday- when our stuff went away’ 2011 game of the year

Over 100 moms, educators and child psychologists reviewed new products, on behalf of Creative Child Magazine, to judge one product to be the best product of the year. They chose Wizarday to be the best product of 2011 at the“kid`s board game & social skills/self discovery” category.

This award comes after a prestige book review by Jim Cox of Midwest Book Review: ‘‘Scheduled around a ghostly holiday (Halloween), the events of Wizarday lead to fun-filled games and routine -related deals that somehow lead to smooth operations of daily routines and increased family harmony. How does all this work? It really is best to read the book, besides, it‘s more fun that way!……Parents of preadolescents will love Wizarday but they may have to wait their turn to read it‘‘.

Filled with fun characters and silly names, Wizarday consists of a hilarious fiction storybook with 3 corresponding board and card games. Game 1 follows the story as players race around the board in search of their lost routine. In game 2 each player finds a proper room for his opinion. And game 3? A quick card game to play on the go.

Reading and playing helps families facilitate their understanding of routines, preparing tweens for responsible adolescence. Old family values with 21st century skills – communication, collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving.
Age 8+ ● $37.5

Since its debut, Wizarday was awarded “The Toy Man Editor Choice Award” and “The Toy Man Seal of Approval”, for high value of potential cognitive/critical skill growth and overall improvement in an individual or group. In addition, Wizarday book received a 5 star rating in the “American Chronicle” children book review by Rhonda Fischer.

Toys N Tayls was founded by Dr. Sarah Itzhaki and Steven Tobias, Psyc. Its goal is to bring health awareness to the home through fun experiences. Each product has a book and corresponding game or toy, which targets a different kind of personal challenge. Through humorous stories and games, children ages 5 and up learn how to face daily challenges and discover ways than can conquer their fears, doubts and problems.

Visit the award-winning ToysNTayls at for more information.

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New Website to Offer Big Discounts to Educators

CEO Greg Michaels of Michaels Associates LLC announced today that the company will soon unveil a new website The new site represents a complete re-design of Visitors to the old site will be automatically redirected to the updated site.

The company, founded in 1986, had its first website in 1995 and specializes in professional resources for K-12 educators and administrators. Michaels Associates LLC has been named “distributor of the year” three times by the International Reading Association. They are also one of the nation’s leading distributors for resources from Scholastic, Pearson, Maupin House, Sage, Shell Education, Guilford, NCTE, ASCD, and many others. Also sold on the site will be leveled books for guided reading and reading recovery as well as school supply items.

The new website will feature new, best-selling, and classic professional titles from over 30 publishers – at a discount. There will also be a button on the homepage that will take administrators and librarians to a page that offers deep discounts on topic-based professional libraries and multiple copies of the same title.

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Debut Author Covers Life Cycle of Black Swallowtail Butterfly in Inspiring New Children’s Book

In her thrilling new children’s book The Caterpillars that Grew… and Grew … and Grew, debut author and illustrator Robin Murray follows the three-year old Maddison as she explores the world through her magical magnifying glass and learns all about the amazing life cycle of the Black Swallowtail Butterfly.

When the Black Swallowtail Butterfly makes its debut each spring, seeking out colorful flowers for nectar, Maddison is able to identify it from its unique wing shape and distinctive black, yellow and cornflower blue markings. After the butterfly lays its eggs on dill, parsley, fennel or carrots, they can see a little caterpillar munch its way out of the egg and start eating. Finally, the caterpillar stops eating and find a place to spin its chrysalis, its cocoon.

And there it rests quietly, hanging by a little silk thread. Several weeks later, an amazing thing happens to Maddison’s surprise. Really close to the chrysalis, she glimpses a little head will poke out and the butterfly come into the world. Still wet, she watches as the new butterfly pumps fluid from its body into the veins of the crumpled wet wings. As the veins fill, the wings expand. Soon, a lovely butterfly stretches its black wings open and shut, practicing for its maiden voyage into the sky as wide-eyed Maddison is filled with awe and wonder about this miraculous transformation.

From egg to growing caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly, Maddison and Mimi, her grandmother, take readers of all ages on a delightful adventure and teach youngsters all about plants to best attract butterflies as well as host plants best suited for feeding hungry growing caterpillars. By releasing each beautiful butterfly, they make the world a more beautiful place for all mankind. Realize the importance of preserving and protecting one of God’s most tiny, beautiful creatures and learn about the ways to preserve the butterfly’s as well as the larva’s natural habitats today in Murray’s entertaining and inspirational book The Caterpillars that Grew … and Grew … and Grew, a window that inspires children and adults to ask questions, explore and learn all about a very popular and beautiful species of butterfly that lives in the southeastern part of our country.

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The World’s First Ever ‘Drowsy Driving’ Educational Handbook Published

People are finally being told the truth about the dangers of “drowsy driving”, largely thanks to the efforts of sleep safety researcher and campaigner Martin Jenkins.

Jenkins’s educational campaign has this week taken a major step forward with the World-wide publication of his drowsy driving handbook, AKILLA® “In the blink of an eye”, on Amazon Kindle.

Described by Jenkins as a “passport to survival”, In the blink of an eye presents readers with the facts on drowsy driving and what can and should be done to address this hazard to road users.

“In the blink of an eye” aims to fill the knowledge gap by telling you the must knows about ‘drowsy driving’, says Jenkins.

“It identifies the causes of drowsy driving – when, where and why you are most at risk to drowsy driving such as afternoon driving, after a plane flight or fast food or while on medication. It then tells you what are the best ways for you to avoid drowsy driving and the steps you can take to minimise your risk of being a drowsy driver.

“This book dispels some drowsy driving myths. It tells you what things won’t revive you when you are feeling drowsy.”

While drowsy driving has long been recognised in some countries as a major killer on the roads, it has been largely ignored or downplayed by transport authorities and policymakers.

The attitude of complacency and unwillingness to face up to the reality of drowsy driving prompted Jenkins to launch his campaign and to write the book to wake up all road-users to the dangers of drowsy driving and educate them on how to recognise and minimise drowsy driving risk factors.

Visit the following Amazon Kindle link to purchase AKILLA ‘In the blink of an eye’

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Facts About Jesus’ Resurrection Lead Online Students to the Full Story

Understanding the Bible isn’t always easy. The language, the cultural references and the seemingly inconsistent accounts from book to book can all cause confusion for a student starting out on the path to enlightenment. Jesus’ resurrection proves that He was exactly who He said He was, yet much misunderstanding surrounds these events for students without the proper guide. The United Church of God hopes to clear up the confusion with its online study guide,“Jesus Christ: The Real Story.”

The free online guide, found at, tackles many misconceptions and questions, including:

• When did Jesus die? – The chronology of Jesus’ resurrection and crucifixion becomes clear only when a student reads the four Gospels at the same time, and corroborates between them. Luke, Mark and John offer what seems to be conflicting information in their references to the Sabbath, but by understanding the differences between the different types of Sabbaths, you understand that Jesus died on Wednesday, which was just before a high-day Sabbath, and was resurrected on Saturday, at the end of the weekly Sabbath. The chronology of Jesus’ Resurrection and crucifixion are detailed in the study guide.

• Did Jesus’ enemies acknowledge that His tomb was empty? – Yes, they did, by creating a lie to discount Jesus’ Resurrection. The Bible tells us that they bribed the Roman soldiers who were responsible for guarding the sealed tomb, telling them to say that the disciples (who would become the founding members of Jesus’ Church) came and removed the body. The study guide points to an account in Matthew to help students understand the events surrounding Jesus’ Resurrection.

In addition to “Jesus Christ: The Real Story,” the United Church of God offers many other free study guides on its website. They include:

• What Did Jesus’ Church Believe and Practice? – The beginnings of Jesus’ Church are documented by eyewitness accounts in the book of Acts. This study guide reveals many overlooked truths.

• Modern Christianity’s Forgotten Roots – The practices of today’s Christian Church can vary greatly from Jesus’ Church – the original Church Christ built.

• Bible Study Tools: Twelve lessons make up this Bible Study Course, which helps its students find biblical answers to crucial questions such as “Why are we here?” and“What does the future hold?”

All study guides on the United Church of God’s website are free and available to all.

About the United Church of God: The United Church of God traces it origins back to the original Christian Church, founded in the early first century. The Church follows the same doctrines, teachings and practices as the original Church, and it strives to educate all about Jesus Resurrection. In addition to the many free online study guides – about the Sabbath and other topics – students can follow the United Church of God on, become a fan of the organization on Facebook, and watch video commentaries and excerpts from Beyond Today programs on

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Christian Church Provides Free Online Resources for Those Wanting to Better Understand the Bible

In today’s busy world, a significant portion of learning takes place on the Internet. Whether it’s a high school student learning algebra or a busy mom studying and teaching her kids Bible stories, online resources are the key to continuing one’s education on any subject. The United Church of God understands this and has created numerous in-depth lessons on the Christian Church, Bible stories, and the Kingdom of Heaven.

All of the resources found on the United Church of God’s website,, are free and available to all. They include:

• Bible Study Course – In 12 lessons, students will study everything from “Why the Bible Is the Word of God” to “Christianity – A Way of Life.” This resource gives students a good base from which to begin study of the Christian Church.

• Bible Stories – Profiles of Faith – These guides tell the Bible stories of Abraham, Sarah, Mary and Martha, just to name a few. There are also children’s Bible stories for parents and educators to use in their teachings.

• Kingdom of Heaven – Here, students will find a true definition of the Kingdom of Heaven that clears up the many misconceptions of this realm.

• This Is the United Church of God: Learn more about the Church that provides all of these free online resources. Its mission is to help Christians better understand the gospel taught by Jesus Christ and to prepare them for the Kingdom of Heaven.

In addition to the many Christian Church online resources, the United Church of God has many publications. Students can read them online and also request printed versions. The titles include:

• The Good News Magazine – This bimonthly publication offers in-depth study of the Bible and Bible stories, while its website also features current news and commentary, video segments and additional resources.

• Vertical Thought – This quarterly publication targets tomorrow’s leaders with articles on everything from dating advice to how to hold onto Christian Church values while in college.

All of these resources are available online at, where you’ll find many more ways to learn about the Christian Church and the Kingdom of Heaven.

The United Church of God traces its origins back to the Christian Church founded by Jesus in the early first century. The Church follows the same Bible Stories, doctrines, teachings and practices as the original Church. Follow the United Church of God on, become a fan of the organization on Facebook, and watch video commentaries and excerpts from Beyond Today programs on Learn more about the Kingdom of Heaven through its online Bible studies.

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Jesus’ Birth and More Outlined in Free Online Bible Study

It’s said that Jesus Birth, life and death were the greatest gifts given to humankind by God. To truly understand these gifts and their impact even to this day, the Christian religion asks that its followers study the Bible extensively. The United Church of God understands that often the Bible can be difficult to follow, though, and has created exhaustive online Bible study resources so that any and all who wish to learn may do so.

The free online Bible Study Course contains 12 lessons that will help students better understand the Bible and find answers to life’s most important questions, such as “Why are we here?” and “What does the future hold?” They are:

1. Why the Bible Is the Word of God – This online Bible study lesson shows students how to connect with the Creator and understand the Bible’s mysteries.

2. The Word of God: The Fountain of knowledge – Knowing more about the men behind the Bible stories will help students to better understand.

3. Why Did God Create Mankind? – Humankind was created in the image of God, but what does that mean? Students also will learn what God has in store for them.

4. Why Does God Allow Suffering? – In times of war and natural disaster, this question is often asked. This online Bible study lesson reveals the ultimate hope offered by God.

5. Is There Hope for Human Survival? – This lesson looks at the warnings of Prophecy and the hope that Jesus will rescue the world from destruction.

6. What Is the Gospel of the Kingdom of God? – When Jesus saves the world, He will rule over the Kingdom of God. Students will explore the portions of the Bible that talk about this news.

7. The Calling of God – This lesson teaches students how to have a relationship with God through the Christian religion, and how to receive His loving gifts.

8. What Is Christian Conversion? – God will transform us for good, despite our nature to be otherwise. This lesson explores the process of conversion to the Christian religion.

9. The Transforming Power of God’s Spirit – Students will learn about how to use the power of the Holy Spirit to transform their lives.

10. What Is the Church? – This lesson looks at the original Church and its transformation over the centuries. Students will learn how to recognize it today.

11. Christianity: A Way of Life – Students will learn the key elements of living a godly life in the modern world.

12. The Annual Festivals of the God – Holy Days differ from holidays. Discover the difference and understand their meanings within the Christian religion.

About the United Church of God: The United Church of God traces its origins back to the a Christian Religion founded by Jesus in the early first century. The Church follows the same doctrines, teachings and practices as the original Church, and it strives to educate Christians through its a Online Bible Study. Follow the United Church of God on, become a fan of the organization on Facebook, and watch video commentaries and excerpts from Beyond Today programs on

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New Testament and 10 Commandments Help Believers Keep the Faith During Troubled Times

War. Natural disasters. Rampant crime. In a time of such unrest in the world, Christians should embrace the New Testament and its support of God’s law, not dismiss it as irrelevant. The United Church of God continues its mission of keeping these ideals alive and also bringing about better understanding of the New Covenant through the numerous free study guides found on its website at

Around one third of the New Testament contains quotations of and references to the Old Testament, including Jesus Christ’s direction in Matthew that the way to the Kingdom of Heaven was through obedience of the 10 Commandments. The New Testament also describes the fulfillment of many an Old Testament Prophecy, including through the life of Jesus Christ, from birth through crucifixion. The United Church of God offers the following study guides to the New Testament and New Covenant:

• The Ten Commandments in the New Testament – This guide helps students to see that it does matter whether or not they obey the 10 Commandments. By fully understanding that Jesus Christ supported God’s law and continued to preach its value, believers will see how the age-old road map to eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven helps those who follow it keep the faith.

• God’s Law and the New Covenant – This guide also looks at Jesus and His institution of the New Covenant and teaches that it did not make God’s law obsolete. By following God’s law, Christians can find a renewed faith in the Creator God.

In addition to the many resources on the New Testament and the New Covenant, offers multiple free study guides on Prophecy that can help today’s believers see
more clearly God’s plan. The United Church of God suggests starting with:

• You Can Understand Bible Prophecy – The principles and framework of Bible Prophecy must first be known before any individual Prophecy can be understood. This guide unlocks the mysteries surrounding Prophecy.

By offering its study guides for free, online, the United Church of God hopes to help those who have lost their faith find it again.

The United Church of God traces its origins back to the original Christian Church, founded in the early first century. The Church follows the same doctrines, teachings and practices as the original Church, and it strives to educate all about the New Covenant. In addition to the many free online study guides – about the New Testament, Prophecy and other topics – students can follow the United Church of God on, become a fan of the organization on Facebook, and watch video commentaries and excerpts from sermons on

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The Swedish National Encyclopedia (NE) Presents For Free The Largest Swedish Educative Quiz With Over 6,000 Questions

Millions of Swedes find a question like this amusing. This is why the Swedish National Encyclopedia (NE) presents for free the largest Swedish educative quiz with over 6,000 questions. You can find all the answers on the website

The Swedish National Encyclopedia (NE) Presents For Free The Largest Swedish Educative Quiz With Over 6,000 Questions

In our digital world, people ask for knowledge through new channels. Therefore, the Swedish National Encyclopedia has gone from being a traditional printed encyclopedia to acting in several ways on the Internet and in mobile phones. Our aim is, wherever you may be, to provide answers and inspiration for you to learn new things. This new quiz is the largest Internet quiz in Sweden , and our aim is to attract people who are eager to acquire factual information. Players can test their knowledge in areas such as history, geography, science and sports. Excellent results will appear in a top-ranking list.

Anders Hansson, quiz editor and developer at NE, says:

“Our aim has been to develop a quiz that is both entertaining and challenging for people to learn more. The aim of a quiz should be to arouse interest, not to discourage. ”

On the Internet there are three versions of

•  The free section which gives everybody access to 64,000 entries which are more concise than the entries to be found in the subscription section of These entries are also available on mobile phones.

•  The main section of includes some 530,000 verified articles. With its new design, additional functions and regularly updated content, the main section has become a website offering rapid answers and easy access to in-depth information. Also, there are smart add-on features, such as maps, illustrations and crosswords.

•  NE school is a section of the website which primarily addresses teachers and students. You will, for example, find theme packages, study questions and learner packages. A learner package is a function which enables you as a teacher to create your own theme packages or materials to form part of a lesson.

In addition, NE has its own social networking sites on Facebook and Twitter. Also, NE publishes the blog, which is a way for us to communicate with our subscribers as well as other people searching for knowledge.

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Amy Remmele Retains eXubrio Group to Promote Her Newest Book

Every business revolves around people. The same is true for life. In her new book, “CLO: Chief Life Officer,” author and consultant Amy Remmele shows that decisions become more rational when individuals think of their lives as an enterprise that they are managing. Ms. Remmele has retained Buffalo-area marketing firm, eXubrio Group LLC, to promote her new book.

CLO: Chief Life Officer” shows readers their “departments,” and how they function best through an authentic, shared mission. “Seeing parts of ourselves as departments makes more common sense than the psychological view of parts,” explains the author. The book stresses that all the How-Tos readers encounter will not help unless they look at the Whys of their actions.

“CLO: Chief Life Officer” helps readers create their own life business plan. The plan includes setting goals, communication and relationship creation, and maintaining and accessing a support system. Readers learn to define important divisions of their lives in terms of business departments. The book helps readers test their capacity of readers’ production, customer service, human relations, and sales departments. The book demonstrates how to create and apply a “decisional balance table” to life choices, enabling readers to set the right priorities. About eXubrio Group LLC eXubrio Group is an advertising, marketing, public relations, and web development agency. The firm provides services that range from fundamental marketing strategy development through all areas of advertising, public relations, and marketing material production.

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Free E-Book Helps University Students Learn about APA Style, Chicago Style and MLA Style has published a free e-book, entitled, “Writing Styles for College Students” to help college and university students learn how to master the three most popular (and sometimes troublesome) writing styles — APA Style, Chicago (Turabian) Style and MLA Style.

APA Style, Chicago Style and MLA Style

Any student who has worked on a dissertation, thesis or graduate paper knows the difficulties in following a specific writing style. Students need to follow many writing and formatting rules as they write their papers. These difficulties include using correct margins, font style and size, pagination, headings and footers; as well as knowing how to cite and format sources, and which specific pages to include.

Retired university professor Peter Gallagher wrote, “Writing Styles for College Students” to condense the most commonly asked questions about APA Style, Chicago Style, and MLA Style. Gallagher shows students how to apply these writing styles as they work on their formal papers. He provides answers, guidance, and advice on:

1. How to start a thesis, dissertation or formal paper;

2. How to cite references for both online and offline sources;

3. How to format a paper in APA Style, Chicago Style, or MLA Style;

4. What “display” pages to include — and what pages not to include;

5. When to use in-text citations, footnotes, endnotes as well as a bibliography page or reference list page;

6. When to use Arabic or Roman numerals to identify chapters, headings, parts, etc.;

7. How to present tables, figures, and illustrations;

8. expert writing advice regarding writing style and grammar usage; and so on.

“Many students have trouble starting their papers because they focus too much on how to setup their papers, instead of focusing on the actual writing,” said Gallagher.

“Writing Styles for College Students” separates each writing style into short chapters, and helps students begin writing their papers immediately while guiding them along with the most essential formatting and writing rules.

Students can download a free copy of “Writing Styles for College Students” at, a free website that helps students learn about writing a dissertation, thesis paper or term paper.

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Blackwell Continues Support For Growing Number Of University Students

Blackwell, the leading academic bookseller in the UK, has reinforced its focus on assisting the student market following a successful 2008-09 academic year and expects a good 2010 following a rise of nearly 6% in the number of students starting university in Autumn 2009.

The number of students accepted onto medicine, journalism, law, philosophy, chemistry and engineering degrees has risen since last year which supports the key subject areas and resources where Blackwell has already seen substantial growth. The increase in business has been seen both in store and online with ranges such as Oxford Paperback Reference, comprising of medical books, chemistry books and law books, all showing a
rise in demand.

Blackwell prides itself on building good relationships with lecturers to ensure the company stocks the books that appear on university reading lists. During the back to university period Blackwell set up temporary shops on a number of university campuses and worked in partnership with lecturers to fulfill student’s textbook requirements.

To further assist students, Blackwell introduced the new Blackwell Reward card which allows students to earn points and save pounds. Students can accrue 1 point for every £1 spent at Blackwell’s. Once they receive 100 points £5 will be added to their cards. On top of this, Blackwell introduced a second-hand scheme where students can make a saving of up to 40% off the retail value of the book when buying second-hand text books.

The Blackwell web site also provides access to over 6 million books which can be delivered direct to student’s halls of residence or can be reserved online and collected in store from one of the Blackwell campus books shops.

Blackwell has also supported students by offering price promotions on both academic and general books, including Christmas books.

About Blackwell Ltd
Blackwell is the leading academic bookseller in the UK with 44 outlets across England, Scotland and Wales. It has built an international reputation for bookselling excellence with links to academic institutions and libraries around the globe and has continued to expand its UK base on High Streets and in university campuses up and down the country. Blackwell is also a leading supplier of academic books to Libraries across the world.

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Ras And Bev Robinson And Vance Russell Announce Austin-Area Book Signings

Readers in the Austin area have an early holiday treat coming to them with the announcement of book signing events by the well known Christian authors Ras Robinson and Vance Russell on November 14th, 15th, and 16th. The two are traveling the area together, promoting their new books “Convergence” written by Ras Robinson with his wife Bev Robinson and “Victory at the Gates” by Vance Russell. Fans will have the opportunity to meet Robinson and Russell, purchase their new works and have their copies autographed at these events which are generating a lot of interest in the area.

Bev and Ras Robinson’s “Convergence” examines the Scriptures in the light of modern scientific knowledge, particularly quantum physics and chemistry, providing a fascinating look at the place faith plays in the lives of people in our modern age. Bev Robinson’s scientific background (she holds degrees in chemistry and microbiology), Ras Robinson’s experience in pastorship (he was the founding pastor of Fort Worth’s Fullness in Christ Church) and the couple’s shared commitment to their faith inform this work, one which many readers throughout the Austin area will be hoping to receive as a gift this Christmas season.

Vance Russell is well known as the founder of Arise Christian Fellowship, with ministries located in Austin and San Antonio, Texas. His new book “Victory at the Gates” follows the philosophy that Russell has always espoused; establishing a personal relationship with God which allows for spiritual growth in integration with the personal goals of every person of faith. Examining a variety of topics and providing an entirely new insight into the Scriptures, “Victory at the Gates” is a book that anyone with even a casual interest in Christianity will not want to miss.

The four Austin area book signing events where Ras and Bev Robinson and Vance Russell will appear are as follows:

Saturday, November 14th, 2 PM – 5 PM‚ Mardel Christian Book Store‚ Cedar Park (Austin)‚ 1501 E Whitestone Blvd Bldg F‚ Cedar Park, TX 78613

Saturday, November 14th, 6 PM‚ Home of Kenn and Michele Renner‚ (Book Signing and Ministry)‚ Lakewind Estates‚ (Next to Green Light House on Highway 620 by Lake Travis Dam)‚ 4311 Rum Runner Rd.‚ Austin, TX 78734‚ Phone:512-423-5626‚ (Call for Gate Code)

Sunday, November 15th‚ 11:00 AM, Morning Service‚ (Ras and Bev Robinson will be sharing)‚ Book signing to follow (approx. 1:30PM)‚ Arise Ministries International‚ 8231 Burnet Road‚ Austin, TX 78757

Monday, November 16th, 7 PM‚ Home of Fernando and Cathy Corral‚ (Book Signing and Ministry)‚ 524 Clearview Road‚Georgetown, TX 78626

For more information on Bev and Robinson and their book “Convergence”, please visit:

To learn more about Vance Russell and his book “Victory at the Gates”, please visit:

You can order the books online at or Amazon & Barns and Noble.

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