Learning French in Picturesque France

Learning French in a French city is proving to be an attractive option for many in England. It is an opportunity to master a second language holistically, by living and learning in the country of its origin.

London, December 2010 – 21-year-old Sofia Preston and her mother, Sarah, are packing their bags for an extended holiday in France. After beginning the new year in Paris, the mother-daughter duo will head to Lyon to enrol on French language courses.

‘I took a couple of years off after secondary school to work. It was then that I realised that, if I wanted to do well professionally, I would need to improve my communication skills. Knowing more than one language is a big asset in any customer relations job. That’s when I decided I was going to learn French,’ explains Sofia. Sofia’s mother, too, found the idea of living in France to learn French appealing.‘We did an online search for French language institutes for Sofia. Initially the idea was that Sofia would stay in France for a year to learn French. Then we found out ESL has French courses for those above the age of 50, too. That was when I decided that I would tag along with Sofia for the three months to brush up my French, adds Sarah Preston.

A number of international students are now enrolling for language courses with specialised language institutes such as Ecole Suisse de Langues (ESL). These institutes offer specially designed courses that make learning languages such as French easier and more enjoyable. Students can choose from four different courses – standard, intensive, super-intensive and one-to-one – that offer differing degrees of training. For those looking to improve their professional language skills, the intensive and super-intensive courses are highly recommended.

For those interested in studying at a French language school France is somewhere that offers culture and excitement. Lyon and Nice, where the classes are conducted, are bustling tourist destinations accustomed to catering for foreigners. This ensures that foreign students find it easier to acclimatise and settle in to their new surroundings and academic lifestyle. Moreover, there are a number of smaller courses offered by ESL institutes that help students to understand the local culture better.

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ICS Provides Inclusive Educational Opportunities For Pupils Aged 3 To 18

The International Community School (ICS) in London has been educating children for over a quarter of century. The school uses an international curriculum with aspects of the English National Curriculum and the best of other international programmes. With International Baccalaureate (IB) World School Status in its primary- and middle-years programmes, the school intends to be an IB Diploma School for students at all levels.

The ICS curriculum is strongly focused on teaching English, providing for special educational needs in an inclusive environment and developing an environmental literacy in its students. For parents looking for high-quality IB schools in London, an excellent choice is ICS.

For parents concerned about what kind of autism education UK schools offer, a close look at ICS could be quite rewarding. No matter what the learning disability, the school provides educational opportunities, with individual learning plans tailored to each student’s needs.

IBS offers a Primary Years Programme for three- to eleven-year-olds. This programme uses a holistic approach in teaching mathematics, language, science, social studies, the arts, information technology, as well as personal and social education. For students for whom English is an additional language, the Foundation Courses Primary and Secondary teach English skills and allow the student to be a fully integrated member of the school with parallel classes, as well as individual or small group support. These programmes start at the nursery and reception level and progress through to age twelve.

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Malvern House Students Speak to The BBC About Learning English

In June, the team behind the BBC series Better Speaking came to Malvern House with some questions for its Chinese students. They wanted to know what kinds of challenges the students faced in their language studies and what kind of advice they could offer to other students trying to overcome those challenges.

The students were delighted to speak to the BBC and talk about their experiences to help others with their language studies. Most of their comments focused upon issues such as confidence when speaking and writing, the problems of vocabulary, and the specific pronunciation problems that Chinese students face when learning English.

Malvern House teaches several English language modules and assists students from more than 100 countries in their language learning. Situated in the heart of London with classrooms near Piccadilly, Trafalgar Square and in Bloomsbury, Malvern House recognises the value of coupling a classroom experience with time among native speakers. They offer varied courses that cater for a variety of language needs. Some courses provide a general overview of the English language while others are more specialised. There are courses for university preparation, as well as ones for those in the business sector.

Moving abroad to take English courses in London can be daunting – both the language and the city are unfamiliar. The streets wind in unexpected ways while the city stretches on for what seems like forever. Different boroughs offer diverse experiences and have their own specific personalities. Each student at this English language school is adventurous and ready to take on the challenge of learning the language and living in this city. This is what attracted the BBC.

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Tutor4exam Launches New Sections

Tutor4exam has been here for everybody to help enhance the knowledge in key sections of SSAT and ISSE. Its approach is unique and invaluable in the SSAT and ISSE exam preparation. It helps to eliminate all major mistakes made in all sections of these exams by test takers and it also helps to create a bigger student’s confidence in school studies giving more understanding to the logic of math and English. Tutor4exam has been working hard to give test takers an opportunity to practice their skills in all sections of SSAT and ISSE. Thus, some sections are still developing. The English section has been added to assist students in mastering vocabulary, analogy and grammar questions in the SSAT and ISSE. If you sign up for the Tutor4for exam COMPLETE TEST PREPARATION today, tomorrow you will have better grades both at school and on SSAT and ISSE exam!

Tutor4exam has been offering invaluable help in the SSAT and ISSE exam preparation for more than 2 years now and has gained a lot of supporters and success. The sections in maths have prepared the students not only for exam but also for all sorts of school math tests and assignments. Besides, the weak and strong points of all students have been carefully examined and the major common mistakes were given special attention so that the students could avoid them right from the beginning. The students develop high skills in math and logic, which helps them become more confident and fast in dealing with all topics in school math.

Here is the great news! Never do we stop advancing the aid you get on the site. The English section has been added to assist students in mastering vocabulary, analogy and grammar questions in the SSAT and ISSE. Some of questions are easier than others, just as they are on actual exam, and some of them are really tough! Doing Tutor4exam practice tests and solving the problems of different levels of difficulty will immensely contribute to improving students’ ability to analyze what sections of the English language should be improved and work on before doing the real exam. The time pressure is added, and to succeed in real test, you have to not only know the material well but also choose the right exam strategy. And it is here for you to train.

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