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JH Technologies Ships First UV Microscope Eyepiece Sanitizers

Patent-pending Optic-Clean™ is the only product of its kind worldwide

Fremont, CA, 15-Oct-2020 — /EPR EDUCATION NEWS/ — JH Technologies, leading optical and digital imaging, metallography, sample preparation and metrology solutions provider, announces that it recently shipped the first units of the company’s new Optic-Clean UV Microscope Eyepiece Sanitizer.

Until now, microscope eyepieces have typically been disinfected with a 70% alcohol solution using saturated wipes or liquid spray. JH Technologies’ new Optic-Clean™ UV Microscope Eyepiece Sanitizer uses Ultraviolet (UV) light technology. UV is a scientifically documented method of disrupting viruses, bacteria, and microorganisms to prevent transmission and spread.

Optic-Clean sanitizes each microscope eyepiece in about 60 seconds. It is also chemical-free and environmentally sound, helping users reduce their sterilizing materials costs.

“Scientific labs are one area where contact is unavoidable. We developed Optic-Clean to help customers protect their lab users as they return to work and school in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,” said JH Technologies CEO John Hubacz.

In addition to being fast, effective and eco-friendly, Optic-Clean is easy to use and verifiable with an optional radiometer. Microscope users interested in learning more can visit the company’s website at
jhtechnologies/optic-clean or download a 2-page brochure here.

About JH Technologies
JH Technologies is a major national optics and microscopy company with over 30 years of experience in optical and digital imaging, metallography, and metrology for applications in semiconductor, micro-technology, medical device, forensic, biological and materials research, and educational markets. JH Technologies supports its customers with regional offices in Northern and Southern California, the Pacific Northwest and New England.

The company serves some of the largest and most innovative companies in the world, research organizations, government labs, as well as startups and educators. JH Technologies sales staff consists of engineers and scientists who are dedicated to providing the most appropriate solutions for their customers’ unique problems. The sales staff is supported by an outstanding group of factory trained applications experts and service engineers.

Visit to learn more.


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For more information contact:
Dana Baedke
Key Marketing

John Hubacz, CEO
JH Technologies, Inc.

iWonder Pro Enterprise Offers Device Surveillance and Management for Schools for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Schools and businesses that issue iPad, iPhone or other iOS devices to their students or staff now have a way to control where those devices can go on the internet, monitor where they have been, and lock them down to only appropriate sites.

Life Record Technologies, creators of the consumer based iWonder Pro application to control and monitor children on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices, releases the first enterprise level surveillance and control software for schools, hospitals and businesses.

“With the release of iBooks 2 featuring text book support by Apple Inc. its inevitable that schools will now start issuing iPads to students and staff as regularly as they issue text books today.”, says Michael Pike, Chief Software Architect of Life Record Technologies. “We’ve also noticed a lot of healthcare facilities deploying iPads to their staff, and our software allows all of the devices to be managed, observed and secured with ease.”

iWonder Pro Enterprise allows schools and businesses with as little as one iOS device, with up to 10,000 devices to manage them all in one place, including profiles to let certain types of users go to certain types of sites while restricting the others while using any Wifi or cellular network. iWonder Pro Enterprise is the first and only enterprise level surveillance system designed specifically for iOS.

iWonder Pro Enterprise is available now in the Apple App Store starting at $99.99.

More information can be obtained from the iWonder Pro Enterprise website at

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Safetyshop Encourages Schools to Prepare for Summer Games and Sports Days with Line Marking Equipment Deals

Workplace safety equipment specialist, Safetyshop, has heralded the start of the summer and sunnier weather with a reminder to schools and sports clubs to mark out sports courts and playgrounds with the help of line marking equipment and paint.

The UK’s leading safety products manufacturer has recommended that schools, councils and other educational institutions get ready for the summer as children will be playing outside both on playgrounds and playing fields.

Having clearly marked playgrounds can be for sports courts for sports such as tennis, netball or basketball or they could even be used for other traditional games such as hopscotch.

In order to ensure that the line markings last a long time and don’t require the same money to be spent every year schools could use the line marking paint and line marking equipment available from Safetyshop.

Line marking in schools isn’t just for on the playground either, car parks and restricted areas can be marked out to prevent children from walking into dangerous and hazardous areas.

Ed Barnes, Product Manager at Safetyshop commented, “line marking is often thought of as something industrial and factory businesses need to consider, but a large percentage of our customer base for these products is in fact schools and the public sector”

“Effective use of our Easyline products, available for purchase and delivery online, can help mark out a wide range of floor markings whether it’s for fun or for important safety issues”

“The Easyline products have been chosen by Safetyshop due to their sharp appearance and their durability, ensuring schools or businesses won’t have to frequently repaint lines”

The range of line marking equipment is just one of the many products available for businesses as well as safety signs, protective clothing and many other important workplace health and safety products.

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Safetyshop Reveal the Winning School of Their School Safety Sign Competition

Towards the end of 2009 Safetyshop, the UK’s number 1 safety sign manufacturer and supplier of over 30,000 safety solutions, launched a contest open to schools up and down the country to design a new safety sign aimed at school children.

The first prize was recently awarded to the EPRU unit located within the grounds of Whitefield Community Primary School, Manchester, closely followed by St John Fisher Catholic Primary School in Middlesex.

Safetyshop is delighted with the safety themes that developed from the competition. The best entries represented health and safety issues ranging from hand hygiene, playground safety, healthy eating to email and internet safety.

The Safetyshop panel, tasked with the difficult job of picking a school sign winner, commented “we were captivated at how creative some designs were and how students demonstrated the importance of safety within their school environment”

Prizes for the EPRU unit are:

• The chance to have their design digitally manufactured into a 300Hx400W mm safety awareness sign and then see it transformed into an interpretation of how the design could be manufactured into a prohibition safety sign
• £150 worth of vouchers to spend on health and safety equipment at Safetyshop
• 51 piece media mix art set
• WH Smith gift voucher
• 99 piece first response first aid kit
• Two “understanding safety signs” wall charts
• “First aid for children” wall chart

Safetyshop, still a British manufacturer of safety signs, is entering into its 40th year of trading and wanted to do something special to mark this achievement. One of Safetyshop’s core beliefs is that anyone who gets involved in health and safety practice is safer than those who don’t.

Safetyshop also believes that safety education at an early age can be developed into a safety culture that young people can carry forward into their working lives. A safety sign competition seemed like the logical opportunity to begin helping support young people think about and identify hazards in their school.

The Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (IOSH) is currently campaigning to have a similar initiative included in the UK’s national curriculum and Safetyshop fully supports this young people’s campaign.

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More Education press releases Has Recently Launched A Competition To Find A Great New School Safety Sign

SAFETYSHOP.COM has recently launched a competition to find a great new school safety sign from the very people who will see it, the school children of the UK!

The prize list for the winning design is very impressive including:
• The winning entry will have their safety sign produced and manufactured in Safetyshop’s sign making facility

• £150 worth of Safetyshop vouchers

• Tour around Safetyshop’s 34,000 square foot manufacturing facility

• Borders gift vouchers

• Art material gift bag

• Plus a mystery prize

The competition is to find safety signs that are aimed at school children (7 years to 16 years old) to raise awareness of the importance of health and safety practices. “At SafetyShop, we believe anyone who gets involved in health and safety practice is safer than those who don’t.”

“That is why we have launched a competition specifically for schools to design a safety sign which they can use on their premises”. Entries are now being taken either in hand drawn or computer generated form and requires the pupil’s name and age along with their teacher’s name and school address and telephone or email address. (Full terms and details are included below)

Since launching its new line of School and Education safety supplies, Online Safety Equipment retailer SAFETYSHOP.COM have been able to provide vital health and safety measures to educational institutions up and down the country.

From Fire Extinguishers to first aid kits is able to cover any requirement that businesses and schools need legally to be fully health and safety law compliant. The wide ranges of products that schools and educational establishments could need are all covered on including vital winter weather and cleaning supplies.

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Optima Provides Stylish And Safe Glass Partitioning Solutions For The Schools Of England As Part Of The Governments Building Schools For The Future Initiative


The government Building Schools for the Future scheme aims to rebuild 250 schools per year over the next ten years. Its main goal is to have every one of the 3,500 secondary schools in England completely refurbished by the year 2020. Building Schools for the Future is the largest ever school buildings investment programme.

Optima has been working closely with many schools, Local Education Authorities (LEAs), contractors and architects across the country to help provide outstanding and inspirational educational environments which will supply the children of England with comfortable, safe and clean surroundings in which they can develop and flourish.

Optima has developed atrium glazing, glass partitioning, glass doors and custom advanced drywall for several schools across England. Optima restored the tired teaching rooms of Bishop Ramsey School, Ruislip, where a high level of acoustics was required. Optima’s Revolution 97 mullion-free double glazed system was the ideal solution.

For enhanced safety, fire rated screens were installed within all fire escape routes and corridors within the school for safety, achieving a combination of 30 minutes and 60 minutes integrity and insulation. Optima hopes to be able to install fire rated screens into every school in England, to safeguard the lives of millions of children.

Optima has also recently completed work on refurbishing classrooms and school buildings at Mundy Primary School in Heanor, Derbyshire. Here, Optima implemented its Mistral partitioning system due to its quick fitting time which meant the refurbishment could be completed without having to close the school during important term time. 

A recent technical report published by PriceWaterhouseCoopers revealed that the BSF scheme is making excellent progress across England. The report also found that both staff and pupils at refurbished schools are satisfied that the changes have greatly helped to improve their learning environment. The scheme continues to deliver huge benefits for teaching and learning alike.

Optima will continue to work with educational establishments to improve standards for young minds.

For more information on Optima’s glass partitioning solutions or the Building Schools for the Future initiative please visit


About Optima:
Optima offers the highest quality service and innovative design to secure consumer satisfaction, ensuring that their extensive range of partitioning systems are able to meet customers’ exacting specifications, supported by technical expertise to achieve successful project completion.

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Austin Self Defense (ASD), a premier martial arts and fitness school located in Cedar Park, Texas

Going the extra mile to assist Austin residents, military, police and other service personnel in self defense training and defensive tactics. ASD announces a 2 FOR 1 special for $99. ASD is known for its realistic and no nonsense approach to street survival and conditioning. Classes are offered and structured for persons of all athletic abilities, from ages 7 and up. Conditioning drills are incorporated to build speed, endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular system which results in a complete and well rounded athlete. Additionally, ASD concentrates on the mental conditioning and respect that builds discipline and focus.

Austin Self Defense unique class structure and training methods allows for persons with little to no training as well as those with advanced backgrounds to train together yet advance on individual levels accordingly.

Programs include: Haganah Adults, Haganah Kids, Krav Maga, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Fitness Kick-Box Bag Classes.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children report, 797,500 children are reported missing each year. In addition to the possibility of abduction, kids are continually faced with school yard bullies who can have a traumatic effect not only on the child’s education and motivation in their studies but also long term effects concerning personality and emotional trauma. ASD offers ‘Haganah Kid’s’, a mixed martial arts (MMA) program for preteens. The program comprises the best practical self defense techniques that suit child learners. Just as importantly, kids will learn life skills such as Respect, Courtesy, Self-Control, Perseverance, Confidence, Self-Esteem and much more.

Emphasizing the importance of self defense and fitness training as a combined discipline, Dan Kiser, President of Austin Self Defense says, “Students will learn techniques relating to the defensive as well as offensive side of an engagement/attack. Just as important, students benefit from improved confidence, peace of mind, less stress, and increased energy and endurance,” he adds.

ASD offers structured classes and private training with fully equipped modern self defense training amenities, certified instructors & unique conditioning with focus on creating self confidence and a balanced mental attitude for survival.

“Instructors are amazing – both knowledgeable and passionate about their work. There is a very welcoming feeling of companionship and high energy in the classroom. The classes have helped increase my assertiveness and confidence, as well as my physical fitness. I would highly recommend Austin Self Defense” – – Shannon

I was an assistant Combatives Instructor for my unit, in the military, and the Haganah course has allowed me to pick up, right where I left off. ASD is keeping me Army Strong! Hooah! – – Ryan

About Austin Self Defense:
Austin Self Defense is a self defense and fitness training facility which was established in 2002. The Texas Self Defense company is known for its unique and precise approach in providing superior martial arts and conditioning. The programs are designed for all ages and physical capacities incorporating real life military survival skills and mindset to eliminate the danger quickly and without hesitation.

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