Eastern Kentucky University Launches Online Bachelor Of Science In Occupational Safety

- Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) is proud to announce the new online Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety Degree Program, with classes starting in January 2011.

EKU’s online Bachelor’s in Occupational Safety arms current safety professionals and those interested in pursuing a safety career with the skills and knowledge to succeed within this evolving industry. The program’s comprehensive curriculum provides students with a solid safety foundation including: OSHA inspections, education and training, workers compensation, and auditing.

The new EKU occupational safety program provides students with relevant, real- world learning applications, from industry-leading faculty members. EKU’s faculty members have many years of safety experience. They incorporate that experience into the courses by directly applying theories to practice. Additionally, the professors use cutting-edge teaching tactics in the courses. For example, they have incorporated videos of construction safety and OSHA inspections into coursework for online students.

“The faculty truly makes this degree program stand out. They give a strong foundation and enhance the curriculum with their industry experiences, which makes our graduates untouchable,” said Program Coordinator, Dr. Michael Schumann.

In addition to the traditional Occupational Safety Curriculum, the EKU Online Bachelor’s in Occupational Safety program offers a minor in Fire and Safety Engineering Technology, which keeps EKU students at the forefront of the safety industry and makes them more valuable candidates to employers. Due to EKU’s strong reputation, employers actively seek EKU graduates to fill safety jobs.

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Eastern Kentucky University Launches Website For The College Of Justice And Safety Online Programs

Eastern Kentucky University (EKU), safetymanagement.eku.edu, is proud to announce the launch of a new website hosting all of the online degree programs available through the College of Justice and Safety. The new website will be a resource of information for current and prospective students, as well as industry professionals. Vital information on a suite of online programs including Bachelor’s programs in Fire Protection Administration, Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology, and Occupational Safety and a Master’s program in Safety, Security and Emergency Management is presented throughout the website. Working professionals within the fire and safety industries will also benefit from the information on this website, including fire resources, safety resources, and a collection of course videos.

In conjunction with the new website, EKU will also launch social media. Check for updates and current news on:

• Twitter: http://twitter.com/ekuonline
• Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/EKU-College-of-Justice-Safety-Online/170281136295

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Ohio University Launches A New Website Showcasing Two Online Programs – Masters In Coaching Education And Masters In Athletic Administration

Ohio University (OHIO) is proud to announce the launch of a new website featuring the Master’s in Coaching Education and Master’s in Athletic Administration programs. This new website will serve as an excellent resource for prospective and current students, as well as industry professionals. Information on the site includes individual athletic administration and coaching education program information, college specific information, relevant new articles, pertinent website resources, advisor and faculty contacts, and a peek into the course offerings.

Coaches at every level will be able to find out why the Master’s in Coaching Education degree from Ohio University would be the right fit for them, how this program could open the door to new coaching opportunities, and how it will provide them with the skills they need to take their coaching to a new level.

For professionals in athletic administration positions, the Master’s in Athletic Administration degree is designed to prepare its students for the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association certification exam and is truly tailored for athletic professionals who want to become highly effective athletic directors and administrators at the interscholastic level.

In conjunction with the new website: http://coaching-athleticadministration.ohio.edu/

OHIO will also launch social media pages on Facebook and Twitter. Check for updates and current news here:

Facebook: Facebook.com/OHIOCoachingAthleticAdmin
Twitter: twitter.com/OHIOu_CoachAD

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Quest Continuing Education Solutions (Quest CE) is proud to announce the solution to the 2010 NAIC Suitability in Annuity Transactions Model Regulation

Quest CE is proud to announce the solution to the 2010 NAIC Suitability in Annuity Transactions Model Regulation. Quest’s simple two-tiered approach will provide an “All-In-One” Solution for Insurers, Distributors and Producers that fall under the NAIC’s new regulation.

Quest’s 4-hour annuity course in Iowa has been approved by the state and meets the Iowa Administrative Rule 191-15.72 for a one-time, four (4) hour annuity training course requirement. In addition, this course is approved for resident CE credit. Per the new NAIC Suitability Regulation, Quest will also provide insurer-product specific training in their Industry Leading Learning Management System, Renaissance.

NAIC Suitability Regulation Training through Quest allows for automated encrypted data and completion feeds. Feeds can be sent on a daily basis or as often as the program administrator desires. Quest’s system also allows for participants in the program to be bulk loaded into the training platform. Ensure your programs compliance with Quest so beginning January 1, 2011 your producers are able to sell your annuities in Iowa.

The NAIC Suitability Regulation Training platform will provide:

• A dedicated location where a producer can complete all of their required training requirements and view the status of each requirement within the Model Regulation;
• Updated training posted to the site subsequent to initial training including additional State Specific Annuity Requirements as they become effective;
• A company specific branded web portal where insurers can comply with the new regulation and update their product-specific training courses in their student profiles;
• The ability to print completion certificates online 24/7;
• An automatic e-mail notification system allowing insurers to instantly notify producers of new or updated product specific training requirements;
• Automated and PGP encrypted customized data feeds with real-time search tools for insurers and Broker/Dealers to satisfy compliance requirements and training.

Quest’s NAIC Suitability Regulation Training Solution is available now and ready for demonstration or implementation. Contact Quest at 877-593-3366 or e-mail Quest atsales@questce.com to speak with one of our dedicated Sales Team Members about guaranteeing your 2010 NAIC Suitability Regulation Training today.

The Financial Reform Act requires individual states to comply with the 2010 NAIC Suitability in Annuity Transactions Model Regulation (NAIC 2010) by June 16, 2013.

Passage of NAIC 2010 means that fixed annuity producers will have to follow similar rigorous suitability standards as those imposed upon variable annuity producers, which is regulated by FINRA. Producers selling variable annuities are required to be licensed as registered representatives through a FINRA registered broker-dealer.

NAIC 2010 clarifies that the insurer is responsible for compliance with suitability requirements, including the methods their producers use to market annuity products.

The producer must have “reasonable grounds” to believe that the annuity recommendation is suitable based on 12 areas of “suitability information”
disclosed by the consumer. This information includes the consumer’s:

• age,
• tax status,
• intended use of the annuity,
• financial time horizon,
• existing assets,
• source of funds for the annuity,
• other insurance and annuity products,
• investment objectives,
• liquidity needs,
• liquid net worth, and
• risk tolerance.

Producer Training Requirements Under the Model Regulation
Section 7A requires the producer to have adequate product specific training, including compliance with the insurer’s standards for product training, prior to soliciting an annuity product.

In addition, Section 7B requires a one time, minimum 4 (four) credit hour general annuity training course offered by an insurance-department approved education provider and approved by an insurance department in accordance with applicable insurance education training laws or regulations.

For this mandated course, the provider may not train in sales or marketing techniques or product specific information.

Section 7B(3) outlines the minimum required topics for this program of instruction, which can be offered in the classroom or via an insurance department approved self study method.

If a producer is licensed with a life insurance line of authority prior to the effective date of the regulation, there is a six month grace period to comply with the training requirements; producers who obtain the life authority on or after the effective date of the regulation must complete the training prior to the sale of an annuity product.

If a producer receives substantially similar training in another jurisdiction, it would satisfy an insurance department’s training requirements. Prior to allowing a producer to sell its annuity products, insurers shall verify the producer has completed the mandated training.

Because the amendments clearly require insurers to verify completion of training prior to the producer selling annuities on behalf of the insurer, the amendments should not be interpreted to affect producer licensing reciprocity or non-resident producer licensing processes.

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