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The autocephaly (independence of a church) of the so-called Orthodox Church of Ukraine

MOSCOW, 6-Sep-2021 — /EPR EDUCATION NEWS/ — Vice-chairman of the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate shares his thoughts about the speeches made in Kiev by Patriarch Bartholomew.

The autocephaly (independence of a church) of the so-called Orthodox Church of Ukraine composed of representatives of the schismatic groups was allegedly granted quite lawfully. The supposed ‘privileges’ of the See of Constantinople, which ostensibly invest it with rights to make unilateral decisions with regard to other Orthodox Local Churches, are also alleged to be totally lawful and canonical. Constantinople ostensibly did not change anything in the traditional Orthodox ecclesiology (the teaching on the Church); on the contrary, it is changed by those who disagree today with submitting in everything to the faultless ‘spiritual leader of 250 millions of Orthodox Christians throughout the world’, as the ‘Green Patriarch’ likes to call himself. Now it is already clear to everybody that most of Orthodox Christians do not consider Patriarch Bartholomew to be their spiritual chieftain after the schismatic action he committed.

The Kiev rhetoric of Patriarch Bartholomew shows that His Holiness is perturbed by the criticism against the uncanonical invasion of the Patriarchate of Constantinople into the Ukrainian affairs – the criticism coming from hierarchs, theologians and historians of many Orthodox churches.

However, the Patriarch has failed to give convincing answers prompting other Local Churches of the Orthodox family to recognize the latter-day autocephaly of ‘the Most Holy Church of Ukraine’. He simply repeats that he is always right because the See of Constantinople is always right, that ‘the Great Church of Christ’, with which he identifies himself does not need to discuss anything with anybody because he never makes mistakes and sacrifices himself for the sake of our common good and proposes that all the Orthodox Christians take it for what it is worth. Otherwise, he says, they will no longer be Orthodox at all.

However, the point is that we, the Orthodox, have not and have never had such a doctrine of faith. The Patriarch of Constantinople is not at all the Pope of Rome. And it was not we, the Orthodox, who held the First Vatican Council. And the papal infallibilitas (inability to err) even in the conception of our Catholic brothers, with whom Fanar is getting close so fast today, has serious limits.

The patriarch complains of some ‘neologisms, new wordings and dangerous ecclesiological views’, as well as ‘attempt at an overturn in church statutes’ seeking to ‘belittle the significance of the Archbishop of Constantinople’ to almost that of ‘a museum exhibit’. He even admits that ‘many believe that the Ecumenical Patriarch sheers away from reality’. In response, apparently feeling the inadequacy of his today’s argumentation, he promises ‘in the nearest future’ to show ‘both the appropriate texts and the whole course of this (Ukrainian) issue’.

To study together the texts and the historical course of the issue by inviting for it the best scholars from various countries is something Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia proposed long ago, including in the course of this latest visit to Fanar in August 2018. At that time, Patriarch Bartholomew answered that he had no time for it, but everything was clear to him even without it. If the interest in texts has now renewed, the excellent edition “The Unification of the Metropolis of Kiev with the Russian Orthodox Church. 1676-1686. Studies and Documents” published in 2019 by ‘The Orthodox Encyclopaedia’ edited by Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk is highly recommended.

It has 912 pages and 246 documents from archives. In a concise form, the principal historical material is presented in the book by Metropolitan Nikephoros of Kykkos entitled Contemporary Ukrainian Issue and Its Resolution According to Divine and Holy Canons.

Certainly, the makers of the destinies of the world from the Bosporus shores hardly will be interested in the truth of history and the truth of canons.

‘Gentlemen, do you think that you are the state? I am the state!’ Luis XIV once declared to the deputies of the French Parliament.

‘«L’église c’est moi!’ – as if it is now heard in the speeches in Kiev. The only difficulty is that for some reason not everyone believes it…

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Shincheonji Church of Jesus Graduates 100,000 People

SEOUL, South Korea, 26-Nov-2019 — /EPR EDUCATION NEWS/ — Shincheonji, Church of Jesus, The temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony hosted the ‘100,000 Graduation Ceremony’ on November 10, where 103,764 people were simultaneously registered as congregation members.

The ceremony was held simultaneously in major cities of 112 countries, including USA, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

The graduates mastered in the Bible and achieved more than 90% mark in the examination that is taken after completing each level in order to graduate.

“While traditional churches mainly stick to the traditional values, the point that Shincheonji emphasizes is on the prophecy and its physical realities. This leads to an outlook that there will be changes in the fundamental viewpoint of life of faith within the Christian religious world. This is not the power of men but God. It is only possible for God is together,” commented by a member of Shincheonji.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Swami Balendu criticizes Baba Ramdev in an open letter to him

In one of his latest blog posts Swami Balendu, who describes himself as ‘former guru’, addresses Baba Ramdev, the popular Indian yoga teacher, business owner and politician. In the direct manner which prevails in his complete blog, Swami Balendu elaborates why he and, in his opinion, millions of Indian people, have doubts on who Baba Ramdev actually is and what his aims are.

“People don’t understand him anymore. Is he a Sanyasi ? A yoga teacher? Is he a businessman? Or is he a politician?” asks the author of the letter, Swami Balendu, who in his blog post gives examples of Ramdev’s contradictive behavior.

“There are people doubting his own financial situation, questioning his political direction and agenda and even asking for investigations into his past. He accuses the Congress party of corruption while he himself gives donations to the opposition party, the BJP. Publicly however he has nothing to do with that party. Why does he hide his support? Another loud question by many is: Are you still a Sanyasi, Baba Ramdev?”

Before Baba Ramdev’s planned protest on the Ramleela Ground in Delhi on the 23 rd March, Swami Balendu explains the Baba in detail how he himself has created such questions in people’s minds. Swami Balendus himself has, after more than three years of isolated meditation in a cave, left the life and profession of a guru. He explains this change with the feeling that ‘nobody is higher or lower than anybody else’. He is now a married businessman and additionally running children charity projects in Vrindavan , India .

This is not the first blog entry in his ‘online diary’ in which Swami Balendu questions the new and old gurus of India . In his outspoken manner he doesn’t mince matters when he writes about the magic tricks of Sathya Sai Baba, the escapades of the ‘Sex Swami’ Nithyananda, the sexual harassment and rape charges against Jagadguru Kripalu and his disciple Prakashananda or the strange religious habits of the devotees of ISKCON.

His letter to Baba Ramdev is the latest of such attempts to reveal more about hidden activities and sometimes even unlawful actions of India ‘s so-called religious leaders and gurus. When asked about his aim, Swami Balendu tells: ‘I hope when I write about them, it helps people to realize their own responsibilities and helps them go their own ways instead of blindly following a guru who is only seeking power and wealth using the pretext of religion and God!’

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Christian Coach Institute Opens Global Headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina and Launches High Quality, Affordable Christian Coach Training and Certification

“Our mission is to educate, equip and encourage Christian Life Coaches around the world to bring out the best in God’s people,” said Janice LaVore-Fletcher, Founder and President. “We are proud to be fully licensed by the International Association of Coaching to teach the IAC 9 Coaching Masteries in our program, which are in alignment with the International Coach Federation’s core coaching competencies.”

When asked what makes their Christian based life coach training program unique, Dale Fletcher, Vice President of Operations, said “Our Christian Life Coach Training course is a content rich curriculum based on blended adult learning concepts. Our program takes the student on a sixteen week journey covering three (3) phases for personal development, professional development and business development. We focus on how to prepare our coaches to launch a successful coaching ministry or coaching business upon graduation and certification. The most important aspect of our Christian Life Coach Training and Certification is that it is built on a solid Biblical worldview with Jesus Christ at the center of the Christian Coaching Model.”

Classes are conducted similarly to a distance learning course offered by most colleges today. The students dial into a virtual classroom via Webex to participate in the weekly classes. The students are required to work with other students outside the classroom for course application and to participate in coaching lab work, When Janice LaVore-Fletcher was asked what kind of feedback the school has received from graduates, she shared the following which is among several on the website. One student wrote “I felt certain that CCI would offer a Christ-centered, prayer supported experience, and I can say this has indeed been true from day one. If I could name a second reason for choosing CCI, it would be the care and emphasis placed on building community and connections for long-term, not just the duration of the course. In the coaching world, and particularly in the Christian coaching world, I think that type of anchor is so valuable.”

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Facts About Jesus’ Resurrection Lead Online Students to the Full Story

Understanding the Bible isn’t always easy. The language, the cultural references and the seemingly inconsistent accounts from book to book can all cause confusion for a student starting out on the path to enlightenment. Jesus’ resurrection proves that He was exactly who He said He was, yet much misunderstanding surrounds these events for students without the proper guide. The United Church of God hopes to clear up the confusion with its online study guide,“Jesus Christ: The Real Story.”

The free online guide, found at, tackles many misconceptions and questions, including:

• When did Jesus die? – The chronology of Jesus’ resurrection and crucifixion becomes clear only when a student reads the four Gospels at the same time, and corroborates between them. Luke, Mark and John offer what seems to be conflicting information in their references to the Sabbath, but by understanding the differences between the different types of Sabbaths, you understand that Jesus died on Wednesday, which was just before a high-day Sabbath, and was resurrected on Saturday, at the end of the weekly Sabbath. The chronology of Jesus’ Resurrection and crucifixion are detailed in the study guide.

• Did Jesus’ enemies acknowledge that His tomb was empty? – Yes, they did, by creating a lie to discount Jesus’ Resurrection. The Bible tells us that they bribed the Roman soldiers who were responsible for guarding the sealed tomb, telling them to say that the disciples (who would become the founding members of Jesus’ Church) came and removed the body. The study guide points to an account in Matthew to help students understand the events surrounding Jesus’ Resurrection.

In addition to “Jesus Christ: The Real Story,” the United Church of God offers many other free study guides on its website. They include:

• What Did Jesus’ Church Believe and Practice? – The beginnings of Jesus’ Church are documented by eyewitness accounts in the book of Acts. This study guide reveals many overlooked truths.

• Modern Christianity’s Forgotten Roots – The practices of today’s Christian Church can vary greatly from Jesus’ Church – the original Church Christ built.

• Bible Study Tools: Twelve lessons make up this Bible Study Course, which helps its students find biblical answers to crucial questions such as “Why are we here?” and“What does the future hold?”

All study guides on the United Church of God’s website are free and available to all.

About the United Church of God: The United Church of God traces it origins back to the original Christian Church, founded in the early first century. The Church follows the same doctrines, teachings and practices as the original Church, and it strives to educate all about Jesus Resurrection. In addition to the many free online study guides – about the Sabbath and other topics – students can follow the United Church of God on, become a fan of the organization on Facebook, and watch video commentaries and excerpts from Beyond Today programs on

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Christian Church Provides Free Online Resources for Those Wanting to Better Understand the Bible

In today’s busy world, a significant portion of learning takes place on the Internet. Whether it’s a high school student learning algebra or a busy mom studying and teaching her kids Bible stories, online resources are the key to continuing one’s education on any subject. The United Church of God understands this and has created numerous in-depth lessons on the Christian Church, Bible stories, and the Kingdom of Heaven.

All of the resources found on the United Church of God’s website,, are free and available to all. They include:

• Bible Study Course – In 12 lessons, students will study everything from “Why the Bible Is the Word of God” to “Christianity – A Way of Life.” This resource gives students a good base from which to begin study of the Christian Church.

• Bible Stories – Profiles of Faith – These guides tell the Bible stories of Abraham, Sarah, Mary and Martha, just to name a few. There are also children’s Bible stories for parents and educators to use in their teachings.

• Kingdom of Heaven – Here, students will find a true definition of the Kingdom of Heaven that clears up the many misconceptions of this realm.

• This Is the United Church of God: Learn more about the Church that provides all of these free online resources. Its mission is to help Christians better understand the gospel taught by Jesus Christ and to prepare them for the Kingdom of Heaven.

In addition to the many Christian Church online resources, the United Church of God has many publications. Students can read them online and also request printed versions. The titles include:

• The Good News Magazine – This bimonthly publication offers in-depth study of the Bible and Bible stories, while its website also features current news and commentary, video segments and additional resources.

• Vertical Thought – This quarterly publication targets tomorrow’s leaders with articles on everything from dating advice to how to hold onto Christian Church values while in college.

All of these resources are available online at, where you’ll find many more ways to learn about the Christian Church and the Kingdom of Heaven.

The United Church of God traces its origins back to the Christian Church founded by Jesus in the early first century. The Church follows the same Bible Stories, doctrines, teachings and practices as the original Church. Follow the United Church of God on, become a fan of the organization on Facebook, and watch video commentaries and excerpts from Beyond Today programs on Learn more about the Kingdom of Heaven through its online Bible studies.

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Jesus’ Birth and More Outlined in Free Online Bible Study

It’s said that Jesus Birth, life and death were the greatest gifts given to humankind by God. To truly understand these gifts and their impact even to this day, the Christian religion asks that its followers study the Bible extensively. The United Church of God understands that often the Bible can be difficult to follow, though, and has created exhaustive online Bible study resources so that any and all who wish to learn may do so.

The free online Bible Study Course contains 12 lessons that will help students better understand the Bible and find answers to life’s most important questions, such as “Why are we here?” and “What does the future hold?” They are:

1. Why the Bible Is the Word of God – This online Bible study lesson shows students how to connect with the Creator and understand the Bible’s mysteries.

2. The Word of God: The Fountain of knowledge – Knowing more about the men behind the Bible stories will help students to better understand.

3. Why Did God Create Mankind? – Humankind was created in the image of God, but what does that mean? Students also will learn what God has in store for them.

4. Why Does God Allow Suffering? – In times of war and natural disaster, this question is often asked. This online Bible study lesson reveals the ultimate hope offered by God.

5. Is There Hope for Human Survival? – This lesson looks at the warnings of Prophecy and the hope that Jesus will rescue the world from destruction.

6. What Is the Gospel of the Kingdom of God? – When Jesus saves the world, He will rule over the Kingdom of God. Students will explore the portions of the Bible that talk about this news.

7. The Calling of God – This lesson teaches students how to have a relationship with God through the Christian religion, and how to receive His loving gifts.

8. What Is Christian Conversion? – God will transform us for good, despite our nature to be otherwise. This lesson explores the process of conversion to the Christian religion.

9. The Transforming Power of God’s Spirit – Students will learn about how to use the power of the Holy Spirit to transform their lives.

10. What Is the Church? – This lesson looks at the original Church and its transformation over the centuries. Students will learn how to recognize it today.

11. Christianity: A Way of Life – Students will learn the key elements of living a godly life in the modern world.

12. The Annual Festivals of the God – Holy Days differ from holidays. Discover the difference and understand their meanings within the Christian religion.

About the United Church of God: The United Church of God traces its origins back to the a Christian Religion founded by Jesus in the early first century. The Church follows the same doctrines, teachings and practices as the original Church, and it strives to educate Christians through its a Online Bible Study. Follow the United Church of God on, become a fan of the organization on Facebook, and watch video commentaries and excerpts from Beyond Today programs on

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New Testament and 10 Commandments Help Believers Keep the Faith During Troubled Times

War. Natural disasters. Rampant crime. In a time of such unrest in the world, Christians should embrace the New Testament and its support of God’s law, not dismiss it as irrelevant. The United Church of God continues its mission of keeping these ideals alive and also bringing about better understanding of the New Covenant through the numerous free study guides found on its website at

Around one third of the New Testament contains quotations of and references to the Old Testament, including Jesus Christ’s direction in Matthew that the way to the Kingdom of Heaven was through obedience of the 10 Commandments. The New Testament also describes the fulfillment of many an Old Testament Prophecy, including through the life of Jesus Christ, from birth through crucifixion. The United Church of God offers the following study guides to the New Testament and New Covenant:

• The Ten Commandments in the New Testament – This guide helps students to see that it does matter whether or not they obey the 10 Commandments. By fully understanding that Jesus Christ supported God’s law and continued to preach its value, believers will see how the age-old road map to eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven helps those who follow it keep the faith.

• God’s Law and the New Covenant – This guide also looks at Jesus and His institution of the New Covenant and teaches that it did not make God’s law obsolete. By following God’s law, Christians can find a renewed faith in the Creator God.

In addition to the many resources on the New Testament and the New Covenant, offers multiple free study guides on Prophecy that can help today’s believers see
more clearly God’s plan. The United Church of God suggests starting with:

• You Can Understand Bible Prophecy – The principles and framework of Bible Prophecy must first be known before any individual Prophecy can be understood. This guide unlocks the mysteries surrounding Prophecy.

By offering its study guides for free, online, the United Church of God hopes to help those who have lost their faith find it again.

The United Church of God traces its origins back to the original Christian Church, founded in the early first century. The Church follows the same doctrines, teachings and practices as the original Church, and it strives to educate all about the New Covenant. In addition to the many free online study guides – about the New Testament, Prophecy and other topics – students can follow the United Church of God on, become a fan of the organization on Facebook, and watch video commentaries and excerpts from sermons on

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Ras And Bev Robinson And Vance Russell Announce Austin-Area Book Signings

Readers in the Austin area have an early holiday treat coming to them with the announcement of book signing events by the well known Christian authors Ras Robinson and Vance Russell on November 14th, 15th, and 16th. The two are traveling the area together, promoting their new books “Convergence” written by Ras Robinson with his wife Bev Robinson and “Victory at the Gates” by Vance Russell. Fans will have the opportunity to meet Robinson and Russell, purchase their new works and have their copies autographed at these events which are generating a lot of interest in the area.

Bev and Ras Robinson’s “Convergence” examines the Scriptures in the light of modern scientific knowledge, particularly quantum physics and chemistry, providing a fascinating look at the place faith plays in the lives of people in our modern age. Bev Robinson’s scientific background (she holds degrees in chemistry and microbiology), Ras Robinson’s experience in pastorship (he was the founding pastor of Fort Worth’s Fullness in Christ Church) and the couple’s shared commitment to their faith inform this work, one which many readers throughout the Austin area will be hoping to receive as a gift this Christmas season.

Vance Russell is well known as the founder of Arise Christian Fellowship, with ministries located in Austin and San Antonio, Texas. His new book “Victory at the Gates” follows the philosophy that Russell has always espoused; establishing a personal relationship with God which allows for spiritual growth in integration with the personal goals of every person of faith. Examining a variety of topics and providing an entirely new insight into the Scriptures, “Victory at the Gates” is a book that anyone with even a casual interest in Christianity will not want to miss.

The four Austin area book signing events where Ras and Bev Robinson and Vance Russell will appear are as follows:

Saturday, November 14th, 2 PM – 5 PM‚ Mardel Christian Book Store‚ Cedar Park (Austin)‚ 1501 E Whitestone Blvd Bldg F‚ Cedar Park, TX 78613

Saturday, November 14th, 6 PM‚ Home of Kenn and Michele Renner‚ (Book Signing and Ministry)‚ Lakewind Estates‚ (Next to Green Light House on Highway 620 by Lake Travis Dam)‚ 4311 Rum Runner Rd.‚ Austin, TX 78734‚ Phone:512-423-5626‚ (Call for Gate Code)

Sunday, November 15th‚ 11:00 AM, Morning Service‚ (Ras and Bev Robinson will be sharing)‚ Book signing to follow (approx. 1:30PM)‚ Arise Ministries International‚ 8231 Burnet Road‚ Austin, TX 78757

Monday, November 16th, 7 PM‚ Home of Fernando and Cathy Corral‚ (Book Signing and Ministry)‚ 524 Clearview Road‚Georgetown, TX 78626

For more information on Bev and Robinson and their book “Convergence”, please visit:

To learn more about Vance Russell and his book “Victory at the Gates”, please visit:

You can order the books online at or Amazon & Barns and Noble.

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A New Christian Book Teaches 40 Bible Study Methods

Learn to Study the Bible (ISBN 9781607915768) by Andy Deane teaches readers forty unique and fun ways to study the Scriptures. Studying the Bible should be exciting, and with forty different Bible study methods readers will learn a variety of ways to do it. Each method has easy to follow instructions and handwritten examples to show readers what a completed Bible study should look like. Bible Study Magazine (the makers of Logos Bible Software) says that “Deane presents an image of the Bible as a treasure trove for the reader’s keeping!” DR. Michael Catt, producer of the movie FIREPROOF, said “Learn to Study Your Bible is an affordable and practical book for those who want to dig deeper and get more out of their personal Bible study.” If you are interested in taking your personal Bible study to a deeper level then this new book is for you.


Andy Deane is an associate pastor at Calvary Chapel Old Bridge in New Jersey. He oversees an exciting youth ministry and teaches Bible study seminars to youth groups, churches, Christian schools and at Bible college. For more information about how Pastor Andy can lead a Bible study seminar at your church visit or call (888) 271-2551.


First Things First

Take a look at how getting into the Bible can change your life.

1. Introduction: The Joy of Bible Study
2. Tips for Profitable Bible Study
3. Observation: What Does It Say?
4. Interpretation: What Does It Mean?
5. Application: What Does It Ask Me to Do?
6. How to Have Daily Devotions

Basic Bible Study Methods

Simple ways for those new to bible study to learn from God’s Word.

6. Daily Bread
7. Timothy Method
9. Rethink and Restate
10. Alphabet Method
11. One at a Time
12. Six Searches
13. Exhaustive Questions
14. Five P’s Method

Major Bible Study Methods

Time-tested approaches to help go deeper with your study time.

15. Verse-by-Verse Charting
16. Chapter Overview
17. Chapter Details
18. Book Overview
19. Book Details
20. Bible Characters
21. Biblical Topics
22. Bible Themes
23. Word Studies

Creative Bible Study Methods

Try out these interesting methods once in awhile to really mix it up.

24. Translation Comparison
25. Messy Bible
26. Modern Issues
27. Thirty Days
28. Vantage Point
29. Skeptics Method

Studying Specific Passages

Study different parts of the Bible with diverse techniques to add variety.

29. Royal Wisdom
30. Categorizing Proverbs
31. Meeting Jesus
32. Twenty Jesus Questions
33. The Commands of Jesus
34. Truly, Truly
35. Study the Biblical Types
36. Study the Prayers
37. Study the Miracles
38. Study the Parables
39. Study the Psalms

Study Methods For Younger Students

Each method will teach an individual basic skill needed for Bible study.

40. Heart Monitor
41. Funnel It
42. Weather Report
43. Climb the Ladder
44. Cross Thoughts

Wrapping It All Up

Some closing advice for studying your Bible.

45. Building a Reference Library
46. Some Final Thoughts
47. Notes


PASTOR BOB COY (Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale)

“Certain things in the Christian life are non-negotiable, and studying the Bible is one of them. Every believer, regardless of the spiritual season they’re in, must have a regular routine that gets them engaged in God’s Word. But while the “must” to study is universal, the “method” isn’t. What works well for some doesn’t work at all for others. We’ve been wired differently and learn in different ways, which is why this is such a relevant and important book. With 40 different methods of studying the Bible, there’s something here for everyone. No matter who you are or how you’re wired to learn, you’re going to find a key in these pages that will unlock the riches of God’s Word in your life.”

PASTOR BRIAN BRODERSON (Host of the Back to Basics Radio Show)

“Anything that will help Christian people get more into the word and more out of the word is bound to be a great blessing. This book will do just that. Andy has done a fantastic job of laying out numerous options for Bible Study. I’m sure there’s a method here that will be helpful for most everyone who is serious about growing in the Lord through his word.”

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Over 2.5 Million Inspiring Audio CDs Distributed Worldwide Since 2005 By Lighthouse Catholic Media

Lighthouse Catholic Media, NFP announces that they have achieved the milestone of having distributed over 2.5 million inspiring audio CDs distributed worldwide since their inception in late 2005.

Over 2.5 Million Inspiring Audio CDs Distributed Worldwide Since 2005 By Lighthouse Catholic Media

Lighthouse Catholic Media’s CDs are distributed two ways: through their FAITHRAISER Kiosk Program displayed in over 2,000 parishes, Catholic schools and missions, and via their popular CD of the Month Club. The CD of the Month Club is a subscription-based service to individuals and parishioners at an amazingly low rate.

What’s more, when the parish sponsors the CD of the Month Club for their parishioners, the parish receives a percentage back for the purpose of funding religious education, or whatever purposes the parish sees fit to utilize the funds. There is no cost or investment for the program, nor is there any administration by the parish; the program, which is both a faith-raiser and true fund-raiser, has grown substantially in the last year.

Recently, Lighthouse Catholic Media received an endorsement by the archbishop for the US Military Services, Archbishop Broglio, recommending Lighthouse Catholic Media’s inspiring Catholic audio CDs to soldiers, sailors and airmen serving in over 450 military bases around the world.

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More Education press releases – New Website By Horizon Family Solutions, LLC

Horizon Family Solutions Founder Dore Frances, M.A., reveals new website that showcases Residential and Wilderness Treatment Centers Bend, OR, February 20, 2009: Horizon Family Solutions, LLC , a leading Educational Consulting firm, is delighted to announce the launch of their new website, viewable at

With a hint of corporate flare, the new website offers many features with a sophisticated look and feel. Site visitors will enjoy the ease of functionality on searching for breakingnews or browsing the bookstore, while allowing for a more personal visiting experience.

The site also provides users with a more comprehensive overview of addiction treatment centers; Christian based schools; college prep boarding schools; holistic treatment centers; preteen programs, family environment residential treatment centers; outdoor therapeutic programs; therapeutic boarding schools and wilderness programs.

The user-friendly layout has an up to date look and offers expanded service descriptions for all programs and schools listed.

Echoing sentiments of the company’s creative side for bringing up to date information to parents and professionals assisting struggling and troubled teens, Dore Frances, Founder, commented , “As the amount of residential treatment programs and wilderness programs have grown in numbers over the past eight years, so have the Internet advertising sites listings.

Many of these sites list anyone and everyone, with no overview as to the current licensing or struggles they may be having. Many of these sites list hundreds of programs and schools at a time, confusing parents and professionals even more when needing to make a best choice, a safe choice for an at risk child. I decided it was time to have a website that insures that when a parent is searching on their own, only the best programs will be made available as a first step measure. All programs are prescreened prior to the acceptance of advertising. If for any reason the program is shut down by the state, they are immediately removed as an advertiser until all concerns have been addressed. No one wants to take that kind of chance with their child. I had a lot of fun designing the site and I am very proud of the results.”

Established in 2001, Horizon Family Solutions, LLC has rapidly gained notoriety within the Educational Consultant and Residential Treatment Industry as a dual service provider for parents and professionals.

The company celebrated its eighth year in business this month.

To learn more about Horizon Family Solutions or, please visit us online at or; or call us at (541) 312-4422.


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Momentum Christian Church’s Lead Minister, Dan Smith, Will Be Preaching A Relevant Sermon Series On Sex In Today’s Culture October 19th And 26th, 2008

Lead Minister, Dan Smith, at Momentum Christian Church, will be speaking for two weeks on sex, and practical insights from the Bible on this subject, which churches often find taboo. The sermon series, titled “Bringin’ Sexy Back” will run October 19th and 26th.

“It’s no secret that America is saturated with sexuality, but most churches are pretty silent about the issue,” says Smith. “However, the Bible has a lot of really practical insights for people who live in a culture like ours.”

This sermon series won’t feature some lame, naive preacher yelling at people about their past mistakes because — to some degree — everyone has messed up in this area. It will be a lot of relevant, heart-to-heart teaching that will help us better understand why God created such a powerful magic.

The church and its staff have rated the sermons PG-12, but they encourage parents to bring middle school and high school students.

Momentum Christian Church meets at the Cinemark Theatre in Valley View at 10am on Sunday mornings. The service is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes. Momentum designates itself as “a church for people who hate going to church.” They use rock music, funny videos, and relevant sermons to attract people who have previously thought church was boring and irrelevant.

Smith is a self-proclaimed “storyteller-preacher, comedy-writer, and lead minister of Momentum.” His comedy has been featured on CNN, VH-1, The New York Times, Glenn Beck, and Yahoo! In 2007, he was recognized by Cleveland Magazine as one of Cleveland’s “Most Interesting People.” Some say he’s mildly funny. His Mom thinks he’s very funny. At the very least, he cracks himself up.

Momentum is a non-denominational church located near Cleveland, OH. To learn more, please visit, or to schedule an interview with Dan Smith, please call Angie Dyer at 440-759-0663 or email

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