NCFE Level 2 Award in Nutrition and Health launched by NCC Home Learning

Home learning company, NCC Home Learning, is pleased to launch a brand new qualification to add to its existing extensive portfolio of courses available as correspondence or online learning materials.

NCC Home Learning are an established training provider who specialise in the delivery of education to remote learners who find it difficult to attend

conventional training due to constricting factors such as location, attendance time, number of training days required etc. By delivering education at a distance, NCC Home Learning are able to support learners irrespective of their location and at a time and pace which means that a balance can be maintained to run alongside additional necessary activities including work, home, leisure, recreational etc. Price may also be a considered factor and in many instances, a home learning methodology can be far more effective as their will be limited requirement for overheads such as delivery accommodation.

This qualification is ideal for a wide range of learners who are interested in improving their understanding of nutrition and healthy eating. It is further pointed out by the Foresight Study that if current trends continue, by 2050 about 60% of men, 50% of women and 25% of children in the UK will be obese. The rising levels could cost the country £45 billion a year by 2050 through increased care requirements and missed working hours.

It is of particular note, that Food Technology will become a compulsory subject at Key Stage 3 within schools from September 2011and the NCFE Level 2 Award in Nutrition and Health could be of particular benefit to all concerned.

The programme covers three key Units of learning as detailed:
• Explore Principles of Healthy Eating
• Consider Nutritional Needs of a Variety of Individuals
• Use Food and Nutrition Information to Plan a Healthy Diet

Tony Smith Managing Director of NCC Home Learning, said: “The courses offered through NCC Home Learning are a fantastic way of achieving qualifications without the need to attend College on a prescribed day and at a time designated by the College which may not be appropriate to the needs of the learner”.

“NCC has approaching 250 courses available covering a great many subject areas fromCriminal Psychology to Events Management Diploma’s and is suitable to all budgets. NCC also offer payment plans to help learners who may find it difficult to pay for their course in one payment”.

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eReader Is Just The Tonic For Winning Science Student Leonie

FindAMasters and have just announced the first winner of a new prize draw to win an amazing Amazon Kindle eReader.

Leonie Stimson, currently a BSc student in Human Biosciences at the University of Northampton, was chosen from among all those who signed up to receive FindAMasters’ and FindAPhD’s latest newsletter, packed with information about postgraduate courses all over the UK.

When told of her success, Leonie said: “Thank you! I’m generally not a lucky person.”

She signed up to FindAMasters and FindAPhD to help her decide which path to take for her postgraduate studies, and said that the helpfulness of all her current teaching staff at the University of Northampton had persuaded her to consider this option.

Leonie said: “I love the idea of having a specific research project that you study in depth that as a result will increase my knowledge of the subject area as well as hopefully adding to the information which is already available to others on the topic.

“I hope it will eventually open many doors into a career in biosciences,” she added.

Leonie said that she had made considerable use of since signing up to the website.

“The regular updates are very useful in giving information on new opportunities for PhDs, as well as tips on how to apply.

“It provides all the information anyone will need to pursue the chase to study for a PhD,” she said.

FindAPhD will be giving away another Kindle in the middle of next month. To be in with a chance of winning it, sign up to the newsletter at

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Traditional Teaching Methods Bore Students

Earlier this week, a spokesperson from St George International (SGI) suggested that traditional teaching methods were ineffective. The representative explained that lessons needed to incorporate more creativity to keep the attention of the modern student.

Today’s youth tends to lapse into boredom far more easily than earlier generations. Technological advancements have ensured that everything in the world happens very quickly. But, these developments have come at a cost – the cost of students who now expect everything to happen instantly.

The shortened attention span of modern students has resulted in the advancement of“edutainment.” This educational method combines entertainment and education to create an environment in which the students enjoy studying. Language institutes are attempting to breakdown the notion that a classroom is a boring place. If teachers want to maximise development, they must find a means by which to counter this timewasting boredom.

SGI’s answer to this problem is to take students out of the classroom. In June, SGI modified its curriculum to include a wide range of activities not normally associated with education. Instead of sitting in a classroom, students could enjoy a city tour of London with one of the teachers. Other excursions included a visit to science museum, a theatre trip and a football match against a rival school was also organised. The weekend trips to Paris, Belgium, Edinburgh and Amsterdam also offered students the opportunity to really hone their speaking skills.

The SGI spokesperson explained that “Studying English is so much more than learning English in the classroom.” Students will only remain interested if they practically apply what they are studying. Students dislike compulsory foreign language courses at school, because they battle to see the point in studying them. When students are encouraged to practise a language in a normal social environment, they immediately want to learn more.

The SGI spokesperson explained that students were often welcomed with drinks at a local pub. He said that they wanted to allow students to practice “English in a relaxed way.” He said that they wanted to separate SGI from the negative connotations often attributed to schools. Instead of simply being a place of learning, SGI is also a place where students can travel and meet new friends.

Modern students may have shorter attention spans, but this does not render them unteachable. Teaching methods need to adapt in order to meet the requirements of today’s students. St George International shows us that when you sign up for a German course London doesn’t have to be boring experience.

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Holiday Study at UIC

UIC is a language school located near Oxford Circus in London. Each summer the college runs a successful and very popular holiday programme for students under 18 years of age. The programme combines the teaching of English with a programme of events and activities designed to help students develop in many ways. They learn English alongside gaining experience in other areas.

In the mornings students on the holiday programme take English classes. The course they take has been devised for them by UIC’s director of studies, and it contains three separate types of classes. The first is the English Skills class, which aims to reinforce and improve knowledge in reading, writing, speaking and listening. The second is Functional English, which is designed to help students learn more independently and improve their overall communication. The third is Active English, which uses innovative methods to teach English via another subject. The different subject options include radio broadcasting in UIC’s special studio.

During the afternoon students take part in a number of different activities. Sporty students are well catered for, with many different sports on offer, some of which are coached by professionals. There are also many non-sporting choices, including arts, cooking and computing. In the evenings there are other activities designed to help students socialse. These include discos and other social events. Two days a week there is a trip – sometimes within London and sometimes to another city.

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Texas Students To Receive State-Of-The-Art Supplemental Science Learning Materials

Students from 5th through 12th grade will, this school year, have internet learning assistance to improve their science grades.

In June, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) had panels of assessors reviewing internet learning submissions from a number of companies. The subject matter review experts on these panels determined which submissions were compliant with the new science Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) statements, which include 5th through 8th grade as well as high school Biology, Chemistry, Physics and IPC. Following the reviews the Commissioner, Robert Scott, recommended a list for adoption by the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE). On July 22, 2011 the SBOE voted to adopt a number of submissions. From the adopted list, schools can elect to purchase access to the software that they feel will suit their students best.

For students, these interactive learning programs will include; virtual experiments, animated simulations and instantly marked assessments, all designed to motivate students to explore the world of science.

In the present economic climate it must be good news that this dynamic learning material is available to Texas students at a fraction of the cost of traditional textbooks.

One of the systems adopted has been created by Texas entrepreneur, Tim Brown.

Tim, the President of Technical Laboratory Systems, has funded a partnership between his Texas-based team and a world leading company in the design of e-learning materials, to produce learning programs for all eight grade levels that are totally compliant with the new science TEKS*.

It is Tim’s opinion that this new TEA initiative creates a real possibility that more Texas students will succeed in school science and then choose to follow careers in science, technology or engineering.

Tim says;

“As a provider of technical education equipment to Texas schools and colleges for more than thirty years, I have been saddened to see the decline in the number of quality students opting for careers in technology and engineering. Middle and High School science is the bedrock for college studies in science, technology and engineering. Science teachers, who do their utmost to motivate students, will find that difficult task so much easier with this software. It was a logical step for me to invest in new technology to improve the prospects of our young students. Here in Texas we have world leading companies in all the technological areas, if we cannot provide them with the skilled and innovative workforce that they require, they will be forced to go elsewhere.”

Academics have lobbied hard for our policymakers to address the state’s declining SAT scores and maybe their message is being heard. Perhaps this new initiative by the TEA will go some way to ease the concerns of many in Texas, that the present financial constraints will damage the prospects for our schoolchildren.

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Surge of Interest in Dissertation Editing and Proofreading

Over the summer there has been a surge of interest in the dissertation proofreading and editing services offered by the academic editing service Operations Director Rory O’Farrell reports record numbers of final-year undergraduates, Master’s and PhD students bringing their theses and dissertations to the company. “We have the best-qualified editors in the business,” stated O’Farrell, “and the word gets round. Top quality students want a PhD-qualified editor to look after their work and bring it up to the best it can be, and we can offer that service. These students use our proof reading and editing service, they’re happy with the high standard of work they receive, and naturally they tell their friends. We’re getting a massive amount of business now from word-of-mouth recommendations.”

The company, based in central London, finds that a large proportion of its academic work is done for clients who have English as a second language. In many cases, these students have been advised by their supervisors to have their dissertation proofread or edited to iron out remaining language problems so that the quality of the actual research can shine through, and that has brought them to

There’s also a demand for dissertation proofreading and editing from students who have English as their first language but are dyslexic, and again the University will often recommend that the students have their proofreading professionally done by a well-qualified editor.

“And of course, there are many, many people out there who just want another pair of eyes!” says O’Farrell. “When you’ve been working on a thesis or a dissertation for a long time, you simply don’t see the typos and grammar mistakes because you’re too close to the work. Your brain plays tricks on you and reads what should be there. Our editors completely understand that, and our dissertation proofreading is meticulously done to ensure that all those little errors are picked up and corrected. Nobody takes as much care with dissertation proofreading and language editing as we do, and that’s why clients come back to us time and time again.”

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How School Prepares You for Success

Many intelligent and well-educated women make the mistake of assuming that they are not prepared for success. They think they do not how to succeed because they do not realize how school prepares you for success.

If you have successfully completed your high school and college education you are well prepared for success. It is not just the knowledge that school gives, it also gives you valuable experience.

The most important thing we learn in school is hard work. The most successful students in school are often not the brightest girls but the hardest working. In many cases average people who work and study hard are the best students. The same thing occurs in real life, the most successful women in many offices are those who work hard not the smartest or most capable professionals.

Another lesson you can learn from school is dedication. Persons who dedicate themselves to class work and study often succeed even if they have hard time understanding the lessons. Women who dedicate themselves to their professions and work and study hard will often succeed even if they lack knowledge.

School also teaches you how to find the knowledge that you need. The study skills you learned in school can help you in the office. In school you learned how to find knowledge and apply it to your studies. In the office you can find knowledge and apply it to your job. The most successful professionals in today’s world are often not the smartest but the best informed. Anybody who studies can be well informed about almost any subject.

The final way how school prepares you for success is through socialization and networking. The most successful students are those who are most involved in the school community – the people who participate in the clubs and the sports. The most successful professionals in the real world are those who participate in their communities and professions.

Persons who are willing to network are more likely to succeed. That means you need to be involved just as you were when you were in school. There are many organizations such as the National Association of Professional Women or NAPW that can provide you with networking opportunities. Getting out and getting involved will lead to friendships and contacts that can advance your career.

Those who can remember how school prepares you for success are prepared to succeed in the professional world. Those who do not will fail and spend their days feeling sorry for themselves.

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Los Alamitos Show Choir Explodes Into Audience During Finale of “Hairspray” at the Hollywood Bowl

The third and final performance of “Hairspray” at the Hollywood Bowl was spectacular! An amazing cast was clearly enjoying themselves on stage and during the reprise of “You Can’t Stop the Beat” more than 100 choir students from Los Alamitos High School joined in on the fun. They came running out to dance and sing in the aisles to that catchy tune, with music by Marc Shaiman, lyrics by Scott Wittman and Marc Shaiman. The teens were dressed in bright colored t-shirts, jeans and white tennis shoes and really added to the excitement of the finale.

With less than a week’s notice, Mr. David Moellenkamp, choir director, managed to pull together 100 + kids during the middle of summer vacation to spend 3 days rehearsing and 3 nights performing. “It is just a great way to kick off the year!” exclaimed David Moellenkamp, “these kids have really stepped up and shown themselves to be excellent performers on such short notice.”

Sunday night was extra special as at the last minute the students were informed that they would join the cast on the stage of the Hollywood Bowl for a final bow and photo op. The kids were ecstatic and so grateful to the generosity of the all-star cast in their time. Many of the students got individual photos with stars and lots of hugs and handshakes were exchanged. “It’s hard to top an experience like this” Mr. Moellenkamp stated, “but we will work hard to do just that!”

The Los Alamitos High School choir program boasts five choirs and will have over 280 students enrolled this school year. “Many of our students are involved in multiple choirs”, states David Moellenkamp, “and we have seen the program really expand over the past couple of years.” With a classical, concert choir and four show choirs Mr. Moellenkamp is kept very busy teaching music to high school students. “We are so fortunate to have such a supportive school administration and school district”, cites Lynnette McMahon, Note-ables Booster Club President, “they have kept music in all schools within the district.” Note-ables Booster Club is the parent organization that spearheads fundraising and the runs the logistical side of this creative program. “Although the district is supportive of our efforts, the reality is that they provide less than 2% of our $600k annual budget”, Lynnette McMahon explains, “We are always looking for new and creative ways to raise money to keep this program at the top level and allow more kids to participate.”

In April 2011, Mr. Moellenkamp took two show choirs to New York for a national competition. Sound FX is the advanced mixed show choir and consisted of 54 students who delivered a “Harry Potter” themed performance that was a real crowd pleaser. It was also a favorite of the judges, as they gave Sound FX top honors in music, choreography, costumes, a cappella and first place which named them “National Champions”. The second choir is Soundtrax, advanced all-women show choir with over 50 high school teens who wowed the audience with their “Desperate Housewives” set of song and dance. Soundtrax also swept the awards and were named “National Champions”. Following their national titles won on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry, as presented by Show Choir Nationals [], Los Alamitos is most definitely a major force in the world of show choirs.

Los Alamitos will present four shows throughout the school year. Their first show will be “Broadway on the Big Screen” and you can be sure “You Can’t Stop the Beat” will have a starring role! The Broadway show will be October 13, 14 and 15, 2011.

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Renewed Sponsorship Deals for Postgraduate Fair with &

Following a successful year as official sponsors of the Manchester Careers Service Postgraduate Fair and the London Careers Group Postgraduate Study & MBA Fair, & are proud to announce a new three-year sponsorship deal with both organisations.

The deal sees FindAPhD & FindAMasters remain as the official sponsors of two of the largest postgraduate fairs in the country.

The fairs, attended by around 90 higher education institutions, provide an excellent forum for students to meet face to face with representatives to discuss all aspects of further study.

The deal is part of the group’s long term commitment to support postgraduate study, and help match students with courses from institutions in the UK and further afield.

Andy Pritchard, Managing Director at FindAMasters & FindAPhD commented; “We’re proud of our long association with the UK’s two most established postgraduate fairs, and these three-year sponsorship deals will allow us to invest in a long-term marketing programme to help ensure these events grow from strength to strength.”

Jan Hewitt, Fairs Organiser at The University of Manchester commented; “We are delighted FindAMasters & FindAPhD have agreed to sponsor the Postgraduate Study Fair in Manchester for the next three years. Their involvement last year added real value, the benefits being appreciated by visitors and exhibitors alike. We love the innovative ideas they bring to our publicity drive and they’re a dream to work with as our sponsors.”

Clare McSheaffrey, Head of Events at The Careers Group said; “I am delighted to renew our partnership with FindAMasters & FindAPhD as the main sponsors of our Postgraduate & MBA Fair in January. They helped to bring about a large increase in attendance at our 2011 fair, and provided a valuable service for student and graduate visitors, as well as the exhibitors. I look forward to a series of successful fairs over the next 3 years”

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Farmers Insurance Group Federal Credit Union Launches Private Student Loan Program, Partners with Education Loan Source, Inc.

Farmers Insurance Group Federal Credit Union (FIGFCU) is proud to announce the launch of their private student loan program for families and students looking to pay for undergraduate and graduate school. To customize their program specifically to meet the needs of its members, FIGFCU has chosen to partner with Education Loan Source, Inc. (ELS), a leading provider of education financial solutions.

“We are happy to add Student Loans to our lending platform, making our portfolio of products and services even more robust. Our members benefit by having educational funding options with competitive rates and terms in difficult economic times.” said Brian Leonard, Chief Lending Officer of FIGFCU.

The Custom Loan SourceSM (CLS) program offered by ELS, provides credit unions with the opportunity to develop their own customized student loan products without the need for additional staffing or resources. CLS is a turn-key student loan solution which includes every aspect of the student loan process from program design through portfolio management. Credit unions working with ELS benefit by gaining an in-depth knowledge of the student loan industry, while attracting a more diverse membership base and the ability to design a custom product to specifically meet their goals.

Long-time ELS business partner Cology, Inc. was selected to originate and service loans for the FIGFCU program. With its industry-leading loan platform, Volta™ , Cology offers FIGFCU expert origination, disbursement, and servicing technology.

“Since FIGFCU has 18 branches, in 12 different states, it’s especially gratifying to launch this new program for their members. CLS is a perfect fit for FIGFCU, as it allows the Credit Union to bring their existing corporate lending standards and philosophies to an education loan program. FIGFCU was able to set their own rates and fees, and define their own school list.” said Jacklyn Schneider, Director of Client Services for ELS. “FIGFCU can increase its portfolio and member base with a student loan program that is highly in demand, while families receive the financial assistance they need.”

For more information on the Custom Loan Source Program offered by ELS, call Jacklyn Schneider at (858) 720-6809.

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Students Experience Real London With St George International

Language students attending St George International (SGI) school have been getting a taste of the real London in a series of guided cultural visits throughout the capital.

Staff at St George International (SGI) have taken advantage of the school’s enviable location between Oxford Street and Regent Street by organising outings for students to see some of the city’s festivals, events and attractions.

As one of the world’s great multicultural cities, London has a lot to offer language students studying St Georges German courses, as well as its Spanish, French and Italian programmes. SGI’s busy social programmers aim to ensure that students are able to enrich their learning by making new friends and absorbing new experiences.

This summer has been no exception, with a new group of Spanish teachers making the most of the 32C weather with a walking tour of the city. In a single week, meandering student groups visited the Tate Modern, a photo exhibition at the Museum of London, the Tower of London, the National Gallery, the British Museum, took a relaxing boat trip on the Thames and stopped for afternoon tea at Brown’s in St Martin’s Lane.

Student accommodation is all based in central London and allows students the chance to do some extra exploring with their new-found friends outside of school. Accommodation options include home stays, hotels, student residences and executive apartments.

Some students prefer to immerse themselves in the host culture by staying in family homes, all of which are inspected and selected by SGI according to strict criteria. Students seeking more independence and a chance to meet other students may go for one of the SGI-approved student residences. SGI also has a number of partner hotels and executive apartments in and around central London.

The staff at SGI can help with specific accommodation requests. For example, for students receiving Italian lessons London accommodation near Little Italy – a nickname applied to the western side of Clerkenwell, which has strong Italian connections that go back more than two centuries – might make for a more rewarding experience.

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Improve Your English In London This Summer

Learning English is one of the most important skills a person can develop, and there’s clearly no better place to do it than in the capital city of the United Kingdom. Over the summer, UIC offers a variety of courses, catering for all abilities, in an unbelievably convenient central London location, as well as providing a countryside summer school for children, based in beautiful Ascot, Berkshire.

United International College offers students an opportunity to live in one of the most exciting, vibrant and busy capital cities in the world, at the same time as developing a crucial life skill. No matter how confident students feel about their English when they start a course at UIC, there is an option to suit them, in a diverse environment. UIC can also help to arrange homestay accommodation for students, meaning that they are completely immersed in the English language for as long as their course lasts.

Over the summer holidays, there is also an opportunity for children to embark upon an intensive language course. UIC’s residential English school is based in Ascot, Berkshire – a safe, small and idyllic countryside town that has quick and easy access to larger towns nearby, such as Bracknell, Reading, and of course, London. Catering for children aged 7 to 17, the facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art classrooms, sports facilities (including swimming pools, tennis courts and acres of fields), as well as a modern theatre and performing arts complex. What all this means, then, is that there is something so suit everyone – whatever interests children studying at UIC may have.

UIC also provides an opportunity to gain experience working in communication radio. This course won UIC the 2011 British Council ELTon award for Innovation in Language Teaching, making it one of only two language schools to do so – something that really sets it apart.

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Mimi Jett Joins Avant Assessment as VP Business Development for K-12 Education

Avant Assessment, pioneer in web-based proficiency assessment, announces the appointment of Mimi Jett as Vice President of Business Development for K-12 Education.

Avant Assessment is pleased to announce the addition of Mimi Jett as Vice President of Business Development for K-12 Education to its leadership team. Ms. Jett brings more than 25 years of educational technology and corporate leadership experience to Avant as it expands its efforts in the personalized learning arena with new, authentic-evidence, competency-based learning support systems.

As VP of Business Development, Ms. Jett will focus on building channel partners, strategic partnerships, and alliances that promote Avant’s products and services in the K-12 market. As a member of the Executive Team, she will collaborate with product, marketing, sales, and technology teams on strategy and operational implementation of initiatives to bring competency focused solutions to the education market.

Prior to joining Avant, Ms. Jett was the General Manager of netTrekker, a leading provider in the organization and delivery of digital K-12 educational content and tools, where she led the development of new products and services. Her record of success also includes strategic management positions with Renaissance Learning and IBM Research, where she was appointed to the elite Institute for Advanced Learning leadership council. As an entrepreneur, Mimi Jett was the founder and CEO of Electronic Technical Publishing, leading delivery of advanced technology solutions to higher education publishers in the fields of mathematics and engineering. Ms. Jett was an elected delegate to the White House Conference on Small Business and served as the Technology Advisory Committee Chair for the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Ms. Jett serves on the Software & Information Industry Association’s Education Division Board of Directors, is co-chair of the Global Strategies working group, and a member of the Open Educational Resources working group. In addition, she sits on several industry advisory boards and acts as a mentor for innovative entrepreneurs.

“Ms. Jett has an extraordinary talent of expanding the impact of a company’s work through development of key partnerships”, said Mike Patterson, CEO, “and we at Avant are excited to apply that talent to our efforts in bringing a more personalized learning environment to every student.”

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