St George’s New Summer Language Options

Specialist language school St George International (SGI) have this month introduced new flexible course structures and pricing options for those looking to learn a language. These new opportunities complement the school’s existing high quality choices for learning English and foreign languages.

For those with busy schedules to fit their language lessons around, SGI’s new nine hour course option enables students to study as and when they are able to take a lesson. In addition, St George International’s UK-wide range of native-speaking teachers means that students can enjoy learning at a broad range of locations. This means for those hoping to relocate to Spain and preparing by taking a Spanish course London is not the only place to learn.

This summer, learning a language for professional, academic or leisure purposes is also good value. Private one-to-one lessons are available at £28.00+VAT per hour for all learners. With SGI learners could practice their local language skills before going on holiday to many parts of Europe, from Germany to Portugal. After taking one of SGI’s French courses London, one of their main centres, is well-placed to take the Eurostar to France to practice with the locals. For trips further afield, courses are also taught in key global languages, from Arabic through to Mandarin Chinese.

Finally, St George International has also developed a selection of group offers so that those needing a little extra motivation can study with a friend or colleague. With this offer, students can study with one other friend and a teacher for£15.00+VAT per hour. With three learners and a teacher, prices are £12.00+VAT each!

These offers make it a good time to begin researching opportunities for one-to-one or group language lessons to fit around any lifestyle. Beginning to study a new language as a student, in time for the new autumn term, could be valuable for enhancing future career prospects. Professionals, many of whom are currently facing difficult job prospects and rising living costs, will also benefit from additional skills within their budget and timetable.

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Radio UIC By Students For Students

London is the world’s centre of English language learning with thousands of international students moving to the capital each and every year. To cater for their needs there are many language schools available for students to study at across the city.

But with so much choice available and many schools offering very similar programmes and facilities, it can be difficult for individuals to decide where to study. For this reason, students are now searching for something extra special.

One such school is London UIC. Here students get the chance to get involved with and produce a radio programme. The innovative method of learning helps to inform students, provides extra English listening activities and can prove to be a lot more fun and engaging than standard textbook lessons.

Many students and teachers get the chance to contribute to the station and those studying the Communication Station course, which won the British Council ELTons award 2011 for Innovation in Language Teaching, focus a lesson per week on the station.

There are also podcasts made for students to download from the school’s official website. These audio guides give students the low-down on living and travelling in London and hugely inspire individuals to make the most of the stay whilst also improve their listening abilities. English natives can also study foreign languages at the school and soon there will be podcasts available in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese and Chinese.

As well as offering students innovative multimedia platforms with which to improve their English language learning, London UIC still offers everything that you would expect from a modern and well-regarded school. To understand more about what is on offer and what to expect, log on to the website for a range of informative videos about both the language school London and Ascot campuses.

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Avant Assessment leaders’ experience on national language standards and assessment committees will support U.S. interests at the international level

Avant Assessment CEO Mike Patterson has been appointed to lead U.S. delegates to the International Standards Organization TC232/WG2 (learning services for non-formal education and training technical committee workgroup focused on language learning services) meetings in Beijing, China this week.

Workgroup delegates to ISO TC232/WG2 represent over a dozen countries and have the task of ensuring that the views and positions of their country are known and understood by the committee. The goal of the international committee is to develop consensus and an international standard for providers of language learning services in the non-formal sector (outside the mainstream school and higher education curriculum).

Mike and Avant Vice President of Research and Assessment, Paul Tucker, have participated in three previous international meetings and have been delegates to the workgroup since its inception. Both bring critical experience to the U.S. delegation having served on the Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) Testing Committee which is a network of Federal, academic, private business and NGO language specialists and managers who share a common goal of improving the nation’s capacity to learn, teach and effectively use foreign languages in the national interests.

Additionally, Paul Tucker served as the Lead Writer for the ASTM Standards of Practice for language education and now chairs the testing subcommittee (F43.04) which is looking at differentiating standards per testing purpose. Mike Patterson served as a committee member at the U.S. Department of Education National Educational Technology Planning Sessions in 2003 and 2004, and has been actively involved with SIIA, CoSN, SIF, Software Association of Oregon and other industry organizations where he has served as a presenter and panelist at national and regional conferences.

“It is an honor to represent the interests of our country in the field of language acquisition” says Mike Patterson, Avant’s CEO. “As a country, we are a leader in developing thorough and rigorous standards on language training. It is important to the future of global communication that international standards meet or exceed those same standards. I look forward to these experiences working with colleagues from around the world on common goals. They are as rewarding as they are educational and challenging.”

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Sportwise to Launch New Physical Education Courses

Sportwise Education and Training — a specialised Physical Education institute — will be opening new sport, health and fitness coaching and training courses for enrollment on its website in the months ahead. Prospective physical education trainees, ranging from children to teachers to other interested adults, should contact Sportwise Training representatives through its website so as to learn more about its accredited qualifications course offerings.

A provider with a strong national reach, Sportwise Training’s specialty is to deliver top-level, nationally respected VRQ and NVQ fitness courses in Birmingham and other UK locations. VRQs are qualification programmes for Physical Education teachers, while NVQs assess skills and abilities. Alternatively, the firm’s National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) programmes are popular with fitness and health professionals seeking certification.

Based in Birmingham, Sportwise Training is a Sports Leaders UK Qualifications operator. This programme looks to heighten communication, organisational and motivational skills in children and adults wanting to become inspiring leaders in sport and other areas in life, including the home or work space.

Sportwise Training’s BTECs Level 1 programme is all about providing its students a foundation in Professional Development in Urban/Freestyle Football. The two-unit course is requisite for BTECS qualification.

Sportwise looks to promote lifelong learning through its offering of sports and fitness qualification programmes, which can cater to people as young as 11. The duration of the courses last from one day to weeks, and can be taught in different locations across the nation.

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Education Loan Source Expands TuitionFlex Financing Program for San Francisco School of Massage

Education Loan Source, Inc. (ELS), the nation’s leader in education financing administration and services, is proud to announce the expansion of their partnership with San Francisco School of Massage (SFSM). SFSM originally launched the TuitionFlexSM program in March, 2010 and the school is now expanding the program to include a choice of longer payment plan terms.

TuitionFlexSM provides students with the option to extend tuition payments over a specified period of time instead of paying cash up-front for an academic program. “With new state regulations slated to take effect at the end of this year, increasing the number of required course hours in the fields of massage and bodywork, SFSM wants to be in position to assist students with affordability,” said Gary Witt, Chief Executive Officer of SFSM. “Expanding the TuitionFlex program furthers SFSM’s commitment to make education accessible to students who are already managing a variety of personal and professional responsibilities.”

As program administrator, ELS offers comprehensive support for the program and, as a result, the program requires very little involvement from school officials. From the point of online application all the way through servicing, ELS provides a seamless flow for both students and school. ELS programs are in compliance with federal and state Truth-in-Lending disclosures and are of particular assistance to schools looking to meet 90/10 regulations.

“We are excited about expanding our partnership with ELS,” said Rocky Hall, Director of Operations. “We appreciate the expertise that ELS has earned in the educational finance arena and have benefited by their commitment to enhance TuitionFlex and bring innovation to the space.”

“Given the dynamic nature of the higher education industry, it is a pleasure to deliver financing solutions that can be easily tailored as requirements change,” said Jacklyn Garcia-Schneider, Director, Client Services for ELS. “Knowing that the expanded program will enable more students to get their education at SFSM – one of the most respected massage and bodywork schools in the nation – is especially rewarding .”

For more information about the TuitionFlexSM program, call ELS at (888) 335-6261.

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