Complete University Guide 2013 ranks Lancaster University ninth in the UK

The Complete University Guide for 2013 has finished its research into the best universities in the UK and on 24th April 2012 released the new University League Table, in which Lancaster University ranks in ninth place.

By coming in ninth position Lancaster University is now grouped with the top universities in the UK alongside many prestigious higher education institutions. This leading group has Cambridge University in first place, with the rest of the top 10 including, in order of rank, the London School of Economics, Oxford University, the Imperial College of London, Durham University, the University of St Andrews, the University of Warwick, University College London, Lancaster University and the University of Bath.

A total of nine attributes were used to measure the University League Table’s rankings, including student satisfaction, research funding, entry standards, the ratio of students to staff, academic services spending, overall quality of student facilities, degree results, graduate prospects, and levels of degree completion.

Apart from gaining high scores overall, Lancaster University also achieved exceptional results for its individual dress subjects. Social work came in first place, art and design in second, linguistics in third, drama, dance and cinema in fifth, biological science, geography and environmental science all ranked eighth, and accounting and finance, business studies, general engineering and social policy placed ninth.

All universities were judged on four attributes for degree subjects, which were – student satisfaction, research (including doctoral and postgraduate research), entry standards and graduate prospects.

Lancaster University has recently ranked highly in a number of publications. For instance, the university was ranked ninth in The Times Good University Guide 2012 and seventh out of 120 UK universities in The Guardian’s University Guide 2012. Also, the UK Government’s latest Assessment of Research in 2008 revealed that more than 90 per cent of Lancaster University’s research work can be classed as world leading and that the University has some of the best research subjects in the UK.

Of the University’s latest achievement in the University League Table Professor Mark E. Smith, the Vice-Chancellor of Lancaster University, said: “Lancaster University is consistently highly ranked in the UK league tables and is established as a world player in research and teaching, which is reflected in our rising global league table position.

“Students who come to Lancaster can be confident of receiving a first class education at an internationally diverse campus.”

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Student Accommodation At Lancaster University Ranks Second In The UK

Following the annual Times Higher Education Student Experience survey, Lancaster University’s student accommodation has been ranked second in the whole of the UK.

The Times Higher Education Student Experience survey was conducted by the University of Cambridge and a total of 105 different universities were ranked. All universities were scored on 21 attributes, such as the overall quality of lectures, social life, facilities, the student’s union and many others. For each attribute universities were scored out of seven by its own students, with the total for every university being calculated from these results.

191 students from Lancaster University participated the university’s scoring this year and the university ranked at number 19 for the second year running. The university has received its greatest accolade in recent years, now being set in joint second place for the best student accommodation in the UK, alongside the University of Dundee and the University of Oxford.

And it’s easy to see why the university’s students chose such a high score for its accommodation, as the students’ halls of residence is of a much higher quality than many others in the UK. Students living there can benefit from eco-friendly and energy-efficient technologies that encourage them to live more sustainably, which is a key skill they can then take into later life.

For example, students can refer to real-time energy monitors to keep energy wastage at a minimum. The halls have also been fitted with roof-mounted thermal solar panels that preheat hot water, Passive Infra-Red (PIR) units to control lighting in the halls, and high-end insulation.

“It’s not like a first-year halls of residence,” said Hilary Simmons, the Head of Colleges and Student Life at Lancaster University. “You have this huge vibrancy of second- and third-years organising lots of activities and social events. Keeping these smaller communities within the overall huge university community is really important to us.”

Lancaster University has pioneered an Eco-Residences model that has received much recognition and many awards since its creation. The university uses this model for around 12 per cent of its accommodation stock, which is one of the many reasons why its students are so pleased with their housing.

To find out more about Lancaster University, visit now.

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Brand New Level 4 Forensic Science Diploma

Due to the popularity of our Level 3 Forensic Science Diploma, NCC Home Learning have now developed a Brand New Level 4 Forensic Science Diploma!

This Level 4 Diploma has been produced due to popular demand for our learners, and can be used as a progression route from our other Level 3 Criminology and Forensics courses, or as a starter course for more experienced learners.

Forensic Science is a fascinating subject and can most simply be defined as applying science to the law. The work of a Forensic Scientist is multidisciplinary drawing on many subject areas including chemistry, biology, physics, psychology and social science.

Forensic Scientists are primarily involved in collecting and examining trace material associated with crimes and crime scenes, with the aim of linking a suspect to the crime and ultimately providing impartial scientific evidence for use in a court of law.

NCC Home Learning’s new Forensic Science Level 4 Diploma contains 20 modules split across 3 units covering all the key areas of the science of criminal investigation.

The first unit, of the Forensic Science Diploma is comprised of the first 1-8 modules of the course and explores the science of crime scene investigation, also known as field forensics. The modules within Unit 1 examine the processing of the crime scene and the range of possible evidence available including, biological evidence, trace evidence, fingerprint evidence, ballistics evidence, evidence of arson and evidence of explosion.

The second unit contains 3 modules examining forensic pathology at the crime scene and forensic pathology at the mortuary before moving on to Forensic Anthropology which also spans work that takes place in both the mortuary and the laboratory.

The third and final unit of the Forensic Science Diploma focuses on forensic science that takes place in a controlled environment such as a laboratory. The remaining modules that make up Unit 3 examine forensic odontology, forensic entomology, forensic botany, forensic serology, DNA typing, forensic toxicology, forensic firearms identification, disputed documents examination and forensic vehicle examination.

The Forensic Science Level 4 Diploma is the latest course to be added into our ever popular Criminology and Forensics faculty. If you are you a fan of CSI and would like to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes or would like to progress in a related career, why not find out more about this enthralling new course.

Whether studying for interest or professional development, the forensic Science course is bound to keep you hooked!

Plus with a distance learning course from NCC Home Learning you can fit studying towards a qualification around a busy lifestyle, completing your home study course at your own pace in your own time.

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Children’s Book Series Combines Substance With Fun

Growing up, author and illustrator Setria James did not make the best grades, but she discovered a strong artistic ability through coloring and began excelling in art classes. She subsequently followed this passion through her college education, studying fine arts and graphic design. Setria recently tapped into her love of coloring and interest in child development by single-handedly authoring and illustrating the Doodles Coloring Fun book line under her Doodles Avenue brand.

Setria published the coloring book collection to encourage children’s artistic expression, provide a fun platform for learning, and aid in their overall development. The series delves into a variety of interesting and educational subjects, such as animals, insects, flowers, food, safety, travel destinations, and United States history. Each book is filled with Setria’s original drawings, themed facts, and activities, which address some of the biggest concerns parents face, including education, health, safety, and cultural awareness.

Ten coloring books have now been released under the Doodles Avenue brand, including the award-winning first edition of “Doodles Alphabet Coloring Fun.” According to Setria, “Coloring helped cultivate my creativity as a child and inspire my career in graphic design, which is why I wanted to produce Doodles Coloring Fun. If my books can inspire other kids to be creative and help them learn about their world in the process, then I’ve accomplished my goal. Doodles Coloring Fun has a level of substance I wish my childhood coloring books contained, with imaginative sketches and educational facts.”

Setria attended Texas Woman’s University, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a Masters of Art degree with an emphasis in Graphic Design. Says Setria, “Coloring stimulated my career path and my passion for the arts. My lifelong love of coloring continues through the Doodles Coloring Fun collection, but now I’m paying it forward.”

The Doodles Coloring Fun series is available exclusively on

If you would like more information on this topic, or to schedule an interview with Setria James, please email High-res photos are available to the media upon request.

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Considering a Career change – Take a look at NCC Home Learning’s Brand New Personal Assistant Diploma!

The Brand New distance learning Personal Assistant Diploma is now available from NCC Home Learning!

A Personal Assistant, generally speaking, is someone who works closely with managerial or directorial staff. The role of a Personal Assistant is crucial to the success of many businesses as they carry out secretarial and administrative tasks as well as helping managers to make the best use of their time. It goes without saying that a Personal Assistant must possess excellent organisational skills!

Although the overall job purpose of the Personal Assistant is generally categorised as ‘to provide comprehensive support to senior management’, the practical role requires much more than impressive administrative skills. The scope of the role also requires strong personal skills and a firm grasp of business structure, requirements and procedures.

Personal Assistants are often the first point of contact, dealing with people both internal and external to the organisation, so it is essential that they make a good first impression. They also must possess an extensive knowledge of the organisation including the businesses aims and objectives and who its key personnel are.

There is no doubt that Personal Assistants are relied on heavily but when carried out successfully this can be a very satisfying and fulfilling job role.

The aim of the home study Personal Assistant Diploma is to provide an overview of the key areas of business understanding and personal skills that are required to work successfully in in the role of a Personal Assistant.

The course covers key subject areas in relation to the role of a Personal Assistant including understanding organisations, managing business information, legal and regulatory requirements and handling difficult situations to name just a few!

As the Personal Assistant Diploma can be completed fully by distance learning as one of the many NCC Home learning courses you can work towards a qualification from the comfort of your own home at a pace to suit you.

With this course you will receive 12 months personalised tutor support and on completion of the course you will receive your Diploma from National Awarding Body NCFE.

NCC Home Learning are an established provider of distance learning courses and currently offer over 300 courses in a range of subject areas from A Levels to forensic psychology courses.

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Howard University Online Executive MBA Launches New Website

Howard University’s School of Business is excited to announce the launch of its new website for the Online Executive MBA: The site features robust content about this distinguished degree, including information about admission requirements, online learning, frequently asked questions about earning an Executive MBA, Howard University’s legacy and tradition, and tuition and financial aid.

The Howard University Online Executive MBA combines Howard’s heritage with the prestige of the School of Business. The convenient online Howard Executive MBA is designed to provide accessible management education to those who work full-time but also have the desire and drive to obtain an executive graduate degree. The program provides a comprehensive understanding of the industry and prepares individuals to strategically think and act from the perspective of senior leadership.

Bookmark the website and check back for periodic updates on networking opportunities, current student profiles, informational videos and program

Interested in speaking with an enrollment advisor now about this program? Contact us today at 1-877- 398-3053.

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UIC Languages: Spanish for Scousers

UIC Languages, one of the UK’s largest modern language teaching operations, is celebrating British language education in 2012 – as well as looking forward to the London Olympics and Paralympics to be held in the city later this year.

During this time, UIC predicts that the number of overseas visitors is likely to stimulate further demand for modern language tuition at its London school and at its other locations around the UK. Overseas visitors are likely to use their stay in the UK to explore the wider educational and business opportunities in the country and to take English courses where they will benefit most from the expert tuition of qualified native English teachers. At the same time, UK businesses will be keen to demonstrate courtesy to overseas visitors by learning something of their language for the benefit of future good relations. Spanish courses are expected to be particularly popular, as Spanish is a popular world language spoken by many Olympic countries.

Of course, it is not just London that will benefit from overseas visitors and a boost in international business. Liverpool has already joined cities like Athens and Madrid in feeling the benefit of its status as a European Capital of Culture. Such recognition has given the city a higher international profile, and better trade links with Europe. The University is now home to international experts studying the effects of regeneration through culture in the city and at the London Olympics. So for Spanish courses Liverpool is a hot destination in 2012.

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