UIC University Foundation Course

UIC offers to students from more than 50 countries around the world the chance to master the global language of our times, English. Located at the heart of the British capital, the school’s facilities help foreign students to familiarise themselves with London and explore the ins and outs of Europe’s most vibrant city.

UIC University Foundation Course
Apart from language courses for students and professionals, UIC has formed a joint foundation programme with St Mary’s University of Twickenham for students aiming to study at British universities. Based in idyllic Twickenham, the foundation course allows participants to study a wide variety of academic subjects, partly taught by St Mary’s academic staff. It’s an intensive 36 weeks programme, starting in September and finishing in June, whereas students equipped with a sufficient level of English may start in January. Finally, students who wish to complete an undergraduate degree at St Mary’s University are able to carry 30 first year credits, which is about 25% of the credits requirement for an academic year.

Prepare for English Language Exams
Students whose mother tongue is not English and aim to take an undergraduate course in an English-speaking country are required to sit an exam proving their ability to speak English fluently, such as IELTS and TOEFL. Tedious as it may be, the process of delving into the realm of a foreign language can be extremely rewarding and even fascinating, particularly when it comes along with a combination of listening, speaking, reading and writing assessments. Among the most prestigious exams that a student can prepare for at UIC London are IELTS, TOEIC and Cambridge First Certificate.

A City of Miracles and Wonders
A bustling city such as London offers a unique experience to students from all over the world, allowing them to explore not only their skills in English, but also their ability to communicate with their peers in a language different than their mother tongue and assimilate themselves in a new and challenging environment. It’s not rare for students and professionals to be asked to live and work with people from different backgrounds and cultures. In other words, for students aiming to boost their language skills in an English school London can be another type of school, bigger in size and full of temptations. Besides, UIC is located in Mortimer Road at central London, just a stone’s throw from the shopping frenzy of Oxford Circus and the characteristically British serenity of Regent Park.

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Learn A Language For Your Gap Year

The summer is now here, and it’s official for some more than others. Many people have finished university and are set to spent the next few months relaxing and figuring out what they’re going to do with the rest of their life. A lot of peoples’answer is to go travelling.

Does this sound familiar to your? Well if you are looking to make an extended trip abroad in the next 12 months, it would be very worthwhile for you to learn the language of the place you’re going to. You don’t have to be fluent, just a simple conversational and general understanding can massively enhance your experience.

Look no further than St George International, with 50 years of experience and situated in central London – the school is held in extremely high regard. There are many different types of lessons to choose from to match your budget, desires and schedule.

The different languages available to learn include French, Italian, Spanish, German, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Norwegian, Urdu, Hebrew, Greek and Swedish amongst others. So wherever you are choosing to travel to, there should be a course for you.

When you arrive in your new country you will be much more prepared and ready to deal with many different situations. Imagine the difference once you step off the plane, you’ll be able to hail a cab or catch public transport with ease. Then in the evenings you can talk to the waiting staff in restaurants, order things that you are familiar with and chat to locals.

This won’t just improve your time in your chosen destination, you will also be learning an invaluable life skill that could vastly enhance your career. Even for a completely unrelated job, the fact that your CV would say that you’ve studied another language is a massive benefit.

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Education Loan Source Launches TuitionFlexPLUS Financing Program for International Education Corporation

Education Loan Source, Inc. (ELS), the nation’s leader in education financing administration and services, is proud to announce the launch of the TuitionFlexPLUSSM financing program at International Education Corporation (IEC) campuses nationwide.

“TuitionFlex PLUS is a win-win for both students and school,” explains Ena Hull, Vice President of Financial Planning. “Students have the ability to make affordable monthly paymen ts, while the school yields the benefits of an innovative note selling program that generates a more immediate cash flow. Through TuitionFlexPLUS, we now strike the perfect balance between offering an affordable plan to students while realizing improved cash flow for the school.”

“IEC is excited to launch a finance program that offers an online application process, high touch servicing and ultimately, a high collectability track record. These were all key factors in our decision to select ELS,” Ena continued. “As an additional benefit, the program will help with our 90/10 compliance.” As program administrator, ELS ensures that participating schools remain in compliance with federal and state Truth-in-Lending disclosure requirements. In addition, each program is customized to follow a school’s preferred internal process.

Payment plans allow a student the option to make payments over a specified term rather than paying cash up front for an academic program. Traditional payment plans require the school to hold the note on their books, while receiving funds as the student makes payments. The challenge with these plans is balancing the need to keep costs low for student enrollment with the need to infuse operating capital into the school. With TuitionFlexPLUS, schools establish unique rates and terms and can elect to implement a credit check to mitigate risk. As an additional option, they can sell a portion of their portfolio.

According to Dennis Christich, VP Sales for ELS, “ TuitionFlexPLUS allows IEC to focus on helping students become successful within the allied health, business, technology and automotive industries, while ELS supports both students and school staff with financing. The drive to excel is evident in all that IEC does and launching this financing option for students is yet another sign of that commitment being put into action.”

For more information on the TuitionFlexPLUS program, call ELS at (888) 335-6261.

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Safetyshop Encourages Schools to Prepare for Summer Games and Sports Days with Line Marking Equipment Deals

Workplace safety equipment specialist, Safetyshop, has heralded the start of the summer and sunnier weather with a reminder to schools and sports clubs to mark out sports courts and playgrounds with the help of line marking equipment and paint.

The UK’s leading safety products manufacturer has recommended that schools, councils and other educational institutions get ready for the summer as children will be playing outside both on playgrounds and playing fields.

Having clearly marked playgrounds can be for sports courts for sports such as tennis, netball or basketball or they could even be used for other traditional games such as hopscotch.

In order to ensure that the line markings last a long time and don’t require the same money to be spent every year schools could use the line marking paint and line marking equipment available from Safetyshop.

Line marking in schools isn’t just for on the playground either, car parks and restricted areas can be marked out to prevent children from walking into dangerous and hazardous areas.

Ed Barnes, Product Manager at Safetyshop commented, “line marking is often thought of as something industrial and factory businesses need to consider, but a large percentage of our customer base for these products is in fact schools and the public sector”

“Effective use of our Easyline products, available for purchase and delivery online, can help mark out a wide range of floor markings whether it’s for fun or for important safety issues”

“The Easyline products have been chosen by Safetyshop due to their sharp appearance and their durability, ensuring schools or businesses won’t have to frequently repaint lines”

The range of line marking equipment is just one of the many products available for businesses as well as safety signs, protective clothing and many other important workplace health and safety products.

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New Research Shows An Increase In Unemployment And Under-Employment Among Recent Graduates

Following the news that more than half of all graduates are either out of work or stuck in menial jobs some six months after leaving university, Guardian Jobs are today stressing the importance in preparing a good CV to give you the best chance of success in the jobs market.

A study by the Centre for Economics and Business Research found that 52% of last year’s university-leavers, that’s 15,655, were unemployed or under-employed six months after graduating.

20%, that’s 59,000 graduates, had no job this year, the highest amount in a decade and double when the recession began in 2008. Worse still, it’s estimated that some 55% of 2011 graduates will be unemployed or under-employed six months after leaving university.

A spokesperson for Guardian Jobs said today “These findings and predictions by the CEBR do make for rather grim reading. It really highlights the importance graduates must make in making themselves appear employable on their CV, which is after all, the first form of contact employers will have.”

To help graduates get the right job, Guardian Jobs have partnered up with The Fuller CV to offer a free CV checking service that promotes the message ‘just say no to bad CV advice’ and highlights the importance of getting your CV checked over by an expert.

To browse Guardian Jobs extensive selection of graduate jobs, and for advice on how to best prepare your CV for the jobs search, visit the Guardian Jobs website.

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Dore Frances, Ph.D. Celebrates A Decade Of Helping Families in Crisis With Troubled Teens at Horizon Family Solutions

In 2001 Dore Frances created Horizon Family Solutions, LLC (H.F.S.) with the intention to assist and educate parents during a time of crisis with their teenager. This year Horizon Family Solutions is celebrating over a decade of assisting families.

During these ten years, Dore Frances has been asked for her opinion by Seventeen Magazine and interviewed by The Monterey Herald in California.

She also spoke at the Boise High school in Idaho about the dangers of drugs and answered some very tough questions from both parents and teens.

Not seeking publicity Dore Frances has shared information with attorneys, counselors, doctors, families, health care providers, and other professionals through her two newsletters and the most recent addition of RMG Teen Alerts. She also has several e-Book publications in process that will assist families in crisis who are needing to make a placement decision and are not able to travel ahead of time.

Recently Dore Frances was accepted into the American Evaluation Association (A.E.A.) and will be conducting in-depth evaluations of programs and schools that are assisting families in raising today’s teens. Frances knows personally the anguish parent’s experience when their home is being invaded by an out of control teen, who themselves is in crisis.

She too choose to place her own daughter in a residential therapeutic treatment center over 10 year ago. Neither she nor her daughter have any regrets.

Since that time Dore Frances has learned a lot about the benefits and concerns of programs and schools that have invaded the Internet. It is always painful when needing to make a decision about placing your child in the care of others, usually far from home. You want a quick fix, and have your child reunited with you as soon as possible. However, it does take time. The crisis did not happen overnight and you will not come back from it overnight.

Dore Frances knows first hand that there are excellent addiction treatment centers, clinical programs, eating disorder programs, learning disability schools, residential treatment centers and wilderness programs all across the United States.

She has visited hundreds of programs and schools in Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho and many other states. It is more important than ever that these programs and schools do the very best they can in the areas they specialize in and that parents, as well as programs, remember that one size does not fit all.

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Co-operative Revolutionises Green Education

An extensive, multi-channel green education programme that will revolutionise the way young people learn about sustainable and healthy living was unveiled this month by The Co-operative.

From now, all schools are invited to join The Co-operative’s Green Schools Revolution by registering at www.greenschools.coop, which will give them free online access to a wide range of cross-curricular classroom resources and activities, as well as a number of other valuable benefits for the first schools to sign up.

It will give young people the tools to inspire change in their schools, homes and local communities and teachers will have access to materials covering key stages 1 to 4, including lesson plans, topic webs, assembly presentations, classroom activities, debating topics, quizzes and competitions.

Schools will also be able to arrange free visits to The Co-operative’s own wind farm to see renewable energy in action and to one of seven Co-operative Farms to see how food grows and how to cook it. They will also be able to take advantage of support and free materials to set up walking buses at their schools.

In addition, a series of Green Schools Revolution events will take place across the UK from the autumn, including activity days at regional science and discovery centres, funded by The Co-operative.

Written by educational specialists, Green Schools Revolution is available free to all UK schools and incorporates many areas of the national curriculum for 5 to 16 year olds, including science, geography, literacy, citizenship, PSHE, maths, design and technology and art. It also provides valuable opportunities for learning outside the classroom and complements existing Eco Schools and Healthy Schools initiatives to help support schools on their sustainability journey.

Peter Marks, Chief Executive of The Co-operative Group, said: “Green Schools Revolution forms a major part of our £30million drive to inspire young people and is a key part of The Co-operative’s revolutionary Ethical Plan.

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St George International – Catering for All Students

With thousands of foreign language students arriving in England this spring and summer, there can be no doubt each person will be propelled by different motives. Whether it is for future employment or pure enjoyment, each student is unique and individual. However, many language schools struggle to accommodate for this, by offering strict schedules and rigid learning structures. This is not the case with St George International.

As the city gears up for the royal wedding, St George International has adopted a schedule to allow its students to get the most out of this exciting and historic moment. The staff at the school have created a social programme for the entire week of the wedding, including guided visits and excursions to several famous royal locations. Students can go to see St Paul’s Cathedral, Kensington Palace, Buckingham Palace, the Changing of the Guard, and the Queen’s Gallery. There is also a weekend excursion to Windsor Castle, where the Queen sometimes resides.

The theme is continued into the students’ learning diary. For those taking intensive courses, the afternoon sessions will be based on the theme of the royals and the wedding. Students will learn English through the discussion of, and engagement with, a key moment in British history.

The school prides itself on offering a number of things to its students:

The range of classes on offer at SGI schools will cater for a variety of students’ demands. These include General English, Business English, Academic English and private tuition. So, if you want to go on to do a job that requires English, socialise with native speakers, or study at a UK school or university, then St George International is likely to have a course to suit you.

SGI staff understand that for many students learning a language is one of many requirements that demand their time and attention. Therefore, SGI has a variety of helpful services to aid its students. For example, evening classes are offered to those who have a job during the daytime. Online learning and home tuition services reflect the priority the school places upon the tailoring of study for its students. Although when you think of French lessons London may not be the first place that comes to mind, St George International offers an excellent array of modern language courses at all its teaching centres.

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Forget The Coins, Mugs And T-Shirts – UIC Offers A Commemorative Royal Wedding Language Course

It did not take long from the royal wedding announcement in November last year for commemorative mugs to appear, coins to be issued and T-shirts to be printed. On 29 April, when Prince William lifts the veil to kiss Kate, who will reveal her hair to be worn down according to latest reports, several lucky English students will be rather pleased they chose to bypass the usual array of tawdry trinkets and book themselves on a commemorative royal-wedding-themed English language course at UIC instead. Once the mug is chipped, the T-shirt faded and the coin lost behind the sofa, the benefits of this innovative course will remain.

The language school announced this innovative General English course earlier this year in February, and it has proved extremely popular with language students wishing to study English in the UK. Its popularity proves once again the hold over foreign visitors’ imaginations the royal family continues to have.

The course is just one of many highly innovative approaches to language learning UIC offers. The school’s reputation for innovation and excellence in language teaching was recognised earlier this year by the British Council. In February it was announced that UIC’s Communication Station course had won a British Council’s prestigious ELTon award. The course allows students to make and broadcast their own radio show as a focus for their language learning.

The royal wedding course promises to be equally as innovative and motivating for students. The course will help language learners to improve their General English while learning about the British royal family’s history and weddings. From Henry VIII’s break from the Catholic Church to secure a divorce to the all-too-public collapse of Charles and Di’s marriage, the course will use newspapers, history books and multimedia resources to use the social and cultural history of the royals as a stimulus for English language development. Classroom-based learning will be mixed with visits to important royal sites such as St Paul’s, Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace and Hampton Court. For students wanting to study a royal-themed English course London is the only place to do it.

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