ASPIRA of PA Continues its Rapid Expansion and Growth

It’s hard to believe that just five years ago ASPIRA, Inc. of Pennsylvania (ASPIRA of PA) was a relatively small community-based organization with less than 100 employees and an operating budget around $2 million. Today, ASPIRA of PA has over 750 employees and a budget that exceeds $58 million. In the past five years, ASPIRA of PA has emerged as a leader in education reform and a trailblazer among North Philadelphia charter schools. In addition to becoming a charter management organization in 2008, ASPIRA of PA has also expanded the scope of its enrichment programs and greatly increased the number of students served by its programs and schools. Take a look at the following figures to learn more about ASPIRA of PA’s recent growth and accomplishments.

Since 2008 ASPIRA of PA has:

•  Expanded from 1 charter school to 5 charter schools, including 2 traditional charter schools, 2 turnaround schools, and 1 cyber school.

•  Grown from serving about 550 students to over 4,000 students.

•  Increased its real-estate assets and property management from a 30,000 sq. ft. building to over 1 million sq. ft. in facilities.

•  Expanded from serving 5 grades to a complete PreK – 12 th grade, cradle to college/career model.

•  More than doubled the number of enrichment programs it provides.

ASPIRA of PA plans to continue its growth and expansion in the coming year through new initiatives like a Community Technology Center and a district-wide science fair for all five ASPIRA schools.

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ASPIRA of PA Hosts Summer of Innovation Camp

ASPIRA, Inc. of Pennsylvania (ASPIRA of PA) was selected by Immaculata University to host a week-long Summer of Innovation (SOI) camp, from July 22nd – 26th. The camp is part of NASA’s nation-wide campaign aimed at engaging middle school students across the United States to share in the excitement of scientific discovery and space exploration through unique, NASA-related STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) opportunities. The SOI program seeks to leverage the expertise and reach of NASA’s 10 field centers, national academic and industry partners and smaller, non-traditional collaborators to keep students engaged in STEM activities during the summer school break.

The camp took place at Pantoja Charter (a K-8 bilingual charter school managed by ASPIRA of PA), and in addition to providing facility space, ASPIRA of PA also provided teachers and staff to help facilitate the camp. The teachers participating at the camp are also part of a development program hosted by NASA to improve Science/STEM instruction. Over 80, 4 th – 9 th grade students attended the camp, with 80% of students coming from schools managed by ASPIRA of PA. Throughout the camp, students learned about robotics, computer programming, aeronautics, and in a culminating event on the last day, they launched rockets that they built earlier in the week. Students and parents alike praised the camp, with the only complaint being that they wished it was longer. ASPIRA of PA is already beginning to make plans for next year’s SOI camp, with hopes of extending the length of the camp and offering it to more students.

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