Parallel Project Training Receives Excellent Feedback And 100% Pass Rate On Its First Project Management Training Courses

Parallel Project Training, an innovative new specialist training provider in APM project management training and APMP certification, has received outstanding feedback from customers who attended the company’s first training courses in March and April. The exam pass rate on the March course was 100%, all students passed.

The courses were a mixture of three and five day events led by a fully qualified and experienced tutor offering students an integrated approach to their learning with a wide range of pre-course study options. The programmes have been designed to follow the same structure as the APMP syllabus and offer students the opportunity to enhance their skills and best practice knowledge in project management in order to pass the APMP exam. Students are also coached on how to apply the APM principles to their own projects. Students are able to confidently sit the APM Professional exam with a clear understanding of what is required to pass. They also take away a thorough understanding of the benefits of deploying project management within an organisation.

All students receive a high quality APMP exam study guide prior to the course start date, which allows them to prepare and coordinate their study plans. The study guide explains the APM Body of Knowledge in simple steps, including sample exam questions and helpful templates. The course is also broken down into seven APM accredited e-learning modules which integrate seamlessly with the study guide as well as MP3 podcasts that cover all the important topics included in the APMP Exam, which students must sit on the last day of the course.

The courses cost from £935, which is probably the best value around “a properly keen price” said one student. Others, commenting on what they liked about the course said: “I learnt more in the first morning than in the entire six days of the previous course when I failed the exam”. Other comments included praise for the knowledgeable instructor with vast experience and that the blended e-learning option was especially useful when used alongside the study guide. They also liked a clear set of objectives for the course and a focus on results. “I really liked the podcasts, they’re really useful for the car” said one very busy student.

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Bullfights ‘Sold Out’ At The Feria De Abril

Weeks before some of the biggest bullfights are to take place in the Andalusian capital of Seville, the tickets for the majority of them have sold out. Organisers of the Feria de Abril 2010 – the annual April Fair of Seville – claim that this year they are expecting a massive surge in tourists.

Bullfights 'Sold Out' At The Feria De Abril

Bullfighting is the national sport of Spain, and its popularity across the world has been on the rise in the past decade. In the Mediterranean, the practice of sacrificing bulls dates back to prehistoric times. The bullfights of Seville are world famous, with matadors from across Spain and even from foreign shores descending on this Mediterranean holiday spot. The April Fair, the biggest draw of Seville’s tourist calendar, is renowned as the showcase for some of the finest bullfighting traditions in Spain. “The April Fair is traditionally held two weeks after Easter Sunday, and gives tourists a taste of Spanish hospitality at its best. We are normally booked months in advance, and there is hardly a single room available during this time”, says Sevillan hotelier Pablo Casteillos.

The bullfights have for centuries been the main attraction of the Feria de Abril. “If you have a choice of where to see bullfights in Spain, make sure it is in either Seville or Madrid. The Sevillanos are among the most passionate in the country”, claims Jesus Chavez, a bullfighting enthusiast from Mexico.

The Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza, one of the oldest buildings in Sevilla, continues the venue for some of the most epic bullfights of the Spanish matador’s lore. The construction of this building is said to have begun as far back as the mid eighteenth century, and is one of the most popular landmarks in Seville. Unusally for a bullring, however, the Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza is oval shaped, instead of the traditional circular ring. Along with Ronda, Seville is considered as the “nursery” where modern bullfighting as it is performed today was developed. In earlier centuries, bullfighting was undertaken by matadors on horseback.

Hotel registers show that its not just Spaniards who will be attending the April Fair – many tourists are travelling in from as far as Japan and Australia. Some of them are already in Spain to study Spanish abroad and grasp the flavour and flow of the language well in time for the April Fair. The popularity of bullfights have ensured that Spanish study abroad has become all the rage.

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Searches Increase for Healthcare Management Degrees on

The primary focus this year for most businesses including healthcare facilities is cost control. Business professionals holding Healthcare Management degrees are needed to help control costs, run cost efficient facilities, improve patient care and create profitable businesses. Additional variables such as looming healthcare reforms, aging baby boomers and the growing population all contribute to the need for highly educated professionals. Recent searches on for healthcare management and Healthcare Administration degrees confirm the trend for increased job market opportunities available to those with the right skills and training.

Even with a slacking economy where most businesses have lost capital and job positions, the healthcare industry has managed to expand. The most successful healthcare managers are business oriented, natural leaders, well organized and most importantly sympathetic individuals with a desire to help people. Healthcare facilities recognize the need for skilled workers to fill these management roles and offer one of the most competitive salary rates on the market. The result is the rise in popularity for degrees specializing in healthcare management and administration. offers both on-campus and online degrees from Universities such as Kaplan University, Globe University and Ashford University who are benefitting from the current trend. Online degrees make earning your healthcare management degree more attainable than ever, especially for those individuals who for personal obligations such as family and work would otherwise be unable to complete their degree. was launched in 2009 as an education resource for individuals looking to better themselves through education. Run by experts in the education industry, Emagister is currently serving 11 countries with 3 more planned launches in the second quarter of 2010. Emagister is well on its way of becoming the World’s Education Pathfinder.

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Teachers’ Appreciation Day Is Coming Soon

This year 2010, you will have the opportunity to celebrate all teachers from May 3rd to May 7th, and more particularly on Wednesday May 5th, i.e. International Teachers’ Appreciation Day. This period is a great opportunity for students to demonstrate all their admiration to their teachers by organizing little shows, team works and by giving presents. This holiday is honored in no less than 50 countries all over the globe.

Teachers’ Appreciation Day is a famous holiday implemented with the goal to thank teachers for all their work and commitment. More precisely, it is the perfect opportunity to think about the education they have been providing all over the year, through all kind of subjects and for all, without discrimination. Teaching is not easy, it requires passion and devotion; qualities that must be rewarded at least 1 week of the year. Students always think of many ways to show their recognition. Each new Teacher’s Appreciation Day is a new chance to innovate and to be creative. In a few weeks now, students and teachers will gather around to spend some quality time together and pay tribute to Education in general.

On the 5 continents, children and teenagers are already planning this year’s festivities. From China to Argentina, millions of people are waiting for Teacher’s Appreciation Day2010. Wherever it comes from, joy and happiness are prevailing, even in the most unstable places like Iraq or Afghanistan. This date is a symbol of hope during difficult and good times. Furthermore, whether you decide to write a beautiful note or to buy a bunch of flowers, just remember that every act is noble. It is time now to prepare good the happiest week at school!

But this holiday is not only about celebration. During these times of crisis, it is fundamental to hold on to good values and to preserve this profession. Education is essential; it brings us knowledge and, thus, the independence and strength we all deserve. Guaranteeing a good education for our children is giving them the power to overcome post-crisis consequences.

Poems and gifts, dancing and cooking, children and parents are always inspired when May 5th is coming.

What will you do for Teacher’s Appreciation Day 2010?

About is an established website which provides visitors with ideas, stories, articles and news relating to teacher appreciation. Regularly updated and with an extensive variety of information, it can be considered as a one-stop shop for planning this special May week.

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ICMA Centre To Partner CISI And FINRA On Diploma In Investment Compliance

The ICMA Centre at the Henley Business School, The Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) of the US have announced that they have joined forces to support and enhance education, training and certification in financial compliance.

ICMA Centre To Partner CISI And FINRA On Diploma In Investment Compliance

The CISI is the largest and most widely respected professional body for those who work in the securities and investment industry in the UK and abroad. It has developed a suite of well recognised and supported programmes centered around product knowledge and regulation to support practitioners in the financial services industry.

Since 2006, the ICMA Centre and FINRA have developed and offered a highly regarded Diploma in Capital Markets Regulation and Compliance aimed at mid-level securities professionals. With the development of the CISI’s Diploma in Investment Compliance, the industry was faced with two seperately recognised routes to certification, and it was agreed that, by joining forces, the parties can work together to enhance the professional credentials of capital market practitioners in the UK better.

The agreement will mean that those who have already achieved the Diploma in Capital Markets Regulation and Compliance will become members of the CISI and those with a partially completed qualification will receive appropiate exemptions from the jointly supported Diploma in Investment Compliance. In addition, the ICMA Centre will work with the CISI to deliver advanced certification for those who have completed the Diploma in Investment Compliance and whose needs are for expanded coverage of topics required by senior compliance staff on financial institutions. Additional details will be published at in the future.

In announcing this new collaboration, Simon Culhane, Chartered FCSI and CEO of the CISI said: “We are very pleased to be working with the ICMA Centre and FINRA – two highly respected institutions that have a long history in capital markets education and training.”

About the ICMA Centre
The ICMA Centre at Henley Business School, University of Reading has an international reputation for being the premier institution in Europe for academic and executive education for financial markets, including studies into investment management,corporate finance leading to students attaining their financial degrees.

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ICMA Centre Announced As Top European School In Financial Trading Competition

The ICMA Centre has proved that it is one of the top finance schools in the world, coming joint 4th out of a field of 44 international schools in the 2010 Rotman International Trading Competition held at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. This result is in line with the ICMA Centre’s track record of finishing in the top 10, and usually top 5, in all previous Rotman competitions.

ICMA Centre Announced As Top European School In Financial Trading Competition

The team of four traders – Ioannis Oikonomou, Dimitris Korovilas, Aditya Pandit and Juan Cepeda Murcia – beat a veritable who’s who of corporate finance schools to take joint fourth place. Top place went to MIT while the closest European university was Luiss University which came 30th, and the next UK school was CASS Business School which was ranked in 33rd place.

The competition involved a series of different assessed cases that required trading either in an electronic environment or in the trading pit. Competitors had to trade a variety of financial instruments including corporate bonds, energy futures, stocks that were simultaneously traded in different markets, and futures on a stock index.

“As recent events in world markets have shown only too clearly, skill and competence in trading and analysis are critical both to success and to survival in modern markets. This result shows that our graduates are among the best in the world and that the time and effort invested in our dealing rooms and our trading simulation software (ICTrader) was well spent – to the benefit of us and future members of the finance professions,” said Dr Michael Smith, dealing room director at the ICMA Centre.

“Making it to the top of the competition requires a very diverse set of skills. One has to be numerical enough to create the appropriate pricing models, and strategic enough to find the most efficient ways to trade,” commented Ioannis.

“Being in the trading pit during the quantitative outcry session and trading against 87 people from top schools, some of them with significant trading experience, was like being thrown into a pool of sharks,” added Dimitris.

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More Schools Adopt Co-Operative Trust Model

The growing acceptance that the co-operative model offers schools a compelling structure was further underlined when the latest tranche of co-operative trust schools was announced.

Fifteen new co-operative trust schools, which offer all stakeholders an opportunity to be involved in the running of their school, become legal entities today (1 April) bringing the total throughout the country to more than 50.

The new co-operative schools include a Leeds based federation of eight schools with another cluster in South Bristol. Individual school trusts are also being established in Stoke-on-Trent, Oldham, Bradford, High Wycombe and Peterborough.

Anyone with an interest in the school including students, teachers, parents, employers and the local community will be encouraged to become members of the Trust, making the trust a community based mutual.

The members will elect representatives to a school stakeholder forum, which will meet on a regular basis, in order to ensure that those in positions of responsibility remain sensitive to the needs, views and aspirations of the different groups.

This co-operative mutual model is based on open membership, equal democratic participation (one member, one vote) and clear accountability of those in charge to those for whom services are provided is very much in fashion at the present time.

Russell Gill, Head of Membership at The Co-operative Group, said: “The co-operative model, which is very much in vogue with the mainstream political parties, allows all stakeholders greater participation in the running of the school and our values, that date back more than 150 years, offer schools an ethos which we believe can lead to higher standards, aspirations and achievements.”

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