Learning A Language Abroad

Languages are getting more and more important, especially in our fantastic world of economics and tourism. The best way to learn a language is to learn it there, where the language is spoken.

StudyLingua International Linguistics is a Swiss based company with a large number of language schools all over the world. StudyLingua offers more than 200 schools in 30 countries worldwide. Beside english for foreigner, the company offers spanish, italian, portuguese and french schools.

Furthermore they have language schools in China, Japan, Russia and Germany in their program. Every school is different and offers a various number of different language courses. So it is important to collect the right information first, before booking a language school abroad. Those language courses for adults can be booked from 2 to 12 weeks, long term courses up to 52 weeks. Adults can choose between standard / intensive courses, exam preparation or business courses.

StudyLingua offers a free counseling service, so everybody can easily get all the needed information directly from the company. New at StudyLingua’s program is a language course at teachers home; especially for professionals or for those who expect an intensive and high quality language course. There are teachers available all over the world for almost every language. The quality of leaving is quite high and StudyLingua is able to consider the most of students requests.

Language courses at teachers home is designed and built up on individual needs. Get more specific information about this program by contacting StudyLingua directly. Also juniors are very welcome: StudyLingua offers a large range of junior courses for 12 to 16 years during summer holidays. Together with a language course in the morning hours, the juniors will get a great activity and adventure program in the afternoon. So they could choose between several excursions, beach volleyball, soccer or water sports for example. All juniors / minors are supervised by well educated teachers, 24 hours a day! Juniors usually stay in a campus residence accommodation, some junior programs also offer accommodation in host families. StudyLingua is able to create specific programs for all needs and requests, so feel free to contact StudyLingua at any time.

Get more information about StudyLingua International Linguistics by visiting our websites:

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If Your Child Is Ready To Start Learning To Read, Then Download The Smart4Kids App Today!

Today, Smart4Kids LLC announced the release of its new app Smart4Kids in English, an interactive learn-to-read educational game, based on a 36 steps curriculum on the Apple iTunes store.

Smart4Kids provides a structured and engaging learning experience for children ready to learn how to read.

The scientific, research-based reading materials and activities are modeled after the “Big Five” focus areas recommended by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development: phonemic awareness, systematic phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. Children are challenged to learn sounds and recognize new words as they play interactive games. The Smart4Kids app contains four key components: learn, play interactive games, read stories and follow progression.

Smart4Kids enables the child to build his or her reading confidence through a progression of 36 units entailing the complete reading curriculum of a 1st grader.

Each one of the 36 units includes:
– The lesson taught
– 3 games to practice the lesson
– 1 mini-story to review the lesson

The games include activities such as word completion, word sorting, word matching, sound matching, memory tests and more. In each game, your child will win a point for each correct answer made. While the general approach is based on phonics, each unit also contains a sight word game, which are words learned primarily by sight recognition.  The sight words are also reviewed in the mini story to help your child to build vocabulary.

A certain number of points is required for the skill to be considered mastered, then your child wins an award and should move on to the next unit.

Smart4Kids was designed specifically with parents and teachers in mind.  Its curriculum is easy for you to use along side of your child.  Parents and teachers will find the interactive learning games to be a great complement to traditional classroom and home-based reading instruction. By following a standard phonics-based curriculum, you will be able to direct the child to practice within the application a specific sound that he is learning.

The App will also take the child through adventures across the globe. In six beautifully illustrated stories an international hero is introduced from a new continent where your child can imagine what it might be like to live in a different culture.  The settings for the learn-to-read challenges are taken from each of these six stories, and the international heroes are the companions of the young reader through his or her learning process.

Smart4Kids can be downloaded for free, including already 6 units. Additional units can be acquired for the price of $0.99 each, $2.99 for 6 units, or $9.99 for the complete 36 units.


•  The app follows a progression of skills, enabling your child to progress at his own pace.
•  The app can be used by up to 5 different users and track their individual progress.
•  The app uses 18 types of activities, carefully chosen according to the type of phonics being taught.
•  Voice instruction and feedback
•  Mini-stories highlight words as the narrator reads so your child can follow along
•  No third party advertising
•  No external link to social network site
•  Bundle and educational special rate

More information about Smart4Kids including the detailed curriculum is available atwww.app.smart4kids.com

Smart4Kids LLC is committed to promoting literacy through digital learning applications.

By purchasing this app, you support worldwide literacy by helping us develop our reading application in other languages including the developing nations.

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Train Aid Reveals New First Aid at Work Refresher Qualification

Train Aid Ltd is set to launch a newFirst Aid at Work Refresher course in February 2013. The new qualification is run over two days, and will be held at Train Aid’s HQ in Greenwich, London. The training centre is easily accessible from anywhere in London and the Home Counties. This latest qualification is aimed at people who have already completed a first aid at work course, and who need to update their certificate. They can avoid having to do a full three days training by enrolling on the two day refresher.

It looks like this could be a useful addition to the wide variety of training courses that Train Aid provides. It is particularly useful for those candidates who hold the full qualification as this version will condense that full course down into two manageable days. The course is designed around refreshing current skills because prior knowledge is part of the prerequisite to signing up. Candidates by its conclusion receive an HSE approved certificate, which is good for a three year period.

The only prerequisite to signing up is that delegates have completed the full three day qualification and that their certificate has not expired by more than 28 days. If this is the case they can save themselves a full days training by signing up. It looks like Train Aid has designed the course around the feedback from candidates. The courses initially may not reach capacity, but will help save client’s time and money. A spokesman from the company (Steve Faber) was on hand to tell us a little bit more:

“The introduction of this course makes sense as there is always a demand to condense training down into the shortest time frame possible. This is not because people are trying to avoid it, but more so that their time and ultimately money is very important”.

Businesses are also able to benefit from the First Aid at Work Refresher course. The business sector can save thousands of pounds just by keeping up with expiration dates on certificates. Quite often companies enrol their staff onto the full 3 day qualification only because they have allowed the current certificates to expire by more than 28 days. A stronger marketing campaign about the shorter qualification could prove beneficial to the UK business sector.

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New iPad App Gets Children School-Ready

Parents are preparing to send their children off to school for the first time. An Australian Mother of two has developed a way to give children entering school in this technological age a head start by creating an educational iPad app.

Rebecca Monument said that she, like most parents were aware that basic literacy skills developed in the home long before a child starts school.

“I created the app because I wanted to give my children the best of every possible opportunity,” said Ms Monument. “I was worried as my kids weren’t learning the correct way to write the alphabet, that they would have to re-learn it when they started school.”

After the application was released in October this year Ms Monument approached a local teacher for feedback. Ms Tanya Burton from Whitehouse Primary School in Australia agrees that Writeforschool is a resourceful learning tool for young children, and that the app that will complement the introduction of iPads into the prep classrooms in 2013.

“The application combines many features that other similar writing applications fail to deliver, like a variety of accents and a choice of the writing fonts taught in Australian schools” Ms Burton notes. “The large number of fonts back up what is taught in the school curriculum; it not only includes letters and numbers but blends of letters.”

The idea came to Ms Monument and she began developing the iPad application Writeforschool after her children, aged five and six began taking great interest in playing the games on her iPad.

“I thought if I could make educational game for my children, they could begin to learn to write in the cursive they are taught at their school the correct way,” Ms Monument explained. “My children love the app and its exciting graphics that can be completely personalised.”

Ms Monument hopes that her application is able to help as many young children as possible get a head start for this school year.

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