Manual Handling Training Courses Can Help Protect Profits

Train Aid Ltd has recently launched a new range of manual handling courses for businesses within the UK. The company started providing bespoke courses to the business sector last week, which proved very successful, and has subsequently led to the announcement that they will be rolled out to the market place in the New Year. Each year thousands of work days are lost due to people suffering injuries when moving objects. This type of training can help reduce the amount of days lost to injury, and the subsequent down turn in productivity.

Thirty eight per cent of all injuries that can cause a person to miss three days off work can be accredited to manual handling. This has led to over 1 million sufferers, whereby 12 million work days are lost, at an estimated cost of £5.7 billion to the economy. These startling statistics leave huge question marks as to whether or not enough preventive action is being taken.

Train Aid’s new course aims to highlight the risks involved, educate the workforce and reduce the amount of missed work days to business. The aim is to protect the health of employees, but at the same time also safeguard employers against medical based claims. Companies can avoid being held to ransom by individuals if they have provided staff with the appropriate level of training.

This latest announcement coincides with the recruitment of leading Health & Safety expert Joe Peter’s. He has been recruited in to sure up the whole manual handling trainingdepartment, and was even on hand to give an experts view on the matter:

“I witnessed nearly every type of work injury in my early days as a removal man. Ten years in the trade also saw me witness a lot of malpractice that sadly cut short the career of many good workers. When I switched to health & safety I realized the potential of constructive and thought out training. Many companies have reported back to me with positive feedback, and an overall downturn in the amount of revenue lost to injury”.

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New Language Classes Set to Begin January 15 at Maria Oliveira’s Language Learning Center

Winter Two term language classes begin January 15 at Maria’s Language Learning Center, with a variety of affordable conversational language classes, online courses, Spanish for healthcare and social services professionals, and a new class for business professionals who wish to learn basic Spanish. Specializing in conversational Spanish and Portuguese, including European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese, the Language Learning Center also provides classes in French, Italian, Mandarin, and English for Non-Native Speakers. Classes are primarily for adult learners, but there is also an after-school program for students between ages 7 and 11, with each term lasting six weekly sessions, at both day and evening classes.

“Our classes feature small groups of 10 or less students which provides more time for individual attention and faster learning”, explains Maria Oliveira, director of Maria’s Language Learning Center, located in Pinole, California. “We work closely with our students to guide them towards becoming bilingual, whether it is through a conversational language class, online options, or even our language classes for healthcare and social services professionals.”

New Classes for Business Professionals to Learn Basic Spanish
New this term is a six-hour class for business professionals who wish to learn basic Spanish language skills to better conduct business with their Spanish-speaking customers. Through this class, students will learn the vocabulary and phrases used to close a business transaction, Spanish greetings, frequently used expressions, and numbers to clarify prices. This learning will enable them to build trust with their Spanish-speaking customers and demonstrate an improved cultural awareness.

Also offered is the popular conversational Spanish classes for healthcare and social service professionals, which also provide the benefit of continuing education hours. The Healthcare Professionals class is a specialized and intensive course designed to enhance effective communication between patients and healthcare providers. For social services professionals and employees who interact with Spanish-speaking clients, the Spanish for Social Services Professionals class can improve communication with Spanish-speaking clients in screenings and interviews.

The Language Learning Center also offers online courses, workbooks, and CDs for students. These materials can supplement their classroom learning through study aids such as practice lessons, self-tests with interactive exercises, quizzes, and audio clips to review correct pronunciations.

Recognizing that individuals learn languages differently, there are a variety of other programs offered to meet students’ needs, such as one-on-one instruction; learning groups that meet weekly; and free social hours for students to practice their language skills with teachers, fellow students, and bilingual guests. Maria’s Language Learning Center also has specialized English classes for non-native speakers, plus special classes on specific topics, such as classes on Spanish reflexive verbs and pronouns, for those students who need a review.

Informational Open House Scheduled for February 22, 2013
Be sure to attend this great opportunity to meet fellow students, talk with Maria and other teachers, ask questions, and even practice your language skills in a relaxed social setting. Learn about the Language Learning Center and its programs and enjoy light refreshments. The Open House will be from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Center at 2644 Appian Way, Suite 102, in Pinole, California. Bring a friend and if that friend registers for a class, you will receive a 10% discount on your registration for a Fall Two session. The open house is free, but space is limited, so please rsvp on the website at

Coming Up Summer and Fall of 2013: Study Abroad Program Combines Classes with Tours of Mexico and the Azores Islands
For those students who want to combine intensive language classes with tours, the Language Center offers a two-week Spanish and a three-week Portuguese Language Learning Immersion Program. Now in its tenth year, students attend formal classes from 10 a.m. to 12 noon and then spend afternoons and weekends touring and practicing their new language skills. The Portuguese Language Immersion Program is planned for July 1-20, 2013 and takes place in the Azores Island and the Spanish Language Immersion Program is planned for later in the year, November 9-16, 2013, and is located in Nayarit, Mexico.

Register for Winter Two Classes Now!
Students can register for any program online, by phone, in person at our offices, or by mail. For more information, visit our website:

The goal for all of the classes at the Center is to guide students towards becoming bilingual. We start by teaching basic phrases and sentences that become usable in a very short period of time; when success builds upon success, confidence grows and information becomes easier to absorb. Affordability, convenience, and an encouraging environment make Maria Oliveira’s classes the top choice for effective language learning in the Bay Area.

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First Aid Courses Set To Be Opened Up To The Unemployed

Train Aid Ltd is set to offer free first aid training courses to members of the London community. This new scheme will be held on an outside setting on Clapham common starting next spring. The idea behind the concept is to try and reach out to the millions of people who have never been on such training. The recession has hit hard and many people cannot afford luxuries such as extra-curricular courses. The hope is that hosting practical led courses in an outside setting will also reach out to people who would previously have had no previous interest in the subject area.

Many communities within London have been hit very hard by the recession, and it has led to spiralling levels of unemployment. Generally people have less money at the end of the month, and subsequently cannot afford extra activities. This comes at a time when more people are being encouraged to get involved with first aid, yet offered no financial aid. Setting up a free course once a month gives people the opportunity to gain certification, and who knows it could lead to more lives being saved.

Traditionally these types of courses have been housed in a classroom environment. However this is by no means law, and therefore the classroom could be replicated in an outside setting. The plan is to help those who are unemployed, but the scheme may catch people who would have had no previous interest in the subject area. It is thought that the outside setting will invigorate people and open their minds up to learning new skills. The companies policy of making first aid training courses practical based could also add to the interest level.

The initiative was first created by Tom Casserly, founder of the company in 2009. Luckily he was on hand to give us an insight into the details of the plan:

“In simple terms more people need an introduction to first aid in the hope to save lives. In times of plenty the government may have been able to subsidize training for the unemployed. However this will not be the case for many years so the hope is that initiatives like this will provide opportunity. We can only offer a small number of these courses as we have a specific business model. However we feel this is a first, and its more than most companies will be doing”.

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Teacher’s Pet makes the iPad a Teacher’s Best Friend in the Digital Classroom!

House of File, a mobile developer focused on a wide variety of applications, is excited today to announce the launch of Teacher’s Pet on the App Store. Created specifically for iPad and iPad Mini and is the ONLY App that Teachers need to make their iPad the ULTIMATE Teaching Assistant.

First, you can create your lesson plans by date, grade, or subject, and save it to your calendar, or email the lesson plan to your colleagues or supervisor. Then, to prepare your lesson, this app will allow you to prepare notes, use an interactive whiteboard that you can preload with a picture or graphic, import PDFs or PPT presentations, upload videos, pictures, or record lectures and create flash cards, and then save your lessons to your calendar by date and subject. You can create lessons for as many subjects as you need each day. Finally, after your lessons are saved to your calendar, you can easily retrieve them for presentation. The app lets you present any of your material through your overhead with a VGA connector, or wirelessly through an Apple TV. Your lessons can be emailed or shared over Bluetooth, or you can use the print function to prepare handouts for students.

A well rounded app, Teacher’s Pet features password protection options, as well as full iCloud backup support to ensure that your lessons and other data will never be lost. Setting up the app is as simple as inputting your name, school year, and classes that you teach. You’re free to set up appointments, reminders and other alerts within the calendar as well.

Teacher’s Pet is currently available for download on the App Store for $4.99 in the Education category.

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