Henley Business School Partners With The FT To Offer Free Place On Advanced Management Programme

Henley Business School is working with the FT to offer the chance to win a free place on its Advanced Management Programme (AMP), the value of which is £15,995.

This 3-week course can be taken in one go or over three separate weeks during a year at the business school. As well as the course itself, the bursary that is available to FT readers and visitors to FT.com includes all residential costs and meals on the Henley campus.

Henley’s Advanced Management Programme prepares and develops senior managers to lead in an increasingly uncertain, ambiguous and changing world. It is a challenging learning experience that allies the essential practical and conceptual skills of an MBA with the necessary capabilities to drive and engage people in ways that unlock their potential and leads to better business results. It is an essential building block for those recently appointed to, or about to step up to, an executive leadership role. Full details on the programme can be found at www.henley.com/amp.

Previous AMP participant Tony Short, Vice President Europe, Middle East Africa, Dresser Wayne commented on the programme,

“As I was moving into a new role within the organisation I wanted to develop some extra skills around mergers and acquisitions, fine tuning my strategic thinking. Although I have close links through friends with other business schools it was the name and reputation of Henley which swung it for me. More than anything else it was the construction of the course, the combination of practical experience with learning experience.”

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UK Boarding School Alexanders Provides Cosmopolitan Experience For Students

Established in 1975, Alexanders International School is an international boarding school for students aged 11 to 17 from all over the world who wish to receive high-quality English language tuition in combination with school subjects. The school is a member of the SKOLA group of schools, which also includes London’s International Community School (for pupils aged 2 to 17), English Study Tours for children (for pupils aged 11 to 17), and English in London and English in Exeter (which cater for adult learners). Alexanders is based at Bawdsey Campus on the Suffolk Heritage Coast, opposite Felixstowe. The school is accredited by the British Council for teaching English to children and specialises in residential academic, IGCSE and English language courses with activities for young students.

French students have long favoured attending British boarding schools, because of the proximity of the two countries and the high standard of English language tuition available. Increased interest from Chinese students has been recorded, with a 3 percentage point rise seen in 2008-09 from the 2007-08 figure of 13%. Russian students registered a 2 percentage point increase from the 2007-08 figure of 11%. Other nationalities include Kazakh, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian, Polish, Greek and Thai, just to mention a handful. Students attend Alexanders from all over Europe, Asia and the Middle East, which translates to an international education with high academic standards and the experience of a different lifestyle. Regarded by many students as the first step to university in the UK, British boarding schools build academic knowledge and prepare students with the correct grounding to successfully complete IGCSEs or A-levels, as well as Cambridge exams.

Some of the extracurricular activities available at Alexanders are football, golf, horse riding, sailing and tennis – all with coaching from professionals. Football, sailing (in their RYA-accredited Watersports Centre) and tennis take place on campus. Golf and horse riding take place on nearby courses and at a well-known equestrian centre.

As well as intensive English language tuition in preparation for boarding school, Alexanders provides education in the key areas of mathematics and sciences, as well as in other curriculum areas: geography, history, arts and sport, for example. In addition,Alexanders International School offers shorter (two to six-week-long) English for Education courses during the academic year and English plus Multi-Activities from March onwards.

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Students With Special Educational Needs Welcomed At ICS

ICS welcomes applications from children with special educational needs and is passionate about its inclusive approach to international education. ICS focuses on the strengths, abilities and talents of all students. In a highly diverse and inclusive setting, ICS provides a curriculum committed to reflective and purposeful inquiry. When planning, teachers set suitable learning challenges and respond to children’s diverse learning needs. Some students with special educational needs, however, have particular learning and assessment requirements that could need differentiated strategies and support for them to access a full curriculum successfully.

The teachers and the student support department take into account these requirements and make provisions, where necessary, to support individual students and thus enable them to participate effectively in all educational and social activities that take place in the school. Children may have special educational needs throughout, or at any given time during, their school years. ICS has a comprehensive policy that ensures planning, differentiation and modification of teaching and learning strategies for children with special educational needs are implemented by taking into consideration the type and extent of the difficulty experienced by the student.

The school operates an enhanced admissions process for students who are identified as requiring student support. The process operates broadly as follows: A family makes an application to ICS and informs the school, either during the initial phone call or email, at the interview or on the admissions forms, that their child has support needs. Typically, if an offer of a place at the school can be made, the family is invited to meet the director of student support and admissions so the support plan can be outlined and discussed. Once both parties have agreed the support plan and financial implications, the offer of a place at the school is made and the completion of the admissions process is actioned.

ICS offers the three IB programmes: the Primary Years Programme (PYP) for students aged 3 to 11; the Middle Years Programme (MYP) for students aged 11 to 16; and from September 2010, the IB Diploma Programme for students aged 16 to 19. It is also one of the preferred Aspergers schools London has to offer students with the condition.

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Study English In London And Pay Less

Autumn is in the air. As the temperature drops, the weather is not the only thing that is changing. Our thinking is drifting from picnics in the park and summer holidays to the colder months and first days of school for the little ones. In fact, students of all ages are going back to school. For those who are planning to study a postgraduate degree or attend a university in the UK, now is the perfect time to start the preparation. But don’t the words “back to school” make us all a little nervous? Perhaps it is the idea of homework, exams, new subjects and new people. Or, perhaps it is something that provokes a cold sweat in many: tuition fees. The good news is that adult students are finding ways to achieve their academic goals in a more affordable manner.

Students can study for two years at Malvern House and then complete their final year at one of Malvern House’s partner universities, such as London Metropolitan University, Oxford Brookes University or Middlesex University. In this way, students get the same high-quality and respected degree but pay half of what the tuition fees would normally cost. With this option, quality in education is not compromised. Malvern House business courses maintain small class sizes so that students receive plenty of personal attention. They can get special assistance whenever needed. Every week, academic staff meets with students to keep an eye on their progress. School advisers are readily available when students need assistance. Malvern House offers modern, well-equipped classrooms, an academic library with all the resources students need for their studies, and a computer lab where they can connect to the internet at no cost.

Malvern House is accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC), the Association of Business Executives (ABE), and the London Chamber of Commerce Industry (LCCI). Every year, more than 6,000 adult students from more than 100 countries study at Malvern House. Students are exposed to a wide variety of cultures and ideas that help prepare them for today’s competitive global economy. In addition to two-year business and tourism degrees, university placement and university preparation programmes, Malvern House offers many other options for students who wish to study English in London.

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Peoples Education Measuring Up Worktexts for Mathematics Match the Latest NYS Test

Peoples Education, a leading provider of supplemental educational material for the K–12 school market, is pleased to announce the relaunch of Measuring Up® to the New York State Learning Standards for Mathematics, Grades 3–8. These worktexts address recent changes to the Grade 3–8 Mathematics Testing Program and include special May/June Review lessons from the prior year to prepare students for the NYS Test.

“Peoples Education has a history of responding to New York educators’ needs promptly and with high-quality NYS Learning Standards and NYS Test–customized content,” commented Brian T. Beckwith, the company’s president and CEO. “These revised worktexts will help build students’ test-taking confidence and ensure standards mastery.”

The Measuring Up® Mathematics program can be incorporated into any year-round curriculum, or in areas where students need extra instructional support. Measuring Up® lessons can be selected as intervention for an entire class, small groups, or individuals.

“The instructors at Mechanicville Middle School have successfully used the Measuring Up® series to accommodate various classroom situations,” commented Maria Fusco, a retired Mechanicville Middle School teacher. “The versatility of the materials and alignment to state standards allows the instructor and the students to manage the skills that have either been mastered or need further attention.”

The complete Measuring Up® program includes instructional worktexts and Diagnostic Practice Tests, which are sold separately. Measuring Up Express® for the NYS Test, which debuted in spring 2010 and focuses on the tested NYS Learning Standards, is also available separately. This diagnose-prescribe-instruct model in the Measuring Up® program has helped over 1.4 million New York students master the NYS Learning Standards and boost their test-taking confidence.

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Largest Homeschool Blogging Community Upgrades to a Whole New Way of Blogging Life

Recently HomeschoolBlogger.com (HSB)—the world’s largest and free homeschool blog site—got a clean, fresh, look with exciting new features, by implementing an important software upgrade.

According to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine® publisher/owner Gena Suarez, “The plan behind the change is to link great blogging with the ever-expanding homeschool community to usher back in the ‘blogging craze’ that hit when HomeschoolBlogger was launched in 2005. It was a lot of work, we pushed forward, and now we’re doing it. This is a major upgrade, using the popular WordPress platform and will mean a whole new way of blogging life for our members at HomeschoolBlogger.com.”

During August ALONE, HomeschoolBlogger.com received thirteen million page views! One of the draws to HSB is the ease in discovering new blogs and connecting with those of similar homeschool and family interests. This online community has a safety-net feel unlike other blog sites, where using a random blog button could reveal undesirable content.

HomeschoolBlogger’s Senior Editor, Kristen Hamilton, oversees the site. She and other authors contribute homeschool-related posts. She assists members and keeps an eye on new blogs to identify inappropriate content.

Kristen states: “HomeschoolBlogger is comprised of a large group of bloggers who make HSB their home base. This is the largest upgrade in our five-year history and makes the community even stronger with its exciting new features.” Here’s a look at some new HomeschoolBlogger.com features:
• Intuitive user interface—A “What You See Is What You Get” editor works seamlessly with the HTML editor. Also advanced image uploading and in-browser image editing.
• Widgits—Add tools like search bars or calendars by clicking and dragging.
• Backups—Click a button to create backups with instant saving capacity.
• Spam protection—Integrated blacklist and open proxy checker to manage and eliminate comment spam.
• Pages—Manage non-blog content easily.
• Themes—Effortlessly format and create blog designs. Select multiple themes with different looks, even switch designs daily.
• Password protected posts—Hide individual posts from public view by assigning passwords.

There’s even more exciting news to share: HomeschoolBlogger.com FREE classes with vibrant topics designed for homeschoolers. Over 3,500 people have signed up for these classes since the launch in July. Recent classes included “Think Biblically, Live Godly, and Serve Practically,” “Ten Stumbling Blocks to Writing,” and “Solving Your Science Struggles”; additional topics will be announced soon! Participants may sign up for classes at HomeschoolBlogger.com FREE Classes.

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Promethean And BrainPOP Announce Integrated Assessments For Learning

BrainPOP, the award-winning creator of animated, educational resources, is pleased to announce that its curriculum-based quizzes are now fully integrated with Promethean’s learner response systems, ActiVote and ActivExpression.

The integration of ActiVote and ActivExpression, the industry-leading learner response system, with BrainPOP’s quizzes – including all BrainPOP Jr. (K-3) topics – makes it easier than ever for teachers to improve learning outcomes by providing highly individualized instruction and assessment. Linking BrainPOP’s content to learner response devices opens the door for increased student participation and higher academic achievement.

Earlier this year, educators in Georgia’s Forsyth County Schools piloted the functionality, which is powered by Promethean’s software developers’ kit.

“The ability to gather formative and immediate student responses while using BrainPOP’s dynamic content adds a new dimension to classroom instruction. The integration of these learner response systems with BrainPOP’s quizzes has been incredibly well-received by both teachers and students,” said Jill Hobson, Director of Instructional Technology for Forsyth County Schools in Atlanta, Georgia.

Administering BrainPOP quizzes with ActiVote or ActivExpression not only engages students but also helps teachers quickly identify who is struggling and might need extra assistance. By fully integrating BrainPOP quizzes into Promethean’s software development kit, teachers can work assessments into their lessons in just a few easy steps. The reporting functions allow teachers to see individual student progress and to view responses in a number of formats. Student and class results can be printed or downloaded, and then incorporated into grade books and learning management systems.

“BrainPOP’s collaboration with Promethean on the engineering of this new capability exemplifies our commitment to 21st century learning,” said Avraham Kadar, M.D., CEO and Chairman of BrainPOP. “The pairing of our quizzes with learner response systems brings a new level of engagement to the classroom, one that is sure to have a tremendous impact on student performance going forward.”

“Our partnership has provided an unprecedented opportunity to demonstrate how interactive technologies and rich digital content can help real teachers in the classroom with real education improvement,” commented Mark Elliott, President of Promethean North America. “A digital learning environment empowers teachers with the tools and resources they need to support today’s student, and, in turn, boost participation and overall academic achievement.”

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Peoples Education Measuring Up® Worktexts for Reading and Science Revised to the Latest TEKS

Peoples Education, a leading provider of supplemental educational material for the K–12 school market, is pleased to announce the re-launch of Measuring Up® to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Reading, Grades 2–8, and Science, Grades 3–8. These worktexts have been completely revised to include the latest Reading and Science TEKS.

“Peoples Education has a history of responding to Texas educators’ needs promptly and with highly customized content,” commented Brian T. Beckwith, the company’s President and CEO. “These revised reading and science worktexts are no exception.” Revised Measuring Up® Reading worktexts now include new and improved Guided Reading Instruction with numbered paragraphs and cross-curricular connections that builds student test-taking confidence, a wide variety of genres to help students build reading comprehension skills and make connections across texts, and questions that address integrated language arts and 21st century skills. Revised Measuring Up® Science worktexts now include special Investigate sections at the end of every chapter to boost students’ higher-order thinking. The revised Measuring Up® worktexts also include a correlation to the new TEKS to help teachers and students as they transition to the new standards.

The Measuring Up® program can be incorporated into any year-round curriculum, or, in areas where students need extra instructional support, and Measuring Up® lessons can be selected as intervention for the entire class, small groups, or individuals. “I have taught 5th and 8th grade science for more than 11 years, and the Measuring Up® program has been a key instrument in preparing my students for the TAKS,” remarked Mandy Welch, a science teacher at Abilene ISD. “The lessons give a clear direction to concepts and provide an easy organization of standards-based material.”

The complete Measuring Up® program includes instructional worktexts and Diagnostic Practice Tests, which are sold separately. Spanish editions of the Measuring Up® worktext for Reading grades, 2-4 and Science, grade 5, are also available and have been revised to the latest TEKS. Measuring Up Express® for the TAKS, which debuted in fall, 2009 and focuses on the tested TEKS is also available separately. This diagnose-prescribe-instruct model in the Measuring Up® program has helped over three million Texas students master the TEKS and boost their test-taking confidence.

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