Henley Business School Partners With The FT To Offer Free Place On Advanced Management Programme

Henley Business School is working with the FT to offer the chance to win a free place on its Advanced Management Programme (AMP), the value of which is £15,995.

This 3-week course can be taken in one go or over three separate weeks during a year at the business school. As well as the course itself, the bursary that is available to FT readers and visitors to FT.com includes all residential costs and meals on the Henley campus.

Henley’s Advanced Management Programme prepares and develops senior managers to lead in an increasingly uncertain, ambiguous and changing world. It is a challenging learning experience that allies the essential practical and conceptual skills of an MBA with the necessary capabilities to drive and engage people in ways that unlock their potential and leads to better business results. It is an essential building block for those recently appointed to, or about to step up to, an executive leadership role. Full details on the programme can be found at www.henley.com/amp.

Previous AMP participant Tony Short, Vice President Europe, Middle East Africa, Dresser Wayne commented on the programme,

“As I was moving into a new role within the organisation I wanted to develop some extra skills around mergers and acquisitions, fine tuning my strategic thinking. Although I have close links through friends with other business schools it was the name and reputation of Henley which swung it for me. More than anything else it was the construction of the course, the combination of practical experience with learning experience.”

Via EPR Network
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