ESL Language Schools – Summer 2011

ESL language schools’ announcement of new summer coursework is kicking off the spring and summer months with a little bit of French. Although spring is in full swing, ESL schools are looking toward the summer and preparing for their new coursework in Paris, Lyon and Montreux. Their programmes take into account not only the lesson plans but the living situation of their students, their proximity to major French and Swiss tourist sites and entertainment when not in class.

In Paris, their programme for young adults promises to entertain and teach teens in a relaxed and productive environment. For a teen studying in the summer months this kind of teaching philosophy is essential. Summer time is an important time for many students to refocus after an intense year of study. This programme allows them to do so without also subjecting them to the sometimes inevitable ‘brain drain’ of the summer. This is also termed summer learning loss and summarises what happens to student’s learning when they spend a summer holiday without any exposure to academics.

Learning French, or any language, is not just the pastime of children and teens. Adults can also seek out language course. ESL offers a couple programmes for these adults, one of which is in Montreux. This programme has benefited for the year-old studio accommodations offered as an alternative for couples and independent travellers. These studios have their own kitchen and bathroom and are not a home stay like is traditionally offered.

In its second year is the 50+ programme offered in Lyon, France. This programme allows people to experience French culture in one of the major cities in France. The school is conveniently located within the city near major tourist attractions and shopping centres.

Taking French courses in France make it easy to rapidly learn the language through immersion. Students are faced with real-life applications of their coursework and can ask pointed questions about how to use the language effectively in their day to day life. ESL is careful to construct their programmes so that their students are exposed to the famous sites and important areas near the cities where they study. Thus these programmes operate as both a holiday and a learning experience for the adventurous language learner. If you want a language summer school France can offer no better to adults and teens than ESL language schools.

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Education Loan Source Launches TuitionFlex Financing Program for Bellus Academy

Education Loan Source, Inc. (ELS), the nation’s leader in education financing administration and services, is proud to announce the launch of the TuitionFlex SM financing program at four (4) Bellus Academy campuses located in the states of California and Kansas.

TuitionFlex SM provides students with the option to extend tuition payments over a specified period of time instead of paying cash up-front for an academic program. “We are pleased to offer flexible payment options as it allows students to get started on the education they need to enter a new career sooner,” said Lynelle Lynch, President of Bellus Academy. “With funding options being extremely limited in today’s environment, the opportunity to stretch payments over time makes a big difference for our students.”

With all aspects of TuitionFlex SM handled by ELS, the program requires very little time from school officials. Victoria Russ, Director of Financial Aid of Bellus Academy, commented, “After administering an in-house payment plan for many years, we appreciate the fact that all program administration is handled by ELS. This frees us up to spend more time working directly with students. We also appreciate the fact that TuitionFlex SM keeps us in compliance with federal and state Truth-in-Lending disclosures.”

While other companies provide partial support for payment plans, as program administrator, ELS offers total support from the point of application through servicing. TuitionFlex SM offers a branded online application process, electronic signature, customizable reporting, automated payment processing, and flexible servicing repayment terms. ELS’ program is of particular assistance to schools concerned with 90/10 compliance.

“Bellus Academy is one of the only academies in the nation that provides premium financing programs to launch a successful career in the beauty and wellness industry,” said Jacklyn Garcia-Schneider, Director, Client Services for ELS. “Now that they’ve partnered with ELS to offer more financing options, it is gratifying to know that more students will be able to consider enrollment.”

For more information about the TuitionFlex SM program, call ELS at (888) 335-6261.

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ESL French Summer Camps for Juniors and Teens

ESL is proud to present some of the most prestigious French language programmes in Europe, hosted in several summer camps around the continent. All programmes are specially designed for juniors and teens who want to hone their skills in the French language.

What’s a ‘Bisou’ in French?

Ecole Suisse des Langues (ESL) is a leading provider of language summer camps for juniors from 8 to 14 years old and for teens between 13 and 17 years old. The French language is taught at several ESL summer camps in France, Germany and Switzerland. Besides, all programmes are adapted to the skills and existing knowledge of juniors and teenagers. Therefore, young students can explore the French language and use it in practice in their everyday life in order to communicate with their peers. For example, they can learn how to pronounce the word ‘bisou’, which is the french word for a kiss and in plural is a nice way to say goodbye!

Perhaps the best place for a student to practice his/her French in the summer is the cosmopolitan Cote d’Azur. Apart from that, there is also a french language school near Paris, and another one in the French-speaking Swiss city of Montreux. However, learning French in one of ESL’s camps is by no means a boring experience. There are amazing sport activities as well, such as horse riding, mini golf, sailing and mountain bike, and students can even learn everything they want to know about the world-famous french cuisine or take dance classes. As for the courses, students can choose between standard and intensive ones, depending on their age, level of fluency and ambition for a summer simply magnifique! Programmes start as early as in mid-April and run up to the end of October in the case of the study programme for teens in Leysin. All other programmes are available from the end of June 2011 up to mid-September. They last from 1 up to 4 weeks, with an additional week as an option.

French Summer Camps for Students over 50

Apart from programmes for juniors and teens, ESL recently launched a number of summer programmes for students over 50. Mature students can opt for the summer camp based in the headquarters of ESL in Montreux. Alternatively, they can study french in france, in a study centre based in Lyon.

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St George International Offer A Variety Of Language Courses This Spring

After a tough year at work, university or college, millions of British people choose to trek over to Europe for a holiday in the summer months. This could just be a simple city break, a relaxing week by a swimming pool or an extended stay travelling though their country of choice.

If you are set to make a trip like this, it is recommended that you take some time to learn the language before you go. If you start this spring then by the summer you will be at a level where you can communicate with the natives, understand travel and use the media. St George International offer courses in French, Spanish, Italian and German which are perfect for these requirements.

Private Courses
Flexible for business-types with hectic schedules
You choose the location, time and intensity
One-on-one with your tutor
30 or 15 hours a week
1 and a half hours a day

Evening Classes
Easygoing and friendly environment
Small groups of 12 max per class
General English (pronunciation, listening, writing, reading)
Native teachers
1 lesson a week.

In-Company Group Courses
For staff of business and corporations
Teaching all aspects of the language including specific business vocabulary and language
Lesson at your place of work or premises of your choice
90 minutes a week
12 weeks
All levels

Study Abroad
Studying in the native country is fun and generally the most productive way to learn
Many courses across Europe in: Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Salamanca, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Florence, Milan, Rome, Montpellier, Nice, Paris and Vichy.

About St George International
Established in 1962, SGI offer language courses for everyone. It was created to satisfy a growing demand from like-minded quality oriented language schools and entrepreneurs throughout the world. If you’re looking for French or italian courses london based or Spanish or german courses london, SGI offer unbeatable variety, experience, expertise and great competitive prices.

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Escape the City with Language in Group

The Easter language course run by the Language in Group team allows foreign students to study and practise English in South Devon. The school in Totnes is situated close to areas of both natural beauty and historical significance. From a stable learning environment to living with a local family, this course enables students to test their English fluency to the maximum, and take away some memorable experiences as well. With the majority of language schools across the country being located within urban areas, this course provides a completely different situation to stimulate the learners.

From Monday 18th April to Friday 29th April students at the Totnes Language School in South Devon can enjoy a full activities programme for £896. The highlights of the English Junior Easter Course include:

Small and manageable classes. Language in Group recognises that learning a language in a small and crowded classroom is not a pleasurable activity. For this reason the school aims to keep class numbers to a minimum and to maximise the attention that each student receives. Flexibility. Students can opt for an 18 or 24 hour learning week, according to their needs.

Help with accommodation. Language in Group English courses views the time outside the classroom as being equally as valuable as the time within. Therefore, they provide assistance to house its students in a local family home. Enabling the student to taste the local food, to learn colloquial English expressions and idioms, to observe cultural differences, and also for the company of friendly home provides; the homestay option is a popular choice.

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