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New Language Classes Begin April 21 at Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center in Pinole, CA

Pinole, CA, March 27, 2015 — /EPR EDUCATION NEWS/ — Spring II term language classes begin April 21 at Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center, with a variety of affordable conversational language classes, online courses, Spanish for healthcare and social services professionals, and a new Special Topic Workshop series for conversational Spanish. Specializing in conversational Spanish and Portuguese, including European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese, the Language Learning Center also provides classes in French, Italian and English for Non-Native Speakers. Classes are primarily for adult learners, but there is also an after-school program for students between ages 7 and 11, with each term lasting for six weekly sessions.

“Our classes feature small groups of ten or fewer students so that there is more time for individual attention which, of course, leads to faster learning,” explains Maria Oliveira, director of Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center, located in Pinole, California. “We work closely with our students to guide them towards becoming bilingual, whether it is through a conversational language class, online options, or even our language classes for healthcare and social services professionals.”

New Conversational Spanish – Special Topic Workshops

New this term are special topic workshops for individuals who wish to focus on or review specific grammatical structures in the Spanish language to perfect overall communication skills. Through this workshop series, students can choose special topics like, Preterit and Imperfect Tense, English Accent Reduction, Reflexive Verbs and Pronouns, Spanish for Educational Settings, Spanish for Business Owners and Managers and more. These 2 hour special topic workshops provide students with the essential tools to expand comprehension and proper usage of the Spanish language.

The popular Conversational Spanish class for Healthcare and Social Service Professionals will be offered this term, which also provides the opportunity to earn continuing education units or CEU’s. The Healthcare Professionals class is a specialized and intensive course designed to enhance effective communication between patients and healthcare providers. For social services professionals and employees who interact with Spanish-speaking clients, the Spanish for Social Services Professionals class can improve communication with Spanish-speaking clients in screenings and interviews.

The Language Learning Center also offers online courses, workbooks, and CDs for students. These materials can supplement their classroom learning through study aids such as practice lessons, self-tests with interactive exercises, quizzes, and audio clips to review correct pronunciations.

Recognizing that individuals learn languages differently, there are a variety of other programs offered to meet students’ needs, such as one-on-one instruction; learning groups that meet weekly; and free social hours for students to practice their language skills with teachers, fellow students, and bilingual guests. Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center also has specialized English classes for non-native speakers, plus special classes on specific topics, such as classes on Spanish reflexive verbs and pronouns, for those students who need a review.

Register for Spring II Classes Now!

Students can register online, by phone, in person at our offices, or by mail. For more information, visit marialanguages.com

Maria Oliveira’s goal is to guide students towards becoming bilingual by teaching basic phrases and sentences that become usable in a very short period of time. This quick success builds confidence, which in turn makes the learning process enjoyable, productive and effective. Her special combinations of affordability, convenience, and an encouraging environment makes Maria Oliveira’s classes and programs the top choice for effective language learning.

Contact-Details: Maria Oliveira
Maria Oliveira Language Learning Center

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Stillpoint Aromatics offers Aromatherapy Workshop Series “The Power of One Drop”

Joy Musacchio and Cynthia Brownley, owners of Stillpoint Aromatics, have launched a series of Aromatherapy workshops that teach proper and safe usage of pure therapeutic essential oils. In addition, the workshops are NCBTMB approved for 19 CEUs each.

Stillpoint Aromatics offers comprehensive Aromatherapy workshops that teach how essential oils are used to maintain physical and energetic health, treat chronic and acute pain, and reduce stress. Participants gain a deeper understanding of Aromatherapy and become proficient in various uses and applications of pure essential oils. These workshops use a hands-on approach where students create and take home customized aromatherapy products valued at over $200.00.

Asked why these courses were created, Brownley responds, “There is just so much mis-information regarding the safe and proper use of essential oils. We have over 22 years experience with the oils, are Certified Clinical Aromatherapists, and have extensive Aromatherapy training in the “French” medicinal technique, as well as the“English” blending method of using essential oils. We are passionate about this powerful alternative approach to health and living life in balance on all levels.”

Joy Musacchio states, “We both have our Masters degrees in Education, so teaching our Aromatherapy courses is a natural progression for us. We love teaching, and our teaching is inspired by the plants, trees, the farmers and distillers. We are continually learning and enjoy sharing our knowledge. Our workshops focus not only on the chemistry and therapeutic properties of essential oils, but also the energetic and vibrational aspect of the oils.

Each of the workshops will focus in-depth on the therapeutic and energetic uses of 25 different oils. The essential oils chosen are specific to the time of the year and the season’s energy. Students can take one, two, three or all four of the workshops. There are no prerequisites and the workshops can be taken in any order. If a student has already attended one of the four, the cost of the remaining workshops is $325.

The next workshop in the series is January 20-22, 2012. With the long awaited arrival of 2012, this workshop will focus on essential oils for “new beginnings” and bringing in the new energy of 2012. Participants will learn how to integrate pure essential oils into their life – to work with the new energies for physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

About Stillpoint Aromatics
Stillpoint Aromatics, based in Sedona, AZ, specializes in genuine and authentic, pure essential oils, aromatherapy consultations, and aromatherapy workshops. For more information about Stillpoint Aromatics or to browse their wide selection of aromatherapy products, visit http://www.stillpointaromatics.com or call (928) 301-8699.

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Austin Self Defense (ASD), a premier martial arts and fitness school located in Cedar Park, Texas

Going the extra mile to assist Austin residents, military, police and other service personnel in self defense training and defensive tactics. ASD announces a 2 FOR 1 special for $99. ASD is known for its realistic and no nonsense approach to street survival and conditioning. Classes are offered and structured for persons of all athletic abilities, from ages 7 and up. Conditioning drills are incorporated to build speed, endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular system which results in a complete and well rounded athlete. Additionally, ASD concentrates on the mental conditioning and respect that builds discipline and focus.

Austin Self Defense unique class structure and training methods allows for persons with little to no training as well as those with advanced backgrounds to train together yet advance on individual levels accordingly.

Programs include: Haganah Adults, Haganah Kids, Krav Maga, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Fitness Kick-Box Bag Classes.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children report, 797,500 children are reported missing each year. In addition to the possibility of abduction, kids are continually faced with school yard bullies who can have a traumatic effect not only on the child’s education and motivation in their studies but also long term effects concerning personality and emotional trauma. ASD offers ‘Haganah Kid’s’, a mixed martial arts (MMA) program for preteens. The program comprises the best practical self defense techniques that suit child learners. Just as importantly, kids will learn life skills such as Respect, Courtesy, Self-Control, Perseverance, Confidence, Self-Esteem and much more.

Emphasizing the importance of self defense and fitness training as a combined discipline, Dan Kiser, President of Austin Self Defense says, “Students will learn techniques relating to the defensive as well as offensive side of an engagement/attack. Just as important, students benefit from improved confidence, peace of mind, less stress, and increased energy and endurance,” he adds.

ASD offers structured classes and private training with fully equipped modern self defense training amenities, certified instructors & unique conditioning with focus on creating self confidence and a balanced mental attitude for survival.

“Instructors are amazing – both knowledgeable and passionate about their work. There is a very welcoming feeling of companionship and high energy in the classroom. The classes have helped increase my assertiveness and confidence, as well as my physical fitness. I would highly recommend Austin Self Defense” – – Shannon

I was an assistant Combatives Instructor for my unit, in the military, and the Haganah course has allowed me to pick up, right where I left off. ASD is keeping me Army Strong! Hooah! – – Ryan

About Austin Self Defense:
Austin Self Defense is a self defense and fitness training facility which was established in 2002. The Texas Self Defense company is known for its unique and precise approach in providing superior martial arts and conditioning. The programs are designed for all ages and physical capacities incorporating real life military survival skills and mindset to eliminate the danger quickly and without hesitation.

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