Henley Launches New Themed Corporate Finance MBA

Henley Executive MBA applicants can from this year onwards choose to take advantage of the exceptional scope of expertise offered by Henley through a range of themed MBAs. These themed MBAs are designed for experienced, practising managers who are looking for a world renowned general management MBA but with a particular application to three different industries – corporate finance, construction management and real estate.

Henley Launches New Themed Corporate Finance MBA

The three different themed MBAs are delivered via collaboration between the industry respected schools of Henley – the International Capital Markets Association (ICMA) Centre, the School of Real Estate and Planning and the School of Construction Management from the University of Reading.

Participants will study as part of the executive MBA programme and follow the core curriculum whilst periodically studying tailored modules bespoke to their subject theme at appropriate points in time.

Associate Professor Susan Rose, the Associate Head of the School of Management responsible for The Henley MBA, said: “I am delighted to work in collaboration with colleagues of the Henley Business School and The University of Reading who have such strong industry connections and reputations in their respective fields. This enables us to offer MBA participants something really different. The themed programmes provide the best of both worlds for those who want general managerial development whilst applying it to the very specific challenges of their sector and thereby demonstrating commitment to their organisation.”

The Henley Executive MBA is a two year part-time programme aimed at aspiring senior managers who wish to develop their management competency as well as focus on their own personal development, alongside their full-time employment.

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