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Henley Business School Responds To The Way Businesses Want To Learn

Henley Business School has launched its new Executive Education Portfolio which features 13 brand new programmes designed to meet the challenges of today’s economic uncertainty, in response to both the results of its recent Corporate Learning Priorities survey and to expert feedback from its own Faculty.

Henley Business School Responds To The Way Businesses Want To Learn

“The learning & development professionals who responded to the survey gave us a clear indication of their ‘worry list’ for 2010.” explained Linda Irwin, Executive Director, Corporate Development. “They want to focus on leadership development – both of senior and middle managers, managing change and developing high potentials. For renewal, regeneration and recovery, continued investment in all talent is the only sustainable option and the big emphasis seems to be on continuing to develop leaders holistically to make the right choices; for themselves, their organisations and for the wider society. Skills that respond to the new business zeitgeist feature in this research – areas of such huge importance for global, 21st century responsible leadership; innovation, sustainability and rebuilding trust with all stakeholders. This reinforced the views of our Faculty and conversations with our existing corporate clients and our Alumni. We have designed this new Portfolio specifically to meet those needs.”

The survey also indicated what is important to businesses when choosing an executive education programme. 76% said reputation was extremely important, as was inclusion of recent, original research to 86% or respondents.

“This is not surprising,” reflected Linda Irwin, “Providing innovative and impactful programme design based upon relevant and rigorous research is the main differentiator between business school provision of L & D solutions and that of many other providers.”

Many respondents said that partnering where appropriate with external experts and guest speakers was significant for 88% or respondents. “Businesses expect that we stay close to our markets; both through our research, through practitioner Faculty and by collaborating with the best industry speakers and expert contributors where relevant”, suggested Irwin. The use of up to date case studies was key to 65% of respondents and use of experiential learning and a focus on soft skills to 57%. 71% also cited the environment where the training will take place as quite important to them.

With little time to spare away from the office 53% of respondents indicated that for open programmes 2-3 days are optimal while 18% stated ‘the shorter the better’. However, 27% thought programmes ‘should be as long as the learning objectives require’ – revealing scope for longer interventions where a case for them can be made.

Irwin commented, “Our new executive education portfolio reflects the respondents views; shorter, incisive, knowledge-led 2 day interventions on issues such as commercial insight for HR, systemic innovation and managing reputation and longer, more experiential management programmes on leadership and coaching for example, which offer opportunities to change behaviour at a deeper lever.”

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Henley Business School Has Launched Its New Programme Of Executive Development Courses Aimed At Helping Organisations To Develop Effective Leadership And The Right Calibre Of Managers To Survive And Thrive In Today’s Turbulent Economic Times

Henley Business School launches new programme of executive development courses. Henley’s executive development courses are focused on building and enhancing leadership quality and management capability.

Evidence suggests that organisations which invest in management training and leadership development are able to operate more effectively both in the current difficult economic times as well as being better placed to take advantage when the economy returns to a period of growth.

Informed by the latest business research and ongoing feedback from clients, Henley’s programmes have been strengthened and extended to provide even more relevance and applicability to those charged with delivering effective leadership. New programmes being offered include ‘Profiting with Sustainability’ and ‘The Advanced HR Business Partner Programme’.

As part of an extensive executive education offering, which also includes both customised and tailored qualification programmes, these management courses and leadership courses are designed to create immediate impact back in the working environment and make a real difference to an organisation.

As well as a comprehensive range of leadership programmes, Henley is able to offer an innovative and cost-effective way for organisations to share ideas on business leadership through its Thought Leadership Groups. These forums allow clients to explore their key issues in a confidential and pragmatic manner to develop and understand good practices with real business benefits. Linda Irwin, Executive Director, Corporate Development at Henley Business School, said: “Our agenda is driven bottom-up from clients who tell us what’s keeping them awake at night. In today’s environment this client intimacy allows us to provide a unique offering with significant tangible benefits to them.”

In addition to their executive education and leadership development courses, Henley Business School also holds a series of invitation-only keynote addresses by top business leaders throughout the year.

About Henley Business School
Henley Business School was formed on 01 August 2008 from the merger of Henley Management College, itself founded in 1945, and the Business School at the University of Reading. It is one of the longest established and the world’s third largest supplier of MBA education, delivering business management training to managers in more than 112 countries worldwide with in excess of 5,400 people studying at any one time.

Henley Business School is one of Europe’s largest full service business schools and offers a comprehensive range of management programmes from undergraduate to board level. Encompassing the world-ranked Henley MBA, executive and distance learning MBAs, DBAs, PhDs, MScs, BScs, BAs and its internationally renowned open and tailored executive education, it provides learning and development opportunities from the start of a career through to senior executive levels, from developing strategy to managing change and achieving sustainable, responsible success. With expertise in the development and delivery of solutions to the management and leadership challenges of our times, it is also one of the very few international business schools to hold triple accredited status (AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB).

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