The New Way to Learn Languages

Always wanted to learn a language but never sure of where to study? Looking for a language school that provides the latest resources and technology? At UIC in London, you will find so much more than just your average language school. From courses on radio communications, to an online student blog to help broaden your studies, UIC is the award-winning school that could help you to achieve your language goals.

One of the biggest attractions that UIC provides for its students is the internet based radio show made by both staff and students at UIC. It is also part of a course entitled Communication Station that recently won the British Council awards for innovation in language teaching. The course is designed to encourage students to speak more fluently, quickly and with a lot more confidence than they knew existed. The podcasts typically contain guides to London, advice on studying and learning languages, with a range of interviews thrown in for good measure. Soon, UIC are hoping to start running programmes centring around London in the other languages that they teach, helping students to come together and learn in a fun and engaging way.

The social programme is another key factor that makes UIC stand out above the rest. Based in the heart of London, the school website provides up-to-date information on the top attractions, especially those that are free, all around the city. UIC often organises its own social activities, which include trips around and outside of London, attending events with teachers, and holding parties especially for students. Information on all trips and activities are displayed in both the school and online, whereby you can also access past and future events, photos and recommendations in the Student Community section. Day trips to Oxford or Cambridge are also highly popular, along with the more extravagant weekend visits to cities such as Paris, Edinburgh, Amsterdam or even New York.

Students at UIC come from as many as 50 different countries to study either one of their many English courses, or take evening classes in a foreign language. From those 16 to those in their 60’s, all adults from all international backgrounds are brought together under one roof to study and support one another throughout their course. With extensive online resources, including private e-learning for current studies and a blog that helps to build a community between students, UIC places importance upon a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that aids and nurtures learning and development.

So if you want a language school that’s on top of its game with both learning resources and student satisfaction, look no further than UIC. To find out more about what they offer, from Chinese to Spanish courses London school UIC’s website has all the information you need. There is no better school in the UK to study – UIC English in London is the place to be.

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SGI – a Christmas Gift with a Difference

Parents looking for an alternative to the usual Christmas gift this year might want to consider sending their children to a language school. St George International school has a variety of courses available for children aged 5 to 15. The school has also been enjoying excellent ratings from its students for 2011.

St George International is a London based language school which has recently completed a survey of its students. The school received excellent feedback from students from August to October of 2011, with 98% of students saying they would recommend the school.

The survey also revealed that not only would a very high percentage of students recommend the school but teachers have received consistently positive feedback also. The average teacher score (as rated by students) for August of 2011 was 8.83, September was 9 and October was an even more impressive 9.3. As a student, having faith in the capabilities of your teacher is obviously of extreme importance. Furthermore, 99% of students surveyed in both August and October felt their English had improved, with 97% of students surveyed in September cited an improvement. Many of these students felt their English was of such a level that they could now progress to university in English.

As well as Business English at St Georges, courses for children are also available throughout summer. St George International caters for children via its Young Learner programmes. The SGI Children London course is available to children aged five to nine years and is based in London’s beautiful Regent’s Park. Any level of English is acceptable and the children learn through a variety of activities.

10 to 15 year old students can take advantage of the Residential Summer Holiday course which takes place in an historic house in Eastbourne. Courses vary from one to eight weeks and children can be accommodated in the house. The course structure is such that English lessons take place in the morning with the afternoons being reserved for fun activities and events. Saturdays involve a day long trip for the students.

If you’re searching for a school of English London is a great place to start. St George International, in particular, is flexible with its children’s programmes and its excellent feedback from students this year make it an all the more feasible choice. Parents looking to enrol their children in the summer courses should be advised that they tend to book out in advance.

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