Social Networking is now a Part of BLC Curriculum

Students are now taking advantage of BLC’s new programme, Planet Bubble, an online programme that incorporates social networking.

Planet Bubble merges the rigour of the classroom-learning environment with the entertainment and utility of social media and networking. On Planet Bubble students can learn contemporary forms of internet English, while also chatting live with others students, engaging with current events and popular themes as well as picking up a few jokes. More importantly, the programme can be accessed from anywhere. As long as you have filled out your enrolment form you can learn on Planet Bubble wherever you can find an internet connection.

The inception of Planet Bubble is a demonstration of BLC’s commitment to incorporating forms of social media into their curriculum and learning environment. They recognise that the internet is not only used for personal interaction but is also a large part of many business models, making it essential for English students to learn.

BLC follows its own advice and has a strong internet presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. They hope through these pages that students will be able to keep current on events around the school, as well as network with other students. A school presence online makes clear that English for BLC is not just what you get in a textbook but also is the living and evolving English of the internet and the world. Planet Bubble is a part of their push to prepare students to take advantage of these new forms of communication. Phrases such as ROFL, LOL, Tweet and Facebook-ed have a social currency among native speakers that BLC students need to be able to take advantage of. If they learn these phrases they can communicate comfortably in online situations.

In terms of an education, an English school with a commitment to social networking and media is probably the best place to go. Programmes like Planet Bubble make it possible to learn English no matter where you are. All you need is to fill out the enrolment form to start. For studying English as a foreign language Bristol could be a great place to go. It doesn’t matter if you looking to start learning English, need to brush up on some term-specific language for business, require teacher training or need pre-sessional programmes UK based BLC is one of the many well-recognised institutions. With an emphasis on social media’s place in current English language education students are better able to communicate on the world wide web.

About BLC BLC offers a wide range of quality courses from General and Intensive course, examination courses, Business English, to university preparation and juniors group programmes. They use up to date methods, excellent materials, a great teaching team, small class sizes, a personal study plan and one to one tutorials meaning that your English skills will improve quickly.

Via EPR Network
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