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Denver Public Schools And Mexicans And Americans Thinking Together Launch Free English Teaching Program

Mexicans and Americans Thinking Together (MATT) and Denver Public Schools (DPS) announced the launch of MATT Maestro en Casa (“Teacher at Home”) English immersion program to be implemented in Denver, Colorado, through radio station MARIA 1090 AM. The immigrant integration program teaches English and essential tools to help immigrants fully integrate into American society.

Denver Public Schools will partner with MATT to implement the program throughout the school district. “We are excited to be able to offer our families this innovative English-learning and integration program,” said Denver Superintendent Tom Boasberg.“DPS recognizes the importance of empowering families to become active partners in their children’s education, and learning English will help parents improve their ability to communicate with their children and also better understand Denver’s education system. We look forward to reaching at least 5,000 parents throughout the city who want to learn English.”

The program, spearheaded by Coadjutor Archbishop of Los Angeles, Jose H. Gomez who also serves on MATT’s board of directors, is pleased that the program, highly successful in Texas, is now expanding to Colorado. “We are most pleased to know that we are serving those who most need it; Latinos who lack English language skills are less likely to incorporate into society and succeed. We are committed to working with the communities across America to see that everyone has the opportunity to fulfill their dreams.”

The program consists of six courses: Introduction; In the Workplace; Finance; Health Care; Education; and Citizenship. The lessons take four weeks to complete; are transmitted on radio three times a week; and, are supplemented with workbooks distributed for free to those who wish to take the courses. Participants will simply be required to complete a basic registration form to begin the program.

MATT Maestro en Casa lessons will be transmitted on MARIA 1090 AM beginning September 15. Participants of the program will need to tune-in to the radio three times per week: Wednesdays at 9:30 PM and Saturdays at 9:30 AM and 10:00 AM. MATT Executive Director Aracely Garcia-Granados believes that “Colorado will be a wonderful resource for parents who need to learn English. MATT is pleased with the Denver Public Schools support and efforts to implement the program countywide. Without a local partner we couldn’t be as effective in reaching the community we wish to serve. We are very grateful and look forward to working together.”

For more information about the MATT Maestro en Casa program in Denver, visit www.dpsk12.org/maestroencasa. To learn more about the MATT Foundation, visit www.matt.org.

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Tutorgiant.com Offers Online Video Lessons to Students

Tutorgiant.com Offers Online Video Lessons to Students 24/7. For the First Time, Students Can Learn Math and English Classroom Lessons On Demand With Internet Access.

Tutorgiant.com presents a new format for online tutoring, The Ackerman Tutoring Method. Unlike traditional tutors, Tutorgiant.com enables students to watch classroom lessons in math and English before they receive the instruction in the classroom. Lessons can also be watched at home on the same days that the lessons are being taught in school. Also, students can watch and participate in the online lessons after the concepts have been taught and before tests.

Tutorgiant.com provides about 400 videos, 500 worksheets, and over 150 tips for learning. All worksheets are taken up in the videos so students will be able to immediately correct their work, see their mistakes, and improve their skills. Whether it is fractions, geometry, algebra, reading comprehension, writing, or grammar, students will be better prepared for classroom lessons using the Ackerman Tutoring Method.

According to Sympatico MSN technology expert, Marc Saltzman,

“Whether you’re pulling your hair out over algebra or struggling with science, a unique, refreshing, and accessible new website, Tutorgiant.com, is trying to help students with on-demand instructional videos and accompanying printable worksheets. A site like Tutorgiant can really get a student up to speed…get some extra homework to help complement what kids have already received from their teacher. If you want your kids to excel in school, definitely have them check out Tutorgiant.com”.

Tutorgiant.com also offers free online math and reading assessments, and free advice and tips so that parents can get an idea of their child’s weaker areas before it’s too late into the term. Launched by education expert, Stuart Ackerman MSc.Ed, Tutorgiant.com video lessons are all curriculum based. Mr. Ackerman has compiled curricula from North America and Europe to create all the math and English lessons that students receive in school. Members have unlimited access to all videos in every grade twenty four hours a day. The Ackerman Tutoring Method also caters to homeschoolers, students with learning disabilities, and students with different learning styles.

About Tutorgiant.com:
Stuart Ackerman gives educational tips on the radio, television, and in the newspapers on a regular basis. He is certified in both the United States and Canada. Stuart Ackerman has his Masters Degree in Education and has over 14 years experience teaching and tutoring all grades.

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